American avant-garde music legends Cheer-Accident are due to release their newest album, “Fades”, on May 25th. To the delight of fans, the band is also embarking on a tour of the western United States next week, with Free Salamander Exhibit, Faun Fables, and Dead Rider on select dates:

Cheer-Accident has been kind enough to allow Progzilla Radio to debut an exclusive track preview called “Art Land” via Mike Pollack’s annual Progressive Tracks Show coverage of the Seattle Festival of Avant and Progressive Rock (SeaProg 2018), where Cheer-Accident will perform on Saturday June 2nd.

You can also stream the exclusive track, “Art Land”, below:

“Fades” is the 19th unique (although that needn’t be said) addition to the band’s catalog, and is available through Skin Graft Records:

Special thanks go to Cheer-Accident and Mark Fischer at Skin Graft Records for allowing Progzilla Radio the honor to introduce their amazing work to the world!



Broadcast  20th May  2018

1.       Sylvia Focus
2.       On The Run Lake
3.       Eleanor Rigby Vanilla Fudge
4.       (4x around talkover) Alarm Clock Richie Havens
5.       Dinah Flo Boz Scaggs
6.       The Knight Ain’t Long Enough Genya Raven
7.       I’m Evil Roy Buchanon
8.       Lighten Up McGraw Crack The Sky
9.       Ariah Being Kiev
10.   Saving Grace Sad Café
11.   Gudbuy T’ Jane Slade
1983 6-PACK
12.   It’s Inevitable Charlie
13.   Bamboo Town Tom Tom Club
14.   Laughing REM
15.   Too Late For Love Def Leppard
16.   My Own Time (I’ll Do What I Want) Asia
17.   Here Comes The Rain Again Eurythmics
18.   I’m Not Afraid Roger Hodgson
19.   Firth Of Fifth Genesis
20.   Turn It On Trapeze
21.   Shop Talk Cold Blood
22.   From Under P.F.M.
23.   Harlequin P.F.M.
24.   Chocolate Kings P.F.M.
25.   That’s All You Need Faces w/Rod Stewart
26.   Stand Back Allman Brothers Band
27.   New Orleans Is Sinking The Tragically Hip
28.   Sentimental Lady Bob Welch
29.   Say What You Will Fastway
30.   Somebody Get Me A Doctor Van Halen
31.   Still Loving You The Scoprions
32.   Under The Gun Lita Ford
33.   Lady Rain Hall & Oates
34.   Lemon Pie Strawbs
35.   Cowboy Song Thin Lizzy
36.   Harvest Pure Prarie League
37.   Tarkio Road Brewer & Shipley
38.   Speedball Tucker Jim Croce
39.   Can You See Him Batdorf & Rodney
40.   The Pusher Steppenwolf
41.   The Measure Of All Things Moksha
42.   A Gentleman’s Honor Philip Glass
43.   Maybe Justin Hayward & John Lodge
44.   When You Wake Up Justin Hayward & John Lodge

Northern Star  17th May  2018.


Pallas Theme  Northern Star

  1. King Crimson – Pictures of a city
  2. Joy Division – Atmosphere
  3. Hasse Froberg & the Musical Companion – Ultimate Thrill
  4. Soul Engine – Polheim
  5. Peter Hammill – Imperial Zeppelin
  6. Maiden United – Killers
  7. Strangefish – Spotlight Effect
  8. Sproingg – Mueckmucke_Live
  9. FSB – Epizod ot romantichen film
  10. Yatin Srivastava – Alive
  11. Premiata Forneria Marconi – Mr 9 till 5
  12. The Fierce and The Dead – 48 K
  13. Bill Grogans Goat – Ye jacobites By Name
  14. Clannad – White Fool
  15. Gleb Kolyadin – Confluence
  16. Vespero – The Strangest thing in the Ocean
  17. Howard Sinclair – Lazy Sunday morning
  18. John Hackett Band – Castles
  19. Unkle – Burn my Shadow
  20. Valdez – No Stone Unturned
  21. Umphrey Mcgee – Orfeo
  22. The hollow Moon – Don’t Forget me
  23. Mike Oldfield – Tears of an angel
  24. Procul Harum – In Held Twas I


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Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy talked about Sons of Apollo – a supergroup he’s part of alongside Derek Sherinian, Billy Sheehan, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and Jeff Scott Soto – singling out showmanship as one of the factors that separate the band from other virtuoso acts. He told Mitch Lafon:

A lot of prog bands… I don’t want to point fingers, but a lot of prog bands are simply boring to watch on stage. They’re just like scientists doing a musical experiment. This band has the energy and excitement of like Van Halen with the musicality of Rush. It’s kind of a great combination.

