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Canadian heavy music artist Devin Townsend has recently announced the release of his forthcoming new album ‘EMPATH’ for the 29th March 2019, and today he is pleased to reveal the dates for the ‘Empath Europe – Volume 1’ tour starting in November 2019.

The full list of dates are as follows:

15th November – Salle Pleyel, Paris, France
16th November – Trix, Antwerp, Belgium
17th November – 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
18th November – Gruenspan, Hamburg, Germany
20th November – Logomo, Turku, Finland
21st November – Cirkus, Helsinki, Finland
23rd November – Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden
24th November – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway
25th November – Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
27th November – Astra, Berlin, Germany
28th November – Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic
29th November – A2, Wroclaw, Poland
30th November – Barba Negra, Budapest, Hungary
2nd December – Simm City, Vienna, Austria
3rd December – X Tra, Zurich, Switzerland
6th December – Academy, Dublin, Ireland
7th December – Limelight, Belfast, UK
9th December – SWG3 Galvanisers, Glasgow, UK
10th December – Albert Hall, Manchester, UK
12th December – Roundhouse, London, UK
13th December – Rock City, Nottingham, UK

Tickets will go on sale Friday, February 1st at 10am local times and will be made available here: and all other usual outlets.

Devin comments: “After a year of intensive recording, mixing, and reflection, I have decided where I want to take the next level of my career as a live performer. I have had success and great memories from both the Devin Townsend Project as well as Strapping Young Lad, but now I am fortunate enough to be able to follow the muse where it currently leads. I am proud to announce that for the first ‘band’ tour of the Empath cycle, I am going to stretch my wings in ways I have not had the opportunity to do before and tour with a ‘backing band’ that can shift and morph as the music dictates instead of adhering to a click track. ‘Empath Europe Volume 1’ will be the first example of this, and the first tour will be in Europe (other territories to follow).

I have spent considerable effort think about the things I wanted to do for these shows, and one thing I came out of DTP with was the awareness that I wanted to incorporate a more improvisational element to what I do. With the best players I can find, my plan is to interpret my back catalogue, as well as the Empath material, in ways that may change nightly. less computers, and less of a rigid structure. I want to use Volume 1 as a way to bring my music to people in a potentially new way. People playing music…

I hope you will consider joining me at these concerts. As a performer, it’s important to be able to be willing to react, and my hope is that each of these shows will be a unique experience.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I do. See you there?

Devin Townsend”
In the lead up to the album’s release, Devin will walk fans through how ‘EMPATH’ came together with a series of documentary episodes recorded as phone conversations during the course of the albums recording. Watch the first episode of that series here:

Over the past few years, the success that Devin has slowly worked for has fortunately come with the power to control his own creative destiny. The recent successes with the DVD from a sold-out Royal Albert hall, or his 2012 ‘Retinal Circus’, or last year’s ‘Ocean Machine’ live DVD with the Orchestra and Choir of State Opera Plovdiv has put him in a position where with the new album ‘EMPATH’, he will once and for all define himself as a musical force outside of any particular genre classification.

On this album Devin has decided to see what would happen if all the styles that make up his current interests were finally represented in one place. To finally shake the fear of expectation, and just do what it is he was meant to do creatively, ‘EMPATH’, true to the name, is about allowing the audience a feeling for a variety of musical emotions. The musical dynamics represented on this single album are broad, challenging, and immense. To approach this sort of work with a long history of what makes heavy music ‘heavy’, allows this to be done with a type of power rarely heard.

Joining Devin on this album is Frank Zappa alumni Mike Keneally as music director, as well as Morgan Ågren (Mats And Morgan, Frank Zappa, Fredrik Thordendal), Anup Sastry (Monuments, Periphery), Samus Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth, Abigail Williams), Nathan Navarro, Elliot Desagnes, Steve Vai, Chad Kroeger, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Ché Aimee Dorval, Ryan Dhale and the Elektra Women’s Choir.

