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(The Old Day IS The New Day)

Many of the issues we face today are not new… we just didn’t learn the lessons of the past.

Fortunately, music isn’t like that. New creations often use the past as building blocks… and the results are impressive (unless of course we didn’t learn anything, and disco makes a comeback). 😉

This week we’ll explore both new and old music, including a 50-year old classic album.

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PW 413

If you missed this week’s Prog-Watch you can still listen HERE

My special guest this week is the fascinating German artist Thomas Thielen, also known simply as “t”. Tune in to hear epic Prog Rock from his three latest albums, and some of a very deep and interesting conversation I had with Thomas a few weeks ago. Before I dig into it with Thomas, however, I get things rolling with a new track from the great new White Willow album!