Mike also noted about the band:

Everybody just fires on all cylinders. It is a five-headed musical spectacle. It’s a beast on stage. And you can see the look on people’s faces. Their jaws are on the ground. Not only the technical abilities, but the showmanship and the performance and the energy.

The drummer then proceeded to sing praises of Bumblefoot and Jeff, saying:

Obviously Derek and I have that connection from Dream Theater, Billy and I have a deep connection playing in The Winery Dogs for so many years, but Bumblefoot and Jeff Scott Soto to me are the unsung heroes and the big shockers that people are walking away from the shows blown away by.

Jeff is such an amazing frontman. He knows how to work the crowd, he’s got energy and enthusiasm. His voice is so melodic and strong.

And then Bumblefoot is the other piece of the puzzle. He is like a mad scientist on guitar. I’ve played with the greatest guitar players in the world, and I gotta say Bumblefoot might be the most eccentric… Like deepest musical knowledge of anybody I’ve played with. He’s got this amazing voice. He’s kind of like the Glenn Hughes of the band in terms of the vocal… He’s like the ace in the hole or whatever. The secret weapon. He’s like the musical genius of the band, to be honest.

During the rest of the interview, Mike dubbed Sons his “fantasy band,” saying:

It was my fantasy band in my head, this was the lineup that I pictured. Derek and I were talking about a band and this was it – Billy Sheehan on bass, Jeff Scott Soto on vocals, Bumblefoot on guitar. That was my dream lineup and here we are.

Progressive Tracks Show #262 (SeaProg Festival Preview #4), originally broadcast on Saturday, May 19, 2018, is now available to download or listen to anytime you desire.

Two words: “World Premiere”.

OK, two more words: “Cheer-Accident” (or is that one word because it’s hyphenated?).  I never was good at grammar… I’m much better at playing other people’s good music.     ;o)

We’re accelerating the coverage of the Seattle Festival of Avant and Progressive Rock (SeaProg) 2018, featuring four wonderfully different artists this week, including an exclusive world premiere track from the upcoming Cheer-Accident album, “Fades”!

The SeaProg preparation continues… so grab your old SeaProg t-shirt from the closet and your favorite beverage from the fridge, sit back, and prepare to be prepared. SeaProg… SeaProg… SeaProg.


  • Cheer-Accident – “Art Land” from Fades on Skin Graft Records  (WORLD PREMIERE)
  • Cheer-Accident – “Monsters” from Fades on Skin Graft Records
  • Faun Fables – “Sleepwalker” from Mother Twilight on Drag City Records
  • Faun Fables – “Madmen & Dogs” from Born of the Sun on Drag City Records
  • Spontaneous Rex – “Come at the King” from Come At The King on Independent
  • Star Cradle – “Animagus Crustaceanus” from Animagus Crustaceanus – Single on Independent
  • Spontaneous Rex – “Ania” from Come At The King on Independent
  • Faun Fables – “Hear The Grinder Creak” from Light of a Vaster Dark on Drag City Records
  • Spontaneous Rex – “Spaceman Spiff” from Come At The King on Independent
  • Star Cradle – “Novembre Nameen 24” from Novembre Nameen – Single on Independent

If you have comments (always welcome), or suggestions for show topics/music, feel free to contact me anytime via email:

But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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This news story was originally published here:

This 2-CD set consists of Sonja Kristina’s career outside of her work with both Curved Air and Mask, containing not just her solo work but various releases that she’s been involved with beyond the two bands, showing that she’s more than just the front woman for one of the U.K.’s finest progressive rock bands to come out of the 1970s. It covers the period after Curved Air split up in 1977, following the release of their sixth studio album, Airborne.