A bold statement with massive production values and dynamic, uncompromised musicality. This is a statement about not only pursuing creative freedom in a conservative scene, but also trying to show that heavy music is truly a valid musical tool.

‘EMPATH’ will be released on Limited 2 CD Digipak in O-Card (including an entire disc of bonus material), Standard CD Jewelcase, Gatefold 180G 2LP Vinyl + CD + LP-booklet & as digital album. Pre-order now here:

The full track-listing is as follows:
1. Castaway
2. Genesis
3. Spirits Will Collide
4. Evermore
5. Sprite
6. Hear Me
7. Why
8. Borderlands
9. Requiem
10. Singularity Part 1 – Adrift
11. Singularity Part 2 – I Am I
12. Singularity Part 3 – There Be Monsters
13. Singularity Part 4 – Curious Gods
14. Singularity Part 5 – Silicon Scientists
15. Singularity Part 6 – Here Comes The Sun

Last year Devin announced a special ‘An Evening With’ tour that would see him performing acoustically, as well as taking part in a fan Q&A at each show.

The full list of dates are as follows, many of which are already sold out:
7th March – The Piano Man Jazz Club, New Delhi, India SOLD OUT
8th March – Levi’s Lounge, Mumbai, India SOLD OUT
29th March – Savoy Theater, Helsinki, Finland SOLD OUT
30th March – Savoy Theater, Helsinki, Finland SOLD OUT
31st March – Sodra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden SOLD OUT
1st April – Edderkoppen, Oslo, Norway SOLD OUT
2nd April – Bremen Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark
4th April – PassionKirchhe, Berlin, Germany
5th April – Stodola, Warsaw, Poland
6th April – La Fabrica, Prague, Czech Republic SOLD OUT
7th April – Freiheiz, Munich, Germany SOLD OUT
9th April – Kulturkirche, Cologne, Germany SOLD OUT
10th April – Grunspan, Hamburg, Germany SOLD OUT
11th April – Bravo Kerk, Haarlem, Netherlands SOLD OUT
13th April – Reading 3, Tel Aviv, Israel
24th April – Bush Hall, London, UK SOLD OUT
25th April – Bush Hall, London, UK SOLD OUT
26th April – St George’s, Bristol, UK SOLD OUT
27th April – City Varieties, Leeds, UK SOLD OUT
29th April – Jam House, Edinburgh, UK SOLD OUT
30th April – Glee Club, Birmingham, UK SOLD OUT

Remaining tickets can be found here:

Devin’s varied back catalogue is also being celebrated with lavish vinyl box-sets under the name of ERAS. Having already released parts 1 and 2 earlier in early 2018, the end of the year saw the release of part 3, which features some of his most recent work with Devin Townsend Project, including the albums ‘Accelerated Evolution’, ‘Epicloud’, ‘Sky Blue’, ‘Transcendence’ & the first ever vinyl release of the second part of the DTP’s now legendary Royal Albert Hall show. Order your copy of this deluxe 10 LP box-set here:



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UMÆ Release "Turn Back Time" Single, Feat. John Wesley (Porcupine Tree) and Conner Green (Haken)

Progressive rock trio UMÆ emerged in 2017, and in the early days of January 2019 the band digitally released their debut album ‘Lost in the View’, which sees the core trio comprised of Anthony Cliplef (guitar, vocals), Guðjón Sveinsson (vocals, guitar) and Samy-George Salib (drums) collaborating with number of musicians including John Wesley (Porcupine Tree), Conner Green (Haken), Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson), and Eric Gillette (Neal Morse Band).

The trio answered our questions about the album, inspiration, and more.

Hello! First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer this interview. How are you?

Samy: Living the dream.

Anth: Great, thanks. Thank you for having us.

Guðjón: Good, good!

Where did you get your band’s name from?

