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Apollo, the Greek God of many aspects including music, truth, and light, being a beardless and athletic youth may not have approved of his hirsute sons (well, at least Billy Sheehan and Derek Sherinian have had a haircut), but his musical prowess has definitely been a chip off the marbled statue. Along with Mike Portnoy, Ron Thal, and Jeff Scott Soto, Sons of Apollo might be excused within this hallowed Super-Group as being minor deities themselves, having all learned their craft through many well known examples of rock royalty.

Debut album, (for mortals who don’t like their prog mixed up in this shiny stuff please look away now), and a first for this line up, Psychotic Symphony is a cacophony of everything that works in the prog metal genre as all members are equally suited to providing the elite synergy required to pull this off.

God Of The Sun shines through with its eastern intro being knocked to the ground by that familiar Portnoy drum fill and whilst the dust settles, effect and doom laden orchestral keys with synthy guitar flourishes chugg forward in a style that sets the scene for the rest of the album. There’s a hint of Dio in Soto’s delivery that combined with the feel that a certain Theater of Dreams might have influenced this band brings a welcome familiarity, not a lack of originality, to this Homeric offering.

Single Coming Home shows a more straight forward rock approach and pleasing backing vocal in the mix, Labyrinth – time signature heaven – is enough to dodge any stone arrows from marauders, and an album highlight with guitar and Hammond shining like Helious’s name badge. A great foot tapper evoking shades of the colour purple and a real showcase for Bumblefoot’s double handled axe.

[embedded content]

Jazz phrasings are found in Alive then siren infected Lost In Oblivion is an exhausting wind-in-the-hair Harley speed trip along a desolate highway with those relentless drums banging away in time with the engine throb, a real showcase for this talented troupe.

Jon Lord’s spirit is revered in short instrumental Figaro’s Whore (she barely makes you last a minute) which is effectively an intro to Divine Addiction, Sherinian’s organ is well up for its second coming and this track is a stormer, hinting at the snake of white, touched by the God of Blues creeping majestically into this penultimate track.

Billy Sheehan is eventually allowed to weald his famous double neck in final vocal free show off Opus Maximus with his liquid bass simmering under a cauldron of guitars and drums all, held together with epic widescreen keyboard chords. The soundtrack to a cosmic journey fraught with danger, Holdsworth-esque guitar weaves around the madness of hyper-drive, breaks through and enters the kingdom of immortals – Liquid Tension abounds and is worth the price of the boarding pass alone.

Psychotic by name, this Symphony is certainly not unhinged, but the frenzied culmination of a quintet of musicians at the very top of their game and worthy grandchildren of the mighty Zeus, the God of Thunder. We are not worthy.

01 God Of The Sun (11:11)
02 Coming Home (4:23)
03 Signs Of The Time (7:17)
04 Labyrinth (9:11)
05 Alive (5:10)
06 Lost In Oblivion (4:38)
07 Figaro’s Whore (1:00)
08 Divine Addiction (4:48)
09 Opus Maximus (10:37)

Total Time – 58:25

Mike Portnoy – Drums & Vocals
Derek Sherinian – Keyboards
Billy Sheehan – Bass
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – Guitar & Vocals
Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals

Record Label: InsideOut Music
Catalogue#: 0IO01738
Date of Release: 20th October 2017

Sons of Apollo – Website | Facebook


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O2 Academy, Islington, London
Tuesday, 24th October 2017

The venue is a modern, purpose built standing-only space above a shopping centre, with the surprising added bonus of having an un-sticky floor, clean enough to sit on should you be so inclined. Boasting a capacity of 800, I would guess it was just over half full by the time the headliners walked on stage at 9pm precisely. For a band that have been going for nearly thirty years this is not what they would have hoped for, I’m sure. No wonder this was their only gig over here. I sometimes despair at the unadventurous nature of the U.K. rock audience… ho-hum.

The support act Sleep Token was an odd mix of black metal and pure pop, played by a band in horror masks and cloaks. The risible disguise was rendered rather pointless, as, having no roadies, the minute the set was over, they all disrobed and unmasked themselves stage right and trouped back out to dismantle their kit! Musically they were somewhat formulaic, in the tried and trusted quiet-loud-quiet-F’KIN LOUD nature of most of the songs, and accompanying theatrics by rote. When they diverted from the formula they showed some promise, mostly down to the singer, whose extraordinary range made them just about bearable.

