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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #436 (“Fall Into New Music”) It’s another new music week! There’s so much great stuff being released, and I’m going to share it with you… provided you tune in. PLAYLIST: Kick The Cat – “Ow! My Eye” from Gurgle on Independent (2021) Diagonal – “Stellate” from 4 on Cobblers (2021) Jü […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #435 (“Getting Back To New Music”) This week is easy:  There’s a LOT of newly-released music out there, and I’m playing it. C’mon along and partake! PLAYLIST: Glasgow Coma Scale – “Magik” from Sirens on Tonzonen Records (2021) Krokofant – “Big Heavy Thing” from Fifth on Rune Grammofon (2021) Liquify – […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #434 (“TWO From Way Back”) Life and technology failures finally caught up with me this week, so I thought I’d do something I haven’t been able to before now:  Play TWO old, unedited, one-hour shows! The first (from 2016) contains music from Spain; one of the first shows that aired on […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #433 (“A Quick Recovery”) Nothing knocks a DJ off balance quicker than a hard drive crash. But when a DJ has TWO crashes within two months… well he has to work really hard to not miss a show. With a lot of work, a little luck, and the help of some […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #432 (“Meddling”) This week Mike, your meddling DJ, will present a mix of new, recently-discovered, and classic Golden Tracks music. Enjoy the ‘meddling’!   PLAYLIST: Pink Floyd – “One Of These Days” from Meddle on Columbia/Legacy (1971) Pink Floyd – “A Pillow Of Winds” from Meddle on Columbia/Legacy (1971) Smooth Kiwi […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #431 (“The Fruits Of Our Labor”) It’s another unusual Labor Day weekend in the United States. Somehow this week’s music just fits…     PLAYLIST: Rush – “Working Man” from Rush on Anthem Records (1974) Lucid Lynx – “Traces” from Traces – Single on Independent (2020) RIP KC – “It Was […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #430 (“The Musical Undercurrent”) For some of us music is not only a big part of life… it IS life. There’s always more going on beneath the music on this show than you know (or that I know, for that matter). This is another week where you might glean some special […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #429 (“International sTRANGE music Day 2021”) It’s time once again to celebrate International sTRANGE music Day! Is there another day more suited to The Progressive Tracks Show?  Mike doubts it! Come listen to music you wouldn’t otherwise hear. PLAYLIST: Johnny Unicorn – “Dream Breaker” from Heavy Jugs To The Moon on […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #428 (“More Time To Share”) It’s ALWAYS nice to come to KTPZ 91.9 FM and Progzilla Radio each week to spend time with you listeners… and forget about all that’s going on in the world for a couple of hours. And yes, it is actually now a couple of hours with […]