Anth: The characters are Icelandic, but the name is gibberish. Guðjón and I settled on this gibberish, which is also an inside joke, because it sounded good to us. The cool thing about using a name with no meaning attaches to it is that our band gets to define it entirely by our music.

If you had to describe your band’s sound in short terms, how would you?

Anth: It’s all over the place, but collected, haha.

What are the bands that have inspired you most with regards to your own music?

Anth: For me, Dream Theater, Transatlantic, Yes, Genesis, Rush, King Crimson, Steven Wilson… basically just a whole lot of Prog.

Samy: I’m actually inspired by drummers that have the right balance of emotion and technique, including Steve Gadd,  Gavin Harrison, Todd Sucherman, Charlie Adams and Matt Garstka for example.  This has opened me up to a variety of genres, as they make the drums “sing” and are able to play to the song without “hijacking” it.

Guðjón: I remember sending Anth 4 albums initially when discussing influences for the project; “Act IV” by The Dear Hunter, “Plains of the Purple Buffalo” by shels*, “A Long Time Listening” by Agent Fresco, and “The Tief, the Tide, and the River’s End” by Caligula’s Horse. I’m pretty sure these influences seeped into it, as well as more artists in that vein.

What’s the story behind the formation of UMÆ?

Anth: I met my bandmates for the first time on stage, playing unrehearsed covers of Dream Theater and Steven Wilson songs, down in Florida.

When I got home to Canada, I felt inspired and wanted to do something with the musicians I had played with. So, I sent them some midi programmed demo song files I had made. It wasn’t long before Guðjón got back to me about collaborating on some music.

Guðjón: Before I knew, he was sitting in my apartment and we started making noise. Best 6-week home invasion I’ve ever had.

Anth: Once G and I had a rough idea for the album and demos to send, we sent it off to Samy to listen to. Once Samy agreed to incorporate and perform the drums, we were 3. Then it was a matter of tracking down all those guests to fill out the rest of the band.

Samy: When we realized the scope of the project, we brought on other musicians to complete the album, including some world-class performers.  However, for the purpose of this album, the three of us made a conscious decision to remain as a trio – at least until the album was completed.

UMAE - Lost in the View

You have just launched your debut album. What do you have to say on the concept behind “Lost in the View”?

Anth: For me, it’s mainly about various aspects of the past and how it affects us, how we hold onto it, and how we move forward with or from it.

Guðjón: To me it’s more of a thematic album than a concept album, even though in my head I have fairly detailed stories for the characters. Overall that is left up to interpretation though.

How do you think the music interacts or reflects on the themes you’re touching on in this album?

Anth: I feel like, because the music existed before the lyrics for most of what was written, the lyrical themes are actually more of a reflection of the music. For me, that’s almost always the case. I’ll write a piece of music, and let the lyrics flow out of that. I hope that gives a bit of insight into that interaction.

What went into the writing process of “Lost in the View”?

Anth: with my parts, I generally hear what I want to write in my head, then I figure it out on guitar and/or chart it out in a midi program. So, that’s what I was doing mainly.

As far as writing together goes, I would have a part of a song, a full song, or a full structure of a song with just guitar written, or Guðjón would have something like that as well, and we just sort of fed off each other’s ideas, essentially doing rough demos of everything into Pro Tools.

Sometimes I’d have a part and G would have a part, we’d order them, then connect them by filling in the middle. We just did a whole lot of that sort of stuff.

Guðjón: The core writing was actually done pretty fast over Anth’s initial 6-week stay in Iceland. We developed the ideas and arrangements over the course of the following year, and you could even say up until the very final mixes. Since we were working cross-continents, correspondence with Samy and Anth was pretty much constant throughout the process.

The album features guest appearances from John Wesley, Conner Green, Adam Holzman and Eric Gillette, among many other musicians. What was it like working with them?

Anth: It was really cool. They are all really down-to-earth sort of people, and all very enthusiastic. Everyone involved in the album really just emanated musicianship and passion for such, and I feel that it really shows in their contributions to the album.