Motorpsycho, the house band in the drinking halls of Valhalla, got their set off to an energetic start with a furious rendering of A.S.F.E. from the stupendous new album The Tower, rocking with a primal force that had the audience bopping like crazed mountain trolls at the ritual burning of a longship in honour of Odin. Those of us towards the upper age range of this gratifyingly mixed audience, both in terms of age and gender, threatened to twang something if we didn’t look out, mild bopping and/or pogoing going way beyond the doctor’s prescription to “get more exercise”, I shouldn’t wonder.

After that, a nice 10-minute space jam is just what the chiropractor ordered, and off we sway to the cosmic sounds of Intrepid Explorer, the second of six songs played tonight from The Tower, which as its cover hints, is a veritable garden of earthly delights, and if you’ve read this far, I ask, nay demand, that you buy it now. You will not be disappointed. When this band get into the groove on one their long jams, the sheer relentless intensity takes me back to Hawkwind in their Space Ritual prime. This live experience is joyously exhausting!

New drummer Tomas Järmyr fitted in seamlessly, and his powerful rhythms were the fuel that powered the many visceral jams into interstellar overdrive. Guest player Kristoffer Lo was something of a star, playing all manner of keyboards and synths, possibly a theremin, a guitar, and last but by no means least, a flugabone, which is an outsize trumpet. It may well be that Tomas joining the band led them to Kristoffer, as the two had collaborated in the past. The flugabone added extra layers of musicality to the likes of Upstairs-Downstairs, and Stained Glass, both from the 2000 album Let Them Eat Cake, which is new to me. The latter has a similar stoned vibe to The Verve’s quieter psychedelic numbers. I can only assume Richard Ashcroft was a fan. Methinks I may have to buy this album! Motorpsycho have been making music for nearly thirty years, and their attendant vast discography is always capable of including unexpected musical diversions like this in their live sets, diversions that make this band such a delight to witness in the live environment.

Kristoffer’s presence allows Snah to stretch out, soaring away over the pummelling backing of Bent and Tomas, whose rhythmic heft nails it to the floor. The West Coast vibe that weaves its way through the The Tower, especially in its latter half is largely forgone in favour of the rockier numbers, not that I’m complaining! Looking at the set from the following night’s gig in Amsterdam, it seems the Dutch got a more laid back offering, with both A Pacific Sonata and Here Be MonstersLacuna/Sunrise in the set list.

We get on the time machine and go back to 2008 for The Alchemyst, another head shaking trip of some note, wherein Bent’s clean tones are in stark contrast to the serious beating he’s giving his bass guitar. Lemmy would have approved. Following that is the aforementioned Upstairs-Downstairs, a well-earned breather from the fever pitch excitement of its predecessor.

The fulcrum of the set is the epic Ship Of Fools, a place where sonic grandeur gives way to stretched out driving rhythms and riffing of subtly accumulating power, and another winner from The Tower, an album that doesn’t have a weak track on it.

The song entitled The Tower has the most fantastic heavy melody, and has become this week’s earworm, its low rumble is still reverberating around my cranium days later. By the time we get to Bartok of the Universe, one particularly enthusiastic and very hairy fan with a flying mane of very long Viking-blonde hair was giving it the full-body headbanging treatment, off in his own world. Luckily for me I was standing some distance from him! After that the horn returns for the heady stoner space rock trip of The Wheel, and then the mothership comes in to land to the rather odd but strangely calming Plan #1, the set ending with two vintage numbers probably older than a handful of tonight’s audience.

After the encore of Pills, Powders + Passion Plays, its indie rock sounding almost fey after the beast of a set that had come before it, the comedown is complete and the audience troop off, knackered but happy.

Never surrender!

Intrepid Explorer
In Every Dream Home
The Alchemyst
Ship of Fools
Stained Glass
The Tower
Bartok of the Universe
The Wheel
Plan #1
~ Encore:
Pills, Powders + Passion Plays

Bent Sæther — Lead Vocals, Bass
Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan — Guitars, Vocals
Tomas Järmyr – Drums
~ With:
Kristoffer Lo – Keyboards, Synth, Flugabone (aka Marching Trumpet), Guitar

Motorpsycho – Website | Facebook | News Facebook
Kristoffer Lo – Website
Sleep Token – Facebook | Bandcamp

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The music on Oceanarium  is entirely instrumental, densely orchestrated, and has a wide variety of instruments, including cello, trumpet, bass clarinet, flute, saxophone, hammered dulcimer, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, violin, oboe, xylophone, and trombone, in addition to the usual keyboards, guitars, bass, and drums.  Although many musical styles are included, the end result probably fits nicely under the label “symphonic prog.”