When you listen to this anthology, you can hear elements of theatrical, folky, haunting, and punk-like melodies that go beyond the sound of Curved Air, Sonja herself still spreading her wings to fly further. It contains two new tracks that are on disc one, covers including Frank Mills from the rock musical Hair and the Emerson, Lake and Palmer cover of C’est La Vie.

Full Time Woman is Sonja’s nod to Mott The Hoople and David Bowie’s All The Young Dudes. It has an ascending melodic glam-rock approach and shows the appreciation and accomplishment she brings to her work. There is also the Calypso atmosphere with a folky twist of One To One; she knows her way around the setting of a beautiful sunrise and the description of where the next journey will take her. The mellowing version of Melinda (More Or Less), which comes from Curved Air’s third studio album, Phantasmagoria, released in 1972, has a symphonic jazz-folk approach, somewhere between Dave Brubeck’s Take Five and Renaissance’s Ashes Are Burning.

Sonja dedicates C’est La Vie to the late, great Greg Lake, her smoothing arrangement of the song, from Works, Volume 1, sees her keeping Greg’s legacy alive in a haunting version that takes you to the streets of Paris with its beautiful warmth and relaxing vibes. Frank Mills is a tribute to Sonja’s roots as it was here that she got her start, in the West End production of the musical at the Shaftesbury Theatre 50 years ago. She hasn’t forgotten her background in theatre, it’s like her looking through a scrapbook of the songs of her memories.

The Passion is a symphonic Celtic ballad from Alan Simon’s Excalibur 4: The Dark Age of the Dragon. Alan picked the right woman for his conceptual storyline, and while it has a Gilmour-esque sliding guitar introduction, the song is an operatic orchestral letter to the hero far away, showing the love that still exists between the characters. Devil May Care is a composition with a punch as Kristina reminisces about the song Propositions, from Curved Air’s Air Conditioning album. It’s Sonja having a blast with a folk-prog twist that you can dance to through the night.

She then shows her punk-rock side on two of the tracks from disc two. With Rollercoaster there’s a punky vibe as the bass goes into a reggae rhythm before riding into oblivion as the bar goes up and up in the midsection. It shows that Sonja is more than just a progressive artist, and she’s having a blast on this song, but it’s San Tropez (not the Pink Floyd song from Meddle) where she makes the jump to light speed. She’s the new captain of the USS Enterprise in a nod to the late-’70s era of Space Rock legends Hawkwind and Robert Calvert, between Amazing Sounds, Astounding Music and Quark, Strangeness And Charm. She lands back on Earth in a collaboration with Darryl Way on the dystopian and intensive work of Carl Orff’s O Fortuna, from Carmina Burana, inspired by the 13th Century poem and textures of the piece.

Love Child, recorded during the Air Cut sessions in 1973, brings Sonja in a full cycle with Curved Air. This has a real punch to it as Eddie Jobson and Kirby Gregory duel between electric violin and electric guitar, duking it out as it reaches for the climax with an incredible improvisation.

The 12-page booklet contains liner notes by Sonja herself, along with photos of her in her younger days, including one with Stewart Copeland (Curved Air, The Police), and as she is today. Now I will admit, listening to this anthology set I’m not crazy about her solo career, but she spread her wings to fly from day one.

As we head towards 2020 which will mark the 50th anniversary of Curved Air’s formation, who knows what the future will hold for Kristina, between her time as a solo artist and with Mask and Curved Air, but this set is a must have if you admire her work beyond the Air sounds.

