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Do you really have to ask what this week’s show is all about?

Well, there is some other excellent new music included…

NOTE:  This podcast has ‘a little extra’ attached.  I don’t think you’ll mind.  ;o)


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Progressive Tracks Show #256 (Always Eclectic), originally broadcast on Saturday, April 7, 2018, is now available to download or listen to anytime you desire.

Now I love classic progressive/art rock as much as anyone… but one of the things I love to do with The Progressive Tracks Show is to introduce listeners to music they haven’t heard before.

Sometimes that quest takes me into some interesting territory, and if I combine that with music you may have heard… well, can anyone say “eclectic”?

  • Mother Turtle – “Zea Mice Part 1-Kukuruzu” from Zea Mice on Mother Turtle
  • Moteur! – “Chiaroscuro” from En Traits Libres on Moteur!
  • Under A Banner – “Light Breaks Through” from Riot EP on Bad Elephant Music
  • Zechs Marquis – “Strapped To The Mast” from Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare on Zechs Marquis
  • Zechs Marquis – “Sirenum Scopuli” from Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare on Zechs Marquis
  • Dead Blonde Stars – “Coffer” from Resolution on Rockosmos
  • Henry Fool – “Poppy Q” from Henry Fool on Kscope
  • Yes – “Hour Of Need” from Fly From Here Return Trip on Frontiers Records
  • Memória De Peixe – “Supercollider” from Himiko Cloud on Memória de Peixe
  • Whiteside’s Daughter – “The Life You Save – Act I” from The Life You Save – Act I on Whiteside’s Daughter
  • Lesoir – “Zeros and Ones” from Latitude on Gentle Art Of Music
  • John Holden – “Seaglass Hearts” from Capture Light on John Holden
  • Mother Turtle – “Nostos” from Zea Mice on Mother Turtle

If you have comments (always welcome), or suggestions for show topics/music, feel free to contact me anytime via email:

But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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