Oceanarium  is the second album in a planned three-level seven-album series.  The first album Heliotians was released in 2014, and the third album Lunarians will hopefully be released in 2018 or 2019.  Those two albums had/will have hand-painted artwork and hand-written lyrics and/or notes for each of the roughly 300 copies (each containing a vinyl LP and CD). Oceanarium, on the other hand, will be released as a regular 80-minute CD and double vinyl album. Oceanarium is on the middle tier of the three-tiered seven-album series and contains some ideas also found in the two albums beneath it (the previously mentioned Heliotians and Lunarians), but most of them are probably hard to recognize, and unlike those two albums, Oceanarium is densely and carefully orchestrated and is entirely instrumental.

Here are the 8 tracks that will be on “Oceanarium”: 

1. “A Numbered Rat, a High Ledge, and a Maze of Horizons” [11:32]

2. “Drifting Inner Skyline Space” [8:28]

3. “The Blunt Sun and the Hardened Moon” [15:25]

4. “Finding a Valley in a Gray Area on a Map” [3:24]

5. “Finding a Shipwreck in a Valley in an Ocean” [6:20]

6. “Tropical Detective Squadron” [14:10]

7. “Marooned and Torn Asunder” [8:06]

8. “Water to Glass / The Ultimate Solution” [12:31]


Dave Berggren: electric guitar (6), compositional contributions (6) 

Dan Britton: keyboards, guitars, other instruments (1-8) 

Neil Brown: trumpet (8) 

Steve Churchill: oboe (1,7) 

Brett d’Anon:  bass, guitars (1-8) 

Brian Falkowski: saxophone (3), flute (4,5), clarinet (8) 

Patrick Gaffney: compositional contributions (1,6) 

Denis Malloy: bass clarinet (1, 2, 3, 8) 

Corey Sansolo: trombone (1) 

Natalie Spehar: cello (2, 4, 5, 8) 

Zack Stachowski: violin (4, 5) 

Christopher West: compositional contributions (6,7) 

Alex Bennett: Cover art (pfloyd on PA!)

It was my turn on 101 Dimensions again, and I may have been stretching the boundaries a bit this time! But it’s all good, right? Here’s the playlist:

  1. Lunatic Soul – Blood On The Tightrope; and A Thousand Shards Of Heaven (from the album Fractured, 2017)
  2. Fripp & Eno – Deep Water (from the album New Depression Music (Music For Fans), 1980)
  3. Band Of Rain – Gurdjieff; and Lydian Flight (from the album The Dust Of Stars, 2017)
  4. Fripp & Eno – Untitled (from the album New Depression Music (Music For Fans), 1980)
  5. Wolfgang Bock – Robsai, Pt. I & II; and Changes/Stop The World (from the album Cycles, 1980)
  6. Fripp & Eno – The Last Door (from the album New Depression Music (Music For Fans), 1980)
  7. Vessels – Mobilise; and Glower (from the album The Great Distraction, 2017)
  8. Fripp & Eno – Chemin Der Fer (from the album New Depression Music (Music For Fans), 1980)
  9. Wolfgang Riechmann – Silberland; Himmelblau; and Traumzeit (from the album Wunderbar, 1978)
  10. Tangerine Dream – Tangram, Pt. 1 (from the album Tangram, 1980)

I hope you enjoy! Until next time, Prog On!


101 Dimensions – October 2017

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The Brighton post rock duo, famed for their immersive, all engulfing live performances, are releasing a new documentary film and soundtrack this month, the project supported by a hugely successful crowd funding campaign. They set out to create a film which explores the kindness of humanity and what drives people, offering the listener a different outlook on human nature, contrary to the bleak one projected by the media.

This is an album that is cinematic in scale, moody, atmospheric and full of melody which helps to create a feel good vibe. The grand sweeping nature, plus the little subtleties draws you in where you become immersed in what the band are trying to get across. The music wraps and folds around spoken word segments, mainly from well known figures. Initially this could appear off putting, but it works so well with the music empowering and enhancing the words.

It could be viewed as a bold move to issue what is a soundtrack album before the accompanying film has been released, but in the case of Nordic Giants this will probably serve as an appetiser for what will, no doubt, be a spectacular stage show on their forthcoming tour. There are seven tracks spread across some forty-three minutes, of which two tracks are instrumental and the rest, as mentioned previously, have additional spoken word.

