Sounds That Can Be Made

Edition 120 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


When Mary – Soothing Stitches (from Tainted)
Kim Seviour – Morning of the Soul (from Recovery is Learning)
Gordon Midgley – Doctor’s Warning (from The Fall of the House of Usher)
Walter Rinaldi – A New Story (from Atmosphere)
Playgrounded – Mute (from In Time With Gravity)

Connect 4:
Also Eden – A Widow’s Eyes (from It’s Kind Of You To Ask)
Unto Us – In a Lifetime (from The Human Landscape)
Fractal Mirror – Universal (from Slow Burn 1)
Echolyn – All This Time We’re Given (from I Heard You Listening)

Opeth – Face of Melinda (from Still Life)

Jurassic Prog:
Emerson Lake & Palmer – Knife-Edge (from Emerson Lake & Palmer)
Fraternity – Raglan’s Folly (from Livestock)

Trettioariga Kriget – Seaside Air (from Seaside Air)
Kingfisher Sky – November (from Hallway of Dreams)
Linkin Park – The Requiem/The Radiance/Burning In The Skies (from A Thousand Suns)
30 Seconds To Mars – Echelon (from 30 Seconds To Mars)

Monsters of Progzilla:

The Decembrists – The Soldiering Life (live)
Tom Waits – 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six (live)
Steve Earle and The Dukes – Guitar Town (live)
Leonard Cohen – Bird On The Wire (live)
Blue Öyster Cult – Then Came The Last Days Of May (live)
Genesis – Squonk (live)

Mike Kershaw – The City of My Dreams (from What Lies Beneath)

Edition 119 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Von Hertzen Brothers – To The End Of The World (from War Is Over)
Nordic Giants – Immortal Elements (from Amplify Human Vibration)
Bader Nana – Victorious (from Devolver)
Joe Bailey – Sinners (from Nightingale)
Ulver – So Falls the World (from The Assassination of Julius Caesar)

Connect 4:
The Mars Volta – Since We’ve Been Wrong (from Octahedron)
Giraffe Tounge Orchestra – Blood Moon (from Broken Lines)
Mastodon – Cold Dark Place (from Cold Dark Place EP)
Sigur Rós – Hoppípolla (from Takk)

Uriah Heep – Circle of Hands (2017 Remastered) (from Demons and Wizards (2017 Remastered Edition))
Anathema – Balance (from A Natural Disaster)
Aragon – For Your Eyes (from Don’t Bring the Rain)

Jurassic Prog:
Cirkus – Seasons (from One)
Nektar – It’s All Over (from Recycled)

soup – Northern Patriarch (from Children Of E.L.B.)
Nosound – Tender Claim (from The Northern Religion Of Things)
Agent Fresco – Eyes Of a Cloud Catcher (from A Long Time Listening)
Rhys Marsh – The Seventh Face (from Sentiment)
Habu – Measure of a Man (from Infinite)
IT – God is Dead (from Departure)

Monsters of Progzilla:

Damian Wilson – When I Leave This Land (live)
Shadow Gallery – The Andromeda Strain
TILT – No Superman
Wolverine – A House Of Plague
Queensrÿche – Roads To Madness (Live)
Pain of Salvation – Used (live)

Liam Davison – Heading Home (from A Treasure of Well-Set Jewels)

Edition 118 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Frost* – Dear Dead Days (from Experiments In Mass Appeal)
Glass Hammer – Haunted (from The Breaking Of The World)
Matt Stevens – Ghost (from Ghost)
Nightwish – Phantom Of The Opera (from Century Child)
IQ – The Road Of Bones (from The Road Of Bones)
Deadsoul Tribe – A Lullaby For The Devil (from A Lullaby For The Devil)
The Pineapple Thief – Wake Up The Dead (from Someone Here Is Missing)
Demon – Have We Been Here Before? (from The Unexpected Guest)
Peter Gabriel – Intruder (from Peter Gabriel)
Marillion – The Invisible Man (from Marbles)
Arena – The Ghost Walks (from The Seventh Degree Of Separation)
The Red Paintings – Vampires Are Chasing Me (from The Revolution Is Never Coming)
Tom Slatter – Some Of The Creatures Have Broken The Locks On The Door To Lab 558 (from Fit the Fourth)
Kayak – Phantom Of The Night (from Phantom Of The Night)
Jethro Tull – Old Ghosts (from Stormwatch)
Toehider – Do You Believe In Monsters? (from Do You Believe In Monsters?)
Lordi – Monsters Keep Me Company (from Deadache)
Gazpacho – Golem (from March of Ghosts)
Ghost Community – Ghost Community (from Cycle of Life)
John Carpenter – Christine (from Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998)
Dance With The Dead – They Only Come Out at Night (from B-Sides Volume 1)
Blue Öyster Cult – After Dark (from Fire Of Unknown Origin)
Francis Dunnery – Vampires (from Vampires)
Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon (from Bark At The Moon)
Rob Zombie – Dead Girl Superstar (from The Sinister Urge)
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – John Carpenter’s Halloween (from John Carpenter’s Halloween)