[embedded content]

What’s the idea behind the artwork?

Anth: When I was staying in Iceland for the first time, I was taken aback by all the scenery. Environment and atmosphere plays a big part in creativity for me. So, one morning, I sat at the dining room table at Guðjón’s’ family’s home and was looking out the window at this little mountain called Þorbjörn, and I decided to sketch it.

At some point, we were discussing album artwork, and my sketch came up. It seemed fitting to us. I like it because, to me, it represented letting go and moving forward from the past and just taking in something fresh and new. I know it will mean different things for different people, but that’s how it was for me.

Guðjón: It’s sort of the opposite for me. *laughs* I recently moved out of the country, away from that very mountain, to start something new. It ties into the concept in a nice way.

What advice might you have for other musicians, whether from a creative or business perspective?

Anth: Don’t wait for things to just happen. If you want your music to go anywhere at all, you have to start researching and learning everything you need to do, organize it into logical steps, then start executing it. You need to treat it like a full time job that you are not only not getting paid for, but actually investing time and money into. Lastly, you need to love it, otherwise you won’t be able to do all of the above for it.

Guðjón: Do it. Then do it some more.

Stay tuned with UMÆ on Facebook.



Broadcast  20th January  2019


1.       Tales From The Riverbank The Jam
2.       The Fanatic Felony
3.       Rehab Amy Winehouse
4.       Dominoes Paul McCartney
5.       Bring On The Night The Police
6.       Many Rivers To Cross UB40
7.       The Great Balloon Race Sky
8.       Senor Mouse (Chick Corea composition) Al Di Meola
9.       Leave Now (Let Me Go) Orphan
10.   Southern Man Crosby Stills Nash & Young
11.   I Looked Away Derek & The Dominos
6-Pack of Rain Songs
12.   Have You Ever Seen The Rain Creedence Clearwater Revival
13.   Here Comes The Rain Again Eurythmics
14.   Rain The Beatles
15.   One More Rainy Day Deep Purple
16.   Standing In The Rain Electric Light Orchestra
17.   Purple Rain Prince
18.   Look At Last Night Slade
19.   You’re Not Smilin’ Audience
20.   A Heartfelt Line Joan Baez
21.   The Happy Song Rita Coolidge
22.   Morning Journey Aviator
23.   Tomorrow Night Atomic Rooster
24.   The Burning Sword of Capua Triumvirat
SLIDE INTO A SIDE Pat Metheny Group (1978) Side 1
25.   San Lorenzo Pat Metheny Group
26.   Phase Dancer Pat Metheny Group
27.   Live For The Music Bad Company
28.   Guitar Shop Jeff Beck
29.   Killer On The Rampage Eddy Grant
30.   My Spine (Is The Baseline) Shriekback
31.   Fire On The Mountain The Marshall Tucker Band
32.   Squib Cakes Tower Of Power
33.   Awaken My Love Moksha
34.   Don’t Kill It Carol Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
35.   Between The Wheels Rush
36.   Gone Hollywood Supertramp
37.   Invaders From Mars Crack The Sky
38.   Sorceress Return To Forever
39.   Baby Jane The Jack Bruce Band
40.   Monkey Island J Geils
41.   Love Me Tomorrow Chicago
42.   Something In The Way Nirvanna
43.   Every Home Is Wired Porcupine Tree
44.   The Balance Moody Blues

The Ancient One Show no 100 is now available as a podcast. This is the second part of “Best of 2018, The Short(er) Ones) 21 tracks which the Ancient One really liked in 2018.

1 The Nice -Brandenburger (excerpt used as intro) (The Immediate Collection 3CD set)
2 John Holden – Ancient Of Days (Capture Light 2018)
3 Frequency Drift – Underground (Letters to Maro 2018)
4 Salva – Under The Fear (Off The Deep End 2018)
5 Lazuli – Chronique Canine (Saison 8 2018)
6 Encircled – The Obsession (The Universal Mirth 2018)
7 Mike Kershaw – Dark Spaces (Arms Open Wide 2018)
8 Southern Empire – Goliath’s Moon (Civilisation 2018)
9 Octavarium – Gold Rush (Dystopia 2018)
10 Freedom To Glide – Silent Land (Christmas Single 2018 WW1)
11 Tangekanic – Two Rope Swings (Hotel Cantaffordit 2018)
12 The Sea Within – The Roaring Silence (The Sea Within 2018)
13 Crystal Palace – Collateral (Scattered Shards 2018)
14 Galahad – Dust (Seas Of Change 2018)
15 Samurai Of Prog – The Sleeping Lover (Archiviarum 2018)
16 All Traps On Earth – Omen (A Drop Of Light 2018)
17 Argos – Still Fighting Gravity (Unidentified Dying Objects 2018)
18 Syrinx Call – In A Daze (The Moon On A Stick 2018)
19 Adventure – Lighthouse (New Horizon 2019)
20 Sloth Metropolis – Forest (Origins 2018)
21 Swifa Eohl and The Mudra Choir – Earth Shakes, Rattle and Rolls (The Key 2019)
22 The Paradox Twin – The Mir (The Importance of Mr Bedlam 2018)
23 The Nice -Brandenburger (excerpt used as outro) (The Immediate Collection 3CD set)

This week’s program is a straight up variety show with lots of great stuff from around the progressive rock world! I’m spinning mostly newer tunes from Kenny McCormick, Regal Worm, OAK (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative), The D Project, Nikki Squire & Dweezil Zappa, Karibow, Pinn Dropp, Heather Findlay, Be Bop Deluxe, and Glass Hammer!


604: Variety


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Norwegian progressive Rock group LEPROUS are releasing a new digital single and video clip (Directed by Costin Chioreanu / Twilight13Media) of their cover version of “Angel“ by Massive Attack today.

Check out the video here: 
And the single here:

LEPROUS frontman Einar Solberg checked in with the following comment about “Angel“:

There’s a first for everything, LEPROUS has made a cover version! Massive Attack has always been a big influence on me. To make something so rich out of something so simple has been their trademark, and it’s something with their atmosphere that just hits the right nerve in me. We’ve been playing this one live for a few months, and we’re super excited to finally release the song!

After having toured restlessly across European and North America, LEPROUS are now delighted to debut in Latin America next month as next step of their touring cycle for their current and much acclaimed album release “Malina“. Here is a list of all upcoming dates for 2019 announced so far:

LEPROUS Live 2019:
22.02.2019 Drammen (Norway) – Union Scene

LEPROUS – Latin American Tour 2019:
28.02.2019 Guadalajara (Mexico) – C3 Stage
01.03.2019 Mexico City (Mexico) – Plaza Condesa
02.03.2019 Bogota (Colombia) – Ace Of Spades
03.03.2019 Lima (Peru) – Centro Amistad Peruano China
05.03.2019 Santiago (Chile) – Club Chocolate
07.03.2019 Santiago (Chile) – Club Chocolate
08.03.2019 Buenos Aires (Argentina) – El Teatrito
10.03.2019 Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Carioca Club

LEPROUS Live 2019:
22.03.2019 Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Prognosis Festival 
23.03.2019 San Gwann (Malta) – Metal Over Malta
27.04.2019 Toulouse (France) – Slasher Metal Fest
09.06.2019 Tomas (Portugal) – Comendatio Music Fest

More dates to be announced soon…

Previously, LEPROUS also released the stand-alone digital single “Golden Prayers”, which can still be checked out here:
and here:

Also check out material off the “Malina” album by LEPROUS here:
“From The Flame” (Video):
“Stuck (Radio Edit)” (Video):
“Illuminate” (Video):
“Bonneville” (Drums Playthrough Video):
“Coma” (Drums Playthrough Video):
“Mirage” (Drums Playthrough Video):

“Malina” hit various sales charts upon release: Germany: # 34, The Netherlands: # 68, Finland: # 23, Switzerland: # 39, Austria: # 42, Belgium (Flemish): # 52, Sweden Physical Album Chart: #29, Sweden Vinyl Charts: # 14, UK Rock Album Chart: # 19, USA Billboard Heatseekers: # 21 and USA Billboard Current Albums: # 190.