[embedded content]

The album opens with Taxonomy of Illusion which is named after and includes the speech given by Terence McKenna at the University of California at Berkley in 1993. The mood is set by some subtle atmospheric keyboards before Roka’s excellent drumming starts to drive things forward, accompanied by the piano. The music continues to fold around Terence’s words in such a way that they almost become one, the overall feel appearing to be one of hope.

The first of the two instrumentals is next, First Light of Dawn having a brief drone-like start which turns into a beautiful moody and uplifting song. Piano features again with Loki playing some wonderful trumpet. The song builds and expands allowing the listener to easily imagine the sun rise, with its rays illuminating the landscape where at that moment the day begins full of hope and promise.

Spirit contains the words of Martin Luther King Jr., the mood and atmosphere created by some lovely bowed guitar and piano, which continues the melody, providing a bright and positive feel. The music pauses briefly as the words “a new spirit is rising amongst us”, before continuing, each meaningful phrase spoken is clear and precise throughout.

Dystopia follows, continuing to develop bright and hopeful themes in the music, with Reawake featuring the beautiful and ethereal vocals of Freyja which float around the music in a most mesmerising way, not detracting from the spoken words but enhancing them. The penultimate track, Immortal Elements, contains the voice of the poet John Trudell, his opening lines are treated to some echo until the introduction of the instruments. Roka’s drums are excellent again, driving the song with the support of the almost gentle keyboards, the music becoming cinematic and dramatic as it moves towards a climatic finish.

The album closes with the second instrumental track; Autonomous begins with the spiritual feel of a church-like organ, the music creating an almost emotional response in its beauty. At around two minutes from the end things take a shift towards being more dramatic in scale, building towards a crescendo finish that sweeps the listener up into its musical vortex. Ultimately this is a soundtrack album, but it is able to stand on its own as a complete piece of work, a testament to the band’s song writing skill in that they have created the perfect match of music to some very powerful and thought provoking speeches. This is an album that will have an individual and personal affect on each listener, an album that needs repeated plays to digest and process what has been achieved and its meaning to the individual.

A hauntingly beautiful and thought provoking album which is a true work of art. Don’t just take my word for it, experience it for yourself as the U.K. tour starts on 31st October.

01. Taxonomy of Illusion (6:36)
02. First Light of Dawn (6:56)
03. Spirit (6:35)
04. Dystopia (5:31)
05. Reawake (5:02)
06. Immortal Elements (6:15)
07. Autonomous (6:12)

Total time – 43:07

Loki – Keyboards, Synths, Trumpet, Loops
Roka Skuld – Cymbals & Skins, Bowed Guitar, Samples

Record Label: Kscope
Country of Origin: U.K.
Date of Release: 27th October 2017

Nordic Giants – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp


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Italian progressive legends PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) release their much-anticipated new album ‘Emotional Tattoos’ today. To celebrate they have released a video for the track ‘The Lesson’, as well as its Italian version ‘La lezione’. Watch them both below:

‘The Lesson’:
‘La lezione’:

‘Emotional Tattoos’ is available now on various formats including:
– Black 2LP+2CD (English vinyl plus English & Italian album on 2CD)
– Limited transparent orange 2LP+CD (Italian vinyl plus Italian CD / only released in Italy)
– Special Edition 2CD Digipak (English plus Italian album / International version)
– 2CD Jewelcase (English plus Italian album / US version)
– CD Jewelcase (Italian album only / only released in Italy)
– Digital album (includes English & Italian album)
Order it now!