Edition 117 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Lunatic Soul – Blood on the Tightrope (from Fractured)
Public Service Broadcasting – Turn No More (feat. James Dean Bradfield) (from Every Valley)
Drifting Sun – Wings of Hope (from Twilight)
Adult Cinema – Dreamt the Other Night (Prog Version) (from Teaser Trailer)
KAUAN – Kasvot (from Kaiho)

Connect 4:
Pallas – Beat the Drum (from Beat the Drum)
Abel Ganz – Gratuitous Flash (from Gratuitous Flash)
Comedy Of Errors – Jekyll (from Disobey)
Elder Water – Reasonable Distance (from Reasonable Distance)

Henry Fool – Pills in the Afternoon (from Pills in the Afternoon)

Jurassic Prog:
Steve Hackett – Shadow Of The Hierophant (from Voyage Of The Acolyte)
Genesis – Undertow (from …And Then There Were Three…)

Blurred Vision – Dear John (from Organised Insanity)
Fractal Mirror – House of Wishes (from Garden of Ghosts)

Monsters of Progzilla:

McDonald and Giles – Flight Of The Ibis
Arti & Mestieri – Positivo/Negativo (live)
Änglagård – Höstsejd (live)
Cathedral – Gong
Soft Machine – The Nodder (live)
King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man (live)

The Emerald Dawn – Waves (from Visions)

Edition 116 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Black Country Communion – The Last Song For My Resting Place (from BCCIV)
CIRCU5 – Stars (from CIRCU5)
Dave Kerzner – Static (from Static)
Lifesigns – Chasing Rainbows (from Cardington)
Caligula’s Horse – Fill My Heart (from In Contact)

Connect 4:
Barclay James Harvest – Science Fiction: Nova Lepidoptera (from XII)
Kracked Earth – When The City Sleeps (from When The City Sleeps)
Glass Hammer – Something’s Coming (from Journey Of The Dunadan)
Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman – By Your Side (from The Hound Of The Baskervilles)

Subsignal – Everything is Lost (from The Beacons Of Somewhere Sometime)

Jurassic Prog:
Emerson Lake & Palmer – The Barbarian (from Emerson Lake & Palmer)
Focus – Hocus Pocus (from Moving Waves)

Weend’O – Experience (from You Need To Know Yourself)
Abigail’s Ghost – Cinder Tin (from D_Letion)
Marillion – The Space (from Seasons End)
Budgie – I Turned To Stone (from Birdflight)
3 – Crazy Eyes (from Crazy Eyes)
Sylvan – Lost (from X-Rayed)

Monsters of Progzilla:

Strangefish – Ignorance Of Bliss (live)
Renaissance – Opening Out (live)
Jadis – Where In The World (live)
IQ – Frequency (live)
Sonata Arctica – The Last Amazing Grays (live)
Electric Light Orchestra – Do Ya (live)

Manning – James Fairfax (1922 – 1945) [An Average Man](from Margaret’s Children)

Edition 115 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Roger Waters – Smell the Roses (from Is This The Life We Really Want?)
Long Earth – Her Ghost In The Fog (from The Source)
Hedfuzy – The Lost Star (from The Lost Star)
The Emerald Dawn – A Vision Left Unseen (from Visions)
Nordic Giants – Taxonomy Of Illusions (from Amplify Human Vibration)

Connect 4:
Anathema – Don’t Look Too Far (from Judgement)
The Eden House – City Of Goodbyes (from Half Life)
Fields Of The Nephilim – Last Exit For The Lost (from The Nephilim)
Black Sabbath – Behind The Wall Of Sleep (from Black Sabbath)

Hollow Water – Gathering Sunbeams for the Future (from Rainbow’s End)

Jurassic Prog:
Jethro Tull – Cold Wind To Valhalla (from Minstrel in the Gallery)
Wishbone Ash – Warrior (from Argus)

Gary Numan – The End of Things (from Savage)
sleepmakeswaves – made of breath only (from made of breath only)
Voyager – Broken (from The Meaning of I)
The Red Paintings – The Fall Of Rome (from The Revolution Is Never Coming)

Monsters of Progzilla:

Kauan – Orkidea (live)
Bader Nana – Liquid Fire
En.Tsfauna – Empire of Gold (live)
Jean Madani – June 17
Egonon – Maya
Dissonati – The Sleeper (live)

Damian Wilson – Battlelines (from Built For Fighting)