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Progressive Tracks Show #369 (Music I’ve Been Thinking About)

This week there’s no theme.  I’m just playing some music that I’ve been thinking about.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from trying to create… and just concentrate on the music.

  • Dreamwind – “The Ghost Planet” from Dreamwind on Independent (2020)
  • Melange &  Jacco Gardner – “Ashokh” from Ashokh – Single on Independent (2020)
  • Beyond-O-Matic – “Plague of Bliss” from Time To Get Up on Trail Records (2010)
  • Psychyogi – “Master Plan” from Dangerous Devices on Independent (2020)
  • Professor Tip Top – “Data Mining” from Hybrid Hymns on Apollon Records (2019)
  • Onségen Ensemble – “Awalaï” from Awalaï on Pink Tank Records (2016)
  • Smokemaster – “Astral Traveller” from Smokemaster on Tonzonen (2020)
  • Spiralmaze – “The Longest Day (part II)  “ on Back to the Center on Independent (2014)
  • Paper Cat – “The Spider Song” from Buttered Noodles on Independent (2020)
  • Professor Tip Top – “Erebus” from Tomorrow is Delayed on Apollon Records (2020)
  • Vespero – “The Emanation of the Giant Albion” from The Four Zoas on (2020)

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Progressive Tracks Show #265 (Discoveries), originally broadcast on Saturday, June 9, 2018, is now available to download or listen to anytime you desire.

The premise for this show is simple:  Sometimes it takes a bit of looking, but the progressive rock machine continues to churn… and you’ll need no additional proof of that other than to listen to the music in this show.   It’s been quite a while since we’ve done an edition of The Progressive Tracks Show about anything but the SeaProg Festival (not that anyone’s complaining, mind you), but it’s time to get back to music discoveries from the past couple of months.

Here’s the plan:  Take some time to relax, put on some headphones, and immerse yourself in some quality progressive rock.  It may well be the best part of your day.

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  • The Dustman Dilemma – “On Second Thought” from On Second Thought on L’Etourneur
  • Chickn – “Chickn Tribe Reprise” from WOWSERS! on Inner Ear Records
  • Solus – “Satya” from Satya Yuga on 669512 Records DK
  • Melange – “Río Revuelto” from Viento Bravo on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records
  • Moon Letters – “The Tarnalin” from Moon Letters – EP on Independent
  • Cryptic Ruse – “Corpora Arenacea” from Pineal Algebra (Remaster) on Independent
  • Jack O’ the Clock – “Guru On The Road” from Repetitions of the Old City, Part II on Jack O’ the Clock
  • Koenjihyakkei – “Tziidall Raszhisst” from Angherr Shisspa on Skin Graft Records
  • Far Corner – “Silly Whim” from Far Corner on Cuneiform Records
  • Guns Of The Seneca – “Largo Parenchyma” from Citizens of the Universe on Independent
  • Chickn – “The Elevational Love Of Frank Zappa” from WOWSERS! on Inner Ear Records
  • Melange – “HafTraum 25” from Viento Bravo on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records
  • Jack O’ the Clock – “Into The Fireplace” from Repetitions of the Old City, Part II on Jack O’ the Clock
  • The Dustman Dilemma – “Definitely Hammered” from On Second Thought on L’Etourneur

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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