You can listen to the previously released tracks ‘Central District’ and ‘Quartiere Generale’ here:
“Central District”:
“Quartiere Generale”:
“Emotional Tattoos” is an album that looks towards the future as the artwork clearly shows. Created by Stefano and Mattia Bonora with art direction by ArtKademy and concept by Aereostella, it was revealed as an impressive mural painting in Milan, Italy. The band explains:
“On the album cover we can see a spaceship headed by Franz and Patrick, which leads the fans in unexplored territory: The new PFM’s world where music has not only one identity but embraces many different musical genres. “Emotional Tattoos” is an album which will print feelings on your skin.”
  Furthermore, PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI have announced various new live shows including tours of South America, Japan and North America:
November 14, 2017 Torino – Teatro Colosseo (Italy)
November 15, 2017 Genova – Teatro Carlo Felice (Italy)
November 23, 2017 Trento – Teatro Auditorium Santa Chiara (Italy)
November 25, 2017 Zoetermeer – De Borderij (Netherlands)
December 01, 2017 Padova – Gran Teatro Geox (Italy)
December 02, 2017 Varese – Teatro Openjobmetis (Italy)
December 29, 2017 Bari – Teatro Petruzzelli (Italy)
January 09, 2018 Tokyo – Billboard Live (Japan)
January 10, 2018 Tokyo – Billboard Live (Japan)
January 11, 2018 Osaka – Billboard Live (Japan)
January 31, 2018 Bologna – Teatro Duse (Italy)
March 02, 2018 Milano – Teatro Dal Verme (Italy)
March 09, 2018 Brescia – Gran Teatro Morato (Italy)
March 11, 2018 Santa Maria degli Angeli – Teatro Lyrick (Italy)
March 12, 2018 Roma – Teatro Olimpico (Italy)
March 13, 2018 Napoli – Teatro Augusteo (Italy)
March 24, 2018 Montecatini Terme – Nuovo Teatro Verdi (Italy)
April 20, 2018 Sao Paulo – Espaço das Américas (Brazil)
April 21, 2018 Rio de Janeiro – Vivo Rio (Brazil)
 April 22, 2018 Porto Alegre – Teatro do Bourbon Country (Brazil)
April 23, 2018 Belo Horizonte – Grande Teatro do Palácio das Artes (Brazil)
April 25, 2018 Buenos Aires – Teatro Coliseo (Argentina)
 April 27, 2018 Concepción – Teatro Universidad (Chile)
 April 29, 2018 Santiago de Chile – Teatro Oriente (Chile)
 April 30, 2018 Lima – venue tba (Peru)
May 3, 2018 Ciudad de Mexico – Auditorio BlackBerry (Mexico)
May 6, 2018 Gettysburg – Majestic Theater (USA)
May 7, 2018 New York  – Highline Ballroom (USA)
May 8, 2018 Chicago – Reggies Rock Club (USA)
May 12, 2018 Legnano – Teatro Galleria (Italy)
Ticket links and more info can be found on
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI is a very eclectic and exuberant band with a distinctive style that combines the powerful expression of rock, progressive and classical music into one fascinating entity. Formed in 1971 and celebrating its live debut in the same year opening for Yes in Milano, the band quickly gained a prominent place on the international scene by making it to the Billboard charts (for 1973’s ‘Photos Of Ghosts’), winning a Gold record in Japan while constantly ruling the charts in their home country up until today. Recently, PFM was honoured with position #50 in the “UK Classic Rock Hall of Fame” of the 100 most important artists in the world.
PFM online:


Visit the new InsideOut Shop:

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Sweden’s Progressive Hardrockers NIGHTINGALE have announced the release of their first-ever live album, “Rock Hard Live” on December 8th, 2017.
Following up NIGHTINGALES’s latest studio album “Retribution”, which was released in 2014 via InsideOutMusic, “Rock Hard Live” was recorded at Germany’s Rock Hard festival in 2016 and contains the following tracklisting:
NIGHTINGALE – “Rock Hard Live”:
1. Nightfall Overture
2. A Raincheck On My Demise
3. Hideaway
4. Forevermore
5. Into The Light
6. Chasing The Storm Away
7. Revival
8. Steal The Moon
9. Black Tears

NIGHTINGALE’s Dan Swanö checked in with the following comment about “Rock Hard Live”:
“After eight NIGHTINGALE studio releases the time had come for a proper live album!

When we were invited to perform at the prestigious Rock Hard Festival in May 2016 we felt that this could be the right time and place to capture the energy of a NIGHTINGALE live performance.
Once we listened back to the recordings of the gig it became obvious that there was a special vibe both on stage and in the audience that day. And in order to capture that we decided to mix the album with a very high percentage of the sound coming from the two audience microphones.

This approach gives the listener the sensation of actually being there at the gig when you listen to it. But this also means that you have the occasional out-of-time and tune-notes here and there, since there is no way to fix anything in the studio once you mix an album this way.

So, “Rock Hard Live” indeed is a genuine sonic snapshot of what NIGHTINGALE sounds like on stage, warts and all!”

