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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #291  (It’s ProgMas 2018!) This week, tune in to the seasonal fringe… the time-honored tradition of ProgMas! It’s not Christmas…it’s… um, way more edgy. Remember, you can access podcasts of any previous Progressive Tracks Show at: (there are 129 now!). PLAYLIST: Jack O’ the Clock – “Whiteout” from Repetitions of the Old City I on Jack […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #290  (The State of New Music – 2018) What is the state of the world as we reach the end of 2018? Let’s just say it’s ‘fuzzy’. But (attempting to remain in my ‘box’), I can definitely say that 2018 has been a ‘very very good’ year for Progressive Rock.  So […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #289  (Playin’ What I Want To) There comes a time when a DJ plays music on his show, simply because he wants to. Being the master of the realm, the DJ plays and the listeners… uh, listen. Well, that’s really not the case with me, but, I will be picking the […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #288  (Friendly Relations) The Progressive Rock community is a pretty tight-knit one. DJ’s, artists, and labels form mutually-beneficial relationships over time… and The Progressive Tracks Show is no different. This week (being Thanksgiving in the U.S.) I’m playing just a fraction of the people I’ve come to appreciate and respect. Oh… […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #287 (Music For The Dark Days) As we transition from Autumn to Winter, the days grow shorter… but better for listening to great music. Join me in listening to some classics… and soon-to-be-classics that will warm your cold heart. ;o) Remember, you can stream/download this, and any of the 126 previous […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #286 (Veterans / Armistice / Remembrance Day 2018) We owe a lot… to a few.  And while playing music is far from adequate, it’s what The Progressive Tracks Show can do to commemorate their sacrifice. Join me this week for some music appropriate for the day. Remember, you can stream/download this, […]