Sounds That Can Be Made

Edition 075 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!



Red Bazar– Sunset For A New World (from Tales From The Bookcase)
Messenger Crown Of Ashes (from Threnodies)
The Ben Cameron Project – Colour in the Sky (from A Cycle Never Ending)
Paradigm Shift – Reunification (from Becoming Aware)
Lee Abraham – Say Your Name Aloud (from The Seasons Turn)
gravitysays_i – An Ivory Heart (from Quantum Unknown)
We Are Kin – Radio (from …and I know…)
The Broken Oak Duet– Roger The Optometrist (from Terrain)
Damian Wilson – Can’t Heal War (from Built for Fighting)
Airbag – Returned (from Disconnected)
Konchordat – Temple of the Damned (from Rise To The Order)
The Mute Gods – In The Crosshairs (from Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me)
Dec Burke – Hate & Lies (from Book Of Secrets)
Wolverine – Pile Of Ash (from Machina Viva)
Touchstone – Tangled Lines (from Lights From the Sky EP)
Saul Blease – Blood (single)

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Ben Craven – Revenge Of Dr Komodo (from Last Chance To Hear)
Nine Stones Close – Complicated (from Leaves)
Fractal Mirror – Artifacts (from Slow Burn 1)
Cairo – Searching (from Say)
Jadis – A Thousand Staring Eyes (from No Fear of Looking Down)
Frost* – Numbers (from Falling Satellites)
Kyros – Monster (from Vox Humana)
Birdeatsbaby – Bones Of God (from Tanta Furia)
Flicker Rate – Elusive Rain (from Flicker Rate EP)
The Gift – The Tallest Tree (from Why The Sea Is Salt)
The Far Meadow – A Gentle Warrior (from Given The Impossible)
Different Light – A St. Martin’s Summer (from The Burden Of Paradise)
Blueneck – Glades (from The Outpost)
Tilt – No Superman (from Hinterland)
The Pineapple Thief – Take Your Shot (from Your Wilderness)
Verbal Delirium – Misleading Path (from The Imprisoned Words of Fear)
Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman – Weir Keeper’s Tale (from Weir Keeper’s Tale)
Mauricio Ibáñez– Restless (from Shades of Light & Darkness)
Marillion – The Leavers i. Wake Up In Music (from F.E.A.R.)

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Wizards In Winter (from The Lost Christmas Eve)
Steve Thorne – English Christmas (from Island Of The Imbeciles)
Kula Shaker – Snowflake (from Christmas Time (Is Here Again))
Procol Harum – A Christmas Camel (from Procol Harum)
The Who – Christmas (from Tommy)
Blueneck – Driving Home (from Christmas)
Ólafur Arnalds – For Now I Am Winter (feat. Arnor Dan) (from For Now I Am Winter)
Bob Catley – Deep Winter (from The Tower)
Gazpacho – Winter Is Never (from Tick Tock)
Toehider – All I Want For Christmas is You (feat. Phoebe Pinnock) (single)
The Darkness – I Am Santa (from Last of Our Kind (Deluxe Edition))
Marillion – Winter Trees/Gabriel’s Message (from Brave/Christmas 1999:
Jordan Rudess – It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (from Christmas Sky)
Blackmore’s Night – Emmanuel (from Winter Carols)

The Eighties at 8: 

Jethro Tull – Another Christmas Song (from Rock Island)
Depeche Mode – Christmas Island (from A Question of Lust)

Mike Kershaw – When Winter Comes (from Ice Age)
Gandalf’s Fist – Hearth and Ale (single)
Halford – We Three Kings (from Winter Songs)

Edition 072 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!



Ray Wilson – Cold Light of Day (from Song For a Friend)
Sylvan – Episode 609 (from Force of Gravity)
Phideaux – The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Part Two) (from Doomsday Afternoon)
Archive – Distorted Angels (from Axiom)
The Far Meadow – A Gentle Warrior (from Given the Impossible)
The Strawbs – Autumn: Heroine’s Theme/Deep Summer’s Sleep/The Winter Long (from Hero and Heroine)
Oliver Wakemen with Steve Howe – Hy Breasail (from The 3 Ages of Magick)
Different Light – Voice of Outside (from The Burden of Paradise)
Traffic Experiment – The Weight of the World (from Music by Traffic Experiment)

The Eighties at 8: 

Emerson Lake & Powell – Touch and Go (from Emerson Lake & Powell)
Greg Lake – Nuclear Attack (from Greg Lake)

Emerson Lake & Palmer – Nutrocker (from Pictures At An Exhibition)
Asia – Love Under Fire (from Aqua)
Greg Lake – I Believe In Father Christmas (single)
King Crimson – Epitaph (including March For No Reason and Tomorrow And Tomorrow) (from In The Court Of The Crimson King)

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Touchstone – Lights From the Sky (from Lights From the Sky EP)
Aragon – Tugging At The Heartstrings (from The Meeting)
Gandalf’s Fist – The Nine Billion Names Of God (from A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer)
Maschine – Hidden In Plain Sight (from Naturalis)
The Bluehorses – Mad Tom’s Song (from Ten Leagues Beyond The Wild Worlds End)
Tom Slatter – Thaw (from Papercuts Sunlight Snow)
Arcade Messiah – Sanctuary (from Arcade Messiah III)
Blueneck – Hive (from The Outpost)
Captains of Sea and War – Kerman (from Remote)

The Eighties at 8: 

Uitravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (from Lament)
Twelfth Night – First New Day (from Art & Illusion)

Muse – Unnatural Selection (from The Resistance)
Dream Theater – Prophets Of War (from Systematic Chaos)
Chantel McGregor – Walk on Land (from Lose Control)

Edition 070 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!



Genesis – Fifth of Fifth (from Seconds Out)
The Tangent – The Winning Game (from Pyramids and Stars)
Porcupine Tree – Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (from Octane Twisted)
Arena – The Butterfly Man (from Breakfast in Biarritz)
Pendragon – 2AM (from Past and Presence)
The Pineapple Thief – Snowdrops (from Someone Here is Live)
Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song (in the Forest) (from The Bard’s Song (in the Forest))

The Eighties at 8: 

Marillion – Script For a Jester’s Tear (from Early Stages)
Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell (from Delicate Sound of Thunder)

Rush – Something For Nothing (from All the World’s A Stage)
Twelfth Night – Love Song (from Live and Let Live)

Edition 069 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!



UFO – Love to Love (from Lights Out)
Von Hertzen Brothers – Love Burns (from New Day Rising)
Marillion – Pour My Love (from Sounds That Can’t Be Made)
She Makes War – I Think We’re Alone Now (from I Think We’re Alone Now)
Lazuli – On Nous Ment Comme On Respire (from Réponse incongrue à l’inéluctable)
Rush – Closer to the Heart (from A Farewell to Kings)
Pink Floyd – Young Lust (from The Wall)
Mystery – Between Love and Hate (from One Among the Living)
Leaves’ Eyes – Norwegian Livelong (from Lovelorn)
Panic Room – I Wonder What’s Keeping My True Love Tonight (from Visionary Position)
Luna Rossa – The Book of Love (from Sleeping Pills and Lullabies)

The Eighties at 8: 

Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love (from The Game)
Whitesnake – Fool For Your Loving (from Ready An’ Willing)

Asia – Love Under Fire (from Aqua)
Peter Gabriel – Lovetown (from Philadelphia)
Porcupine Tree – Remember Me Lover (from The Incident)
Crimson Sky – Only Love (from Crimson Sky)
Spock’s Beard – Love Beyond Words (from Snow)