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Progressive Tracks Show #383 (Size Doesn’t Matter)

This size of the band doesn’t matter…just the level of talent contained in the band.

We have much new music of all sizes to explore this week… including a WORLD PREMIERE!

  • Adult Cinema – “Flowers (Fallout Version) from Teaser Trailer on Illicit Recordings (2016)
  • Arcade Messiah – “Can of Worms” from The Host on StereoHead Records (2020)
  • Zolar Czack – “Night Call” from Rush in the Night Time on Independent (2020)
  • Terms – “Our Asbestos Mouths” from Asbestos Mouth on SKiN GRAFT Records (2020) ***WORLD PREMIERE***
  • Grex – “Jin’s Run” from Everything You Said Was Wrong on Geomancy Records (2020)
  • Atomic Vulture – “Water” from PolderRiffs – Volume 1 on Polderrecords (2020)
  • Lye By Mistake – “The Condition” from Fea Jur on Black Market Activities (2009)
  • Troker – “Puelbo de Brujos” from Pueblo de Brujos EP on Intolerancia (2011)
  • Onsegen Ensemble – “Stellar” from Fear on Svart Records (2020)
  • Reuter Motzer Grohowsky – “Burn to Aether” from Shapeshifters on MoonJune Records (2020)
  • Uivo Zebra – “Abalo Sismico”  from Uivo Zebra on Bocian (2018)

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