“Malina” is still available as Jewelcase CD and Digital Download, but also as limited edition Mediabook CD (+ extended booklet & bonus-track) and as Gatefold 2LP on 180gr. vinyl (+ poster, bonus-track & entire album on CD), also as limited coloured editions.

Order the physical formats of choice from IOM here: “Malina” is also available digitally here:

LEPROUS online:


This news story was originally published here:
KING CRIMSON Announces 2019 Tour Dates In Celebration of 50 Years

In celebration of 50 years, King Crimson announces 50 Concerts for 2019. The current eight musician line-up will perform 50 concerts across three continents as part of their 2019 Celebration tour.

Dates confirmed so far, are as follows:

King Crimson 2019 Tour Dates:
JUN 10, 2019 – HAUS AUENSEE, Leipzig
JUN 12, 2019 – JAHRHUNDERTHALLE, Frankfurt
JUN 13, 2019 – JAHRHUNDERTHALLE, Frankfurt
JUN 15, 2019 – LIEDERHALLE, Stuttgart
JUN 16, 2019 – LIEDERHALLE, Stuttgart
JUN 18, 2019 – ROYAL ALBERT HALL, London
JUN 19, 2019 – ROYAL ALBERT HALL, London
JUN 20, 2019 – ROYAL ALBERT HALL, London
JUN 22, 2019 – DE VEREENIGING, Nijmegen
JUN 23, 2019 – DE VEREENIGING, Nijmegen
JUN 26, 2019 – TEATR ROMA, Warsaw
JUN 27, 2019 – TEATR ROMA, Warsaw
JUN 29, 2019 – ZITADELLE, Berlin
JUL 08, 2019 – ARENA DI VERONA, Verona
JUL 12, 2019 – DOCTOR MUSIC FESTIVAL, Escalarre
JUL 13, 2019 – DOCTOR MUSIC FESTIVAL, Escalarre
JUL 14, 2019 – DOCTOR MUSIC FESTIVAL, Escalarre
JUL 18, 2019 – ARENA SANTA GIULIANA, Perugia
AUG 23, 2019 – TEATRO METROPOLITAN, Mexico City
AUG 24, 2019 – TEATRO METROPOLITAN, Mexico City
AUG 27, 2019 – TEATRO DIANA, Guadalajara
AUG 29, 2019 – TEATRO METROPOLITAN, Mexico City
SEP 03, 2019 – GREEK THEATRE, Los Angeles
SEP 05, 2019 – FOX THEATER, Oakland
SEP 06, 2019 – FOX THEATER, Oakland
SEP 08, 2019 – PARAMOUNT THEATER, Denver
SEP 12, 2019 – WARNER THEATRE, Washington D.C.
SEP 14, 2019 – BUDWEISER STAGE, Toronto
SEP 17, 2019 – ST DENIS THEATRE, Montreal
SEP 21, 2019 – RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL, New York City
SEP 23, 2019 – THE MET, Philidelphia
SEP 25, 2019 – HARD ROCK ROCKSINO, Cleveland
SEP 27, 2019 – THE RYMAN AUDITORIUM, Nashville
SEP 29, 2019 – THE COBB CENTER, Atlanta
OCT 06, 2019 – SUNSET STAGE ROCK IN RIO – Rio de Janeiro


Since the band’s return to live performance in 2014, with critically acclaimed sell-out shows all over the world including two defining shows at the Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii, the audience has been reinvented, as much as the band itself:

