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The Progressive Tracks Show #331 (2019 Psychedelic Autumn Equinox Festival)

This week we’re featuring some excellent regional bands who will perform at the 2019 Psychedelic Autumn Equinox Festival at The Blue Moon Tavern September 27th and 28th.  And of course… some other new music you should definitely hear.

And remember, you can access podcasts of any previous Progressive Tracks Show at: http://www.progzilla.com/?s=progressive+tracks (there are over 170 podcasts now!).


  • Teeth of the Sea – “Hireath” from Wraith on Rocket Recordings (2018)
  • Super Z Attack Team – “Name of the Sun” from Name of the Sun – Single (Demo) [unreleased]
  • Fraktal Phantom – “Broken Time” from Fraktal Phatom – EP on Independent (2017)
  • Zhongyu – “Hydraulic Fracas” from “Zhongyu” is Chinese for “Finally” on MoonJune Records (2016)
  • Pink Octopus – “Q Brain” from Metamorphosis (Phase 1: Obtaining Instrumentalism) on Roadies Delight Records (2015)
  • Cantrip – “Black Market” from Authentic Luxury on Cantrip (2019)
  • Nosretep – “Ametvisto” from First Album on Independent (2016)
  • Ciolkowska – “Мы из джаза (My Iz Dzhaza)” on Avtomat Proshlogo on Addicted Label (2019)
  • Diagonal – “Arc” from Arc on Cobblers Records (2019)
  • Hashshashin – “Shrines of the Wakhan” from Badakhshan on Art As Catharsis Records (2019)
  • Teeth of the Sea – “Burn of the Shieling” from Wraith on Rocket Recordings (2018)
  • Diagonal – “The Spectrum Explodes” from Arc on Cobblers Records (2019)
  • Ciolkowska – “Na Vysote Dereviev” on Avtomat Proshlogo on Addicted Label (2019)

If you have comments or suggestions for show topics/ music (always welcome), feel free to contact me any time via email:  ProgTracks@KPTZ.org

Progressive Tracks Show #250 (The “Zed” Show), originally broadcast on Friday, February 23 2018, is now available to download or listen to anytime you desire.

DJ’ing from two different countries creates some unexpected and special situations… like getting laughed at for how you speak, and even how you pronounce words (and letters!).     ;o)

I really don’t mind; I try to embrace the differences… and this show is just an example.


  • Vespero and Angel Ontalva – “Carta Marina” from Carta Marina – Single on Independent
  • Os Mutantes – “A” e o “Z”” from “A” e o “Z” on Philips
  • Zakarrias – “The Unknown Years” from Zakarrias on Decca
  • Zior – “New Land” from Zior on Akarma
  • Zombi – “Digitalis” from Surface to Air on Relapse Records
  • Zero Times Everything – “Events in a Field” from Sonic Cinema on 7d Media
  • Zhongyu – “Half Remembered Drowning Dream” from Zhongyu on MoonJune Records
  • Zubatto Syndicate – “Mechas Over Manhattan (Z1)” from Zubatto Syndicate on Boscology
  • Zzebra – – “Trees” from Panic on Angel Air Records
  • Zhaoze – – “See You In The Dusk” from Intoxicatingly Lost on Trail Records
  • Zaedyus – “Arriving To Eagle’s Stone” from Stories From The End Of The World” on Independent
  • Super Z Attack Team – “The Worm Jets (Live)” from The Worm Jets -Single on Independent

If you have comments (always welcome), or suggestions for show topics/music, feel free to contact me anytime via email:  ProgTracks@KPTZ.org

But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack