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The Progressive Tracks Show #352 (All Sub-Genres Welcome Here)

Progressive Rock is broad and immersive. This show is no different.

Tune in… relax… enjoy!


  • The Legendary Flower Punk – “Wabi Wu” from Wabi Wu on Independent (2020)
  • Moron Police – “Captain Awkward” from A Boat On The Sea on Mighty Jam Music Group (2019)
  • Angel Ontalva & Vespero – “Uwasa No Onna” from Sada on OctoberXart (2020)
  • Psychotic Waltz – “Devils and Angels” from The God-Shaped Void on InsideOutMusic (2020)
  • Pure Reason Revolution – “Silent Genesis” from Eupnea on InsideOutMusic (2020)
  • Sunwatchers – “Sunwatchers vs. Toot Decay” from Oh Yeah?  on Independent (2020)
  • Metronhomme – “Acrobazie” from 4 on Independent (2019)
  • Spaceslug – “Beneath The Haze” from Reign of the Orion on BSFD Records (2019)
  • Upsilon Acrux – “Random Denouncement” from The Last Pirates Of Upsilon on Cuneiform Records (1999)
  • Angel Ontalva & Vespero – “Futari Kiri” from Sada on OctoberXart (2020)
  • Mirkwood Spiders – “Psychonaut” from Heroes In Chaos on Independent (2019)

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