“In Pompeii, a large percentage of the audience was young couples; KC moved into the mainstream in Italy. I walked onstage knowing that this band’s position in the world has changed level.” Robert Fripp

The band’s packed three-hour shows regularly include material from twelve of their thirteen studio albums, including many of the songs from their seminal 1969 album In The Court of the Crimson King, described by Pete Townshend, as an “uncanny masterpiece”. The new 8-piece line-up plays many historic pieces which Crimson have never played live, as well as new arrangements of Crimson classics – “the music is new whenever it was written”. There are also new instrumentals and songs, as well as the compositions by the three drummers, Pat Mastelotto, Gavin Harrison and Jeremy Stacey, which are a regular highlight. A unique show, where eight of the best musicians in the world play music without distraction or adornment.

King Crimson

Edition 178 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Skylake – Haste (In Orbit)
Ayreon – Time Beyond Time (from Into The Electric Castle)
Queensrÿche – Bridge (from Promised Land)
Toxic Smile – I’m Your Saviour (from I’m Your Saviour)
Lambhorn – Sapphire Springs (from Cascade)
Porcupine Tree – Halo (from Deadwing)
Thank You Scientist – Mr. Invisible (from Stranger Heads Prevail)
Galahad – Suspended Animation (from Battle Scars)
Crack The Sky – Under the Hood (from Ostrich)
Silhouette – Symphony for a Perfect Moment (from ‘The World Is Flat and Other Alternative Facts)
Also Eden – Between The Lines (from About Time)
Fish – A Gentleman’s Excuse Me (from Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors)
Deep Purple – Fools (from Fireball)
Rush – The Camera Eye (from Moving Pictures)
The Dear Hunter – The Kiss Of Life (from Migrant)
Massive Wagons – Northern Boy (from Full Nelson)
The D/A Method – Dream Sequence (from The Desert Road)
Thaikkudam Bridge – Chathe (from Navarasam : An ennead)
Animals as Leaders – The Brain Dance (from The Madness of Many)
Crippled Black Phoenix – Of a Lifetime (from I, Vigilante)
Avantasia – The Raven Child (feat. Hansi Kürsch & Jorn Lande) (from Moonglow)

Proving that prog isn't just for dinosaurs!

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 273 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

  1. Hedfuzy – The Boy Who Killed The Man
  2. RPWL – A New World
  3. King Crimson – Last Skirmish
  4. Simon Godfrey – A Million Paper Towels
  5. Simon Godfrey – Gideon Falls
  6. Lost Crowns – Let Loving Her Be Everything
  7. Nektar – Recycled Pt 1
  8. Natasha Noorani – To Get Her
  9. Gentle Robot & Natasha Noorani – Maladaptive
  10. Soma – Being-Ghandarya
  11. Steve Hackett – Under The Eye Of The Sun
  12. Giraffe – In The Cage
  13. Giraffe – It-Watcher Of The Skies
  14. Giraffe – The Musical Box
  15. Simon Collins – The Big Bang
  16. Pinn Drop – Cyclothymia
  17. Time’s Up – 21 Grams Of Starlight Glow (I Will Miss You)
  18. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – The Faith Healer
  19. Styx – Red Storm
  20. Eris Pluvia – In the Rising Mist

iTunes/iPod users*: Just search for ‘Progzilla’ or subscribe to:


Edition 170 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Redemption – Impermanent
Long Distance Calling – Ascending
Dvne – The Crimson Path
Halo Tora – Heart of War
Alkaloid – In Turmoil’s Swirling Reaches
Kingcrow – Drenched
LizZard – Gemini
Divine Realm – Revival
Angra – The Bottom of My Soul
Conception – Into The Wild
Shattered Skies – You Will Know My Name
The Five Hundred – Buried
Voices – Rabbits Curse
Hillward – Behind the Silence
Borealis – The Ghosts of Innocence