A first single (and iTunes instant grat track) off “Rock Hard Live” is also being launched today, as the pre-orders for the album commences. Check out “Chasing The Storm Away” here:
Stream / Pre-order here:
While InsideOutMusic is handling digital release for “Rock Hard Live”, its CD and LP (Black or coloured vinyl) formats will be issued via Spain’s Alone Records, who are also launching an LP version of NIGHTINGALE’s latest studio album “Retribution” on December 8th, 2017.
More details and pre-order options can be found here:

Feel free to revisit 2014’s “Retribution” album by checking out a few songs here:
“On Stolen Wings”:

The CD version of “Retribution” comes with O-Card packaging and the entire album as full dynamic vinyl mix in high-resolution MP3 format as enhancement. It can be purchased via the InsideOut Shop here:
NIGHTINGALE was established by musical multi-talent and producer Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity / Witherscape) more than 20 years ago and in the good tradition of the band, which is completed by Dan’s brother Dag Swanö (guitars, keyboards), Erik Oskarsson (bass) and Tom Björn (drums), the new album once again showcases a fabulous and timeless hybrid of different musical styles: From atmospheric metal to catchy AOR and also melodic prog,
In related Dan Swanö news, it has been recently announced that 27 years after its initial release, his rock group Unicorn are re-issuing early demo recordings as “A Collection of Worlds – Resurrection”. Find more details about the project here:

Swanö will next be working on a yet unnamed death metal project, showcasing material in the vein of his compositions for Bloodbath, mixed with the early style of Edge Of Sanity and Pan-Thy-Monium. Something to look out for in 2018!

Stay tuned for further Dan Swanö and NIGHTINGALE news coming soon…
Dan Swanö – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Dag Swanö – bass, guitars, keyboards
Erik Oskarsson – bass
Tom Björn – drums
NIGHTINGALE Discography:
The Breathing Shadow – 1995
The Closing Chronicles – 1996
I – 2000
Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow Part IV – 2003
Invisible – 2004
Nightfall Overture (Compilation) – 2005
White Darkness – 2007
Retribution – 2014
Rock Hard Live – 2017
NIGHTINGALE / Dan Swanö online:


Visit the new InsideOut Shop:

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Even though Swedish progressive rock/metal innovators Pain of Salvation continue to promote their much acclaimed newest studio album “In The Passing Light Of Day”, released in January via longtime label InsideOutMusic, a set of very special vinyl re-releases has been announced for November 10th, 2017…

Pain of Salvation’s classic early albums “Entropia” (1997, two decades ago), “One Hour By The Concrete Lake” (1998) and “Scarsick” (2007, one decade ago) are being made available for the very first time ever on vinyl. All three albums will be issued as Gatefold 2LP sets (+ CD as bonus) on 180gr. vinyl and including their corresponding bonus tracks from the respective recording sessions.
Here is an overview of the tracklistings as well as the various vinyl colour versions and the corresponding limitation for each of the releases & pre-order links from IOM:

Pain of Salvation – “Entropia” 2LP (70:09) / Tracklisting:
Side A:
1. ! (Foreword) (06:11)
2. Welcome To Entropia (01:22)
3. Winning A War (06:32)
Side B:
1. People Passing By (09:07)
2. Oblivion Ocean (04:43)
3. Stress (05:01)
Side C:
1. Revival (07:39)
2. Void Of Her (01:46)
3. To The End  (04:57)
4. Never Learn To Fly (05:13) * Bonus Track
Side D:
1. Circles (00:55)
2. Nightmist  (06:49)
3. Plains Of Dawn (07:23)
4. Leaving Entropia (Epilogue) (02:31)
Bonus CD: Same 14 Tracks (70:12)
Available versions:
Black 2LP+CD
Transparent sun yellow 2LP+CD (IOM Webshop): 100x copies
Transparent red 2LP+CD (CM Distro): 200x copies
White 2LP+CD (Band Shop): 100x copies
Pre-order link:
Pain of Salvation – “One Hour By The Concrete Lake” 2LP (74:47) / Tracklisting:
Side A:
1. Spirit Of The Land (00:43)
2. Inside (06:12)
3. The Big Machine (04:21)
4. New Year’s Eve (05:37)
Side B:
1. Handful Of Nothing (05:39)
2. Water (05:05)
3. Home (05:44)
4. Black Hills (06:32)
Side C:
1. Pilgrim (03:17)
2. Shore Serenity (03:14)
3. Inside Out (06:37)
Side D:
1. Beyond The Mirror (08:26) * Bonus Track
2. Timeweaver’s Tale (06:21) * Bonus Track
Bonus CD: Same 13 tracks (74:53)
Available versions:
Black 2LP+CD
Transparent orange 2LP+CD (IOM Webshop): 100x copies
Golden 2LP+CD (CM Distro): 200x copies
White 2LP+CD (Band Shop): 100x copies
Pre-order link:
Pain of Salvation – “Scarsick” 2LP (67:47) / Tracklisting:
Side A:
1. Scarsick (07:08)
2. Spitfall (07:17)
Side B:
1. Cribcaged (05:56)
2. America (05:04)
3. Disco Queen (08:22)
Side C:
1. Kingdom Of Loss (06:41)
2. Mrs Modern Mother Mary (04:14)
3. Idiocracy (07:04)
Side D:
1. Flame To The Moth (05:58)
2. Enter Rain (10:03)
Bonus CD: Same 10 tracks (67:54)
Available versions:
Black 2LP+CD
Dark green 2LP+CD (IOM Webshop): 100x copies
Transparent magenta 2LP+CD (CM Distro): 200x copies
White 2LP+CD (Band Shop): 100x copies
Pre-order link:

All LP releases can be pre-ordered here:
And here is a list of next live-shows for Pain of Salvation, including a recently announced South American tour and the first festival appearances for next year:
Pain of Salvation – Live:
12.11.2017 Gothenburg (Sweden) – Sticky Fingers
13.11.2017 Oslo (Norway) – John Dee
15.11.2017 Helsinki (Finland) – Nosturi
16.11.2017 Tampere (Finland) – Klubi
01.02.2018 Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) – Teatro Rival
02.02.2018 Belo Horizonte (Brazil) – Granfinos
03.02.2018 Limeira (Brazil) – Montanha Bar
04.02.2018 Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Carioca Club
06.02.2018 Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Roxy Live
29.-30.06.2018 Barcelona (Spain) – Be Prog! My Friend Festival
08.09.2018 Balve / Balver Höhle (Germany) – German Kultrock Festival
More dates to be announced soon…
Previously this year and after the first string of touring for the “In The Passing Light Of Day” album, Pain of Salvation announced the return of former guitarist Johan Hallgren to the group’s ranks, which can be seen depicted above in a new photo by Lars Ardarve from left to right as follows:

Pain of Salvation line-up 2017:
Johan Hallgren – guitars, backing vocals
Daniel Gildenlöw – vocals, guitars
Daniel D2 Karlsson – keyboards, backing vocals
Léo Margarit – drums, backing vocals
Gustaf Hielm – bass, backing vocals

“In The Passing Light Of Day” is still available in various versions from IOM here:

The album’s first two singles / videos can be checked out here:

The album entered the official sales charts of various countries upon release as follows: Germany: # 28, France: # 70, The Netherlands: # 86, Italy: # 56, Switzerland: # 28, Belgium (Flemish charts): # 82, Belgium (Wallonian charts): # 79, Sweden (Physical album charts): # 42, Sweden (Hardrock album charts): # 20, USA (Billboard Heatseekers Chart): # 9.

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This week on Prog-Watch I have a themed special called “Shine A Little Light”…all the songs have the word “Light” in the title. Can you guess what I will be playing? Here are the artists: Transatlantic, Glass Hammer, Ian Anderson, David Gilmour, Conspiracy, Iona, Rocket Scientists, Rush, Willowglass, Black Bonzo, Subsignal, Yes, IO Earth and Genesis. A nice and diverse list, right?

443: Shine A Little Light

This news story was originally published here:

The Marble Factory, Bristol
Thursday, 28th September 2017

Fresh from their award for ‘Album of the Year’ by PROG Magazine for The Optimist, Anathema embarked on the U.K. leg of an extensive tour which has already seen them play in Russia, Mainland Europe, Mexico and North and South America. This date sees them play at The Marble Factory, which is packed and a considerable step up from their last Bristol date at the quirky but rather small Thekla boat venue. They have well and truly transformed themselves from a young doom metal band into artists capable of emotionally and spiritually laden, sensitive yet powerful rock music, which is clearly ‘crossing over’ to appeal to a much larger audience. I last saw them on their short no frills tour at the end of 2016 where they were effectively ‘running in’ some new songs being written for The Optimist. They were impressive then, but on this full blown tour they show their true value as a class live act with an impressive repertoire of material, captivating imagery and excellent performances.