Disc One:
01. Frank Mills (3:05)
02. If This Was Love (3:14)
03. The Passion (3:29)
04. Baby Song (4:59)
05. Full Time Woman (4:27)
06. Man He Colour (3:42)
07. One To One (5:05)
08. Melinda (More Or Less) (3:31)
09. This Is Not A Sanctuary (3:52)
10. Angel (5:43)
11. C’est La Vie (3:57)

Time – 44:12

Disc Two:
01. Devil May Care (4:28)
02. Anna (4:00)
03. Buccaneer (5:04)
04. Rollercoaster (3:26)
05. San Tropez (2:40)
06. I Don’t Believe A Word (4:51)
07. Street Run (3:41)
08. O Fortuna (3:31)
09. Love Child (4:50)
10. Citadel (4:50)

Time –  41:30

Total Time –  85:42

Sonja Kristina – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Overtone Chanting, Accordion
Tim Whitaker – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (disc 1: tracks 2, 7, 8 & 9 | disc 2: tracks 1, 2, 3 & 10)
Simon Whitaker – Drums, Percussion, Honk Bass (disc 1: tracks 2, 7, 8 & 9 | disc 2: tracks 1, 2, 3 & 10)
Honk – Bass Guitar (disc 1: tracks 2, 7, 8 & 9 | disc 2: tracks 1, 2, 3 & 10)
Paul Sax – Violin (disc 1: tracks 2, 7, 8, 9 & 10 | disc 2: tracks 1, 2, 3 & 10)
Ali McKenzie – Cello (disc 1: tracks: 2, 7, 8 & 9 | disc 2: tracks 1, 2, 3 & 10)
Darryl Way – All Instrumentation (disc 2: track 8)
Children from the Corona Stage School – Backing Vocals (disc 2: track 4)
Thomas Charge Burke – Acoustic Guitar (disc 2: track 6)
Liam Genockey – Drums (disc 1: tracks 5 & 6 |  disc 2: tracks 5 & 7)
Steve Byrd – Guitars (disc 1: tracks 5 & 6 | disc 2: tracks 5 & 7)
Colin Towns – Keyboards (disc 1: tracks 5 & 6 | disc 2: tracks 5 & 7)
Tony Henoriks – Drums (disc 2: track 4)
Bob Barnet – Guitar (disc 2: track 4)
David Walker – Keyboards (disc 2: track 4)
Brian Devito – Bass Guitar (disc 2: track 4)
Alfie Agius – Bass Guitar (disc 1: tracks 5 & 6 | disc 2: tracks 5 & 7)
Robert Norton – Synthesizers, Electric Piano, Grand Piano (disc 1: tracks 1, 4 & 9)
Andy Tween – Drums & Percussion (disc 1: tracks 4 & 10)
Paul Hankin – Congas, Hand Percussion (disc 1: tracks 4 & 10)
Graeme Holdaway – Bass Guitar (disc 1: tracks 4 & 10)
Claudio Fossati – Drums (disc 1: track 3)
Massimo Palermo – Bass Guitar (disc 1: track 3)
Paolo Ballardini – Acoustic & Electric Guitars (disc 1: track 3)
Basile Leroux – Acoustic & Electric Guitars (disc 1: track 3)
Alan Simon – Acoustic & Electric Guitars (disc 1: track 3)
Marco Fadda – Percussion (disc 1: track 3)
Marco Canepa – Keyboards (disc 1: track 3)
Konan Mevel – Celtic Flute (disc 1: track 3)
The Prague Bohemian Symphonic Orchestra (disc 1: track 3)
Eddie Jobson – Electric Violin, Keyboards (disc 2: track 9)
Mike Wedgwood – Bass Guitar (disc 2: track 9)
Kirby Gregory – Electric Guitar (disc 2: track 9)
Florian Pilkington-Miksa – Drums (disc 2: track 9)

Record Label: Curved Air Records/Cherry Red Records
Catalogue: CRVE SK 001
Date of Release: 6th October 2017

Sonja Kristina – Website |Facebook

Arena – Scars

IQ – The Wake (Live)

Twelfth Night – The Poet Sniffs A Flower (Live)

UFO – Doctor Doctor (Live)

Thin Lizzy – Cowboy Song (Live)

Genesis – Behind The Lines (Live)

Kavus Torabi – Slow Movements

Leap Day – Half Man Half Machine

Deep Purple – Stormbringer (Live)

Pharnal – Limbes (Part 1)

Mystery Jets – Radio America

Awooga – Bandit

Babybird – Man’s Tight Vest

Rivers – Goodbye My Friend