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Well, folks, it appears that I forgot to post about my latest episode of 101 Dimensions. (One of the hazards of doing it once a month…you complete it weeks ahead, schedule it, and then forget about it!) Anyway, if you listened and were wondering what the hell you were listening to, the playlist is below! If you didn’t listen, but would like to listen to a program that might make you wonder what the hell you are listening to, you can find the show archived on my website by following the link HERE

The playlist:

1. Rick Wakeman – Renzi – Chopsticks – Fantasia (from the album Listzomania, 1975)

2. Vangelis – Blush Response (from the album Bladerunner (OST), 1982)

3. Keith Emerson – The Church (Main Theme) (from the album La Chiesa (OST), 1989)

4. Tangerine Dream – The Dream Is Always The Same (from the album Risky Business (OST), 1983)

5. Tony Banks – Quicksilver Suite (from the album Sountracks, 1986)

6. Oliver Wakeman and Clive Nolan – Overture (from the album The Hound Of The Baskervilles, 2002)

7. Goblin – Suspiria (from the album The Fantastic Voyage Of Goblin, 2007)

8. Peter Gabriel – Go Away Mr. Evans (from the album Long Walk Home – Music From The Rabbit-Proof Fence, 2002)

9. Giorgio Moroder – Machines (from the album Metropolis (OST), 1984)

10. Jon & Vangelis – The Friends Of Mr. Cairo (from the album The Friends Of Mr. Cairo, 1981)

11. The Who – Love Reign O’er Me (from the album Quadrophenia, 1973)

12. Keith Emerson – The Chase (from the album Nighthawks (OST), 1981

13. American Symphony – London Metropolitan Orchestra (from the album Mr. Holland’s Opus