Anathema - photo by Mike Evans

The Optimist features significantly early in the set with San Francisco setting the cinematic scene to this themed album. However, they also warm up the enthusiastic audience with their classic Untouchable, Pts 1 & 2 which perfectly showcase the blended vocals of Vince Cavanagh and Lee Douglas on this very moving song, which means a lot to me as I associate it with a personal loss. The crowd join in like a choir for the refrain “Had to let you go”, and there is heartbreak in the air as Lee beautifully closes the song over the backdrop of stars and a setting sun – melancholy can be so breathtaking when expressed so beautifully.

Can’t Let Go follows from the more groove based new album and features Danny Cavanagh on vocals and more eye catching visuals. After the majesty of Untouchable this is probably the only mis-step in the whole show as Danny’s vocals are not as strong as his brother, and the song curiously and unsatisfyingly ends with a curious fade. However, such slight disappointment is fleeting as they segue into new song Endless Waves with Vince on keys and more crystalline vocals from Lee Douglas. The song develops into very U2-like chiming guitars and builds with great power – definitely one of the stronger songs from the new album, and one which very much benefits from a fine atmospheric live performance at Bristol. The title track from their new album follows with dialogue about a storm coming which fulminates with Danny filling the space with soaring guitars before receding plaintively – spectacular, emotional and finely played stuff.

Anathema - Lee Douglas - photo by Mike Evans

Anathema then play a triptych of three of their greatest songs as they launch into songs from their two most celebrated albums, We’re Here Because We’re Here (2010) and Weather Systems (2012). The anthemic Thin Air highlights the stellar vocal talents of Vince and the crowd are loving it, followed by Lightning Song with its glorious combination of acoustic melody exploding into the electric lightning strike of guitars and the volcanic John Douglas on drums before the soothing gentle come down. Danny Cavanagh introduces Dreaming Light as “probably our best song” and it’s hard to disagree as this delicate and diaphanous song gently flows around the venue to touch the souls of a hushed and attentive audience – they know when they are being treated to a special performance. The dream-like setlist continues with another classic Weather Systems song, The Beginning and the End, featuring keyboardist Danny Cardoso on drums which takes the show to an even more stratospheric level. Cardoso also designed some of the fascinating back drop visuals, such are his multiple talents. Universal calms the atmosphere before we go into their familiar finale with the pulsating and vocoder-laden Closer from Natural Disaster with Vince on keyboards. The crowd are in raptures as this throbbing epic hypnotises the whole venue.

Anathema - Danny - photo by Mike Evans

The band return to a tumultuous reception and plunge in to their percussive rhythm infused Distant Satellites with Vince’s yearning vocals echoing around the room before he pounds away on table drums. The encore takes an unexpected but very pleasing turn when they turn to some songs from nearly 20 years ago on their album Alternative 4. To the delight of the crowd Danny playfully plays the opening verse of Bowie’s Space Oddity before “Ground Control to Major Tom…” segues into Lost Control and then Destiny as the band continue to excel themselves as a finely tuned and very tight live outfit. Danny Cavanagh then commences an inspired extended opening of Pink Floyd’s Shine on You Crazy Diamond before the band really take flight in to a climactic Fragile Dreams to great acclaim from the crowd. After such an ecstatic ending Anathema then send the crowd home with a final soothing acoustic cover, by Danny on piano and Lee on vocals, of Glory Box by local band Portishead, which may well be a tribute to a fine Bristol crowd. It’s a fitting end to a tremendous gig by a great band… catch them live if you can.

[With many thanks to Mike Evans for his photos, used with permission, and Simon Glacken of I Like Press for his assistance.]

(NB – Setlist shared directly from Sound Desk – some of the new songs may be listed under ‘working titles’ and may appear under different titles in due course).
San Francisco
Untouchable (Pt. 1)
Untouchable (Pt. 2)
Can’t Let Go
Endless Ways
The Optmist
Thin Air
Lightning Song
Dreaming Light
The Beginning and the End
~ Encore:
Distant Satellites
Lost Control (incl. opening of Space Oddity by David Bowie)
Fragile Dreams (incl. extended intro of Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd)
Glory Box (Portishead Cover)

Daniel Cavanagh – Lead Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Vincent Cavanagh – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drum
Lee Douglas – Lead & Backing Vocals
John Douglas – Drums & Percussion
Daniel Cardoso – Keyboards, Drums & Percussion
Jamie Cavanagh – Bass Guitar

Anathema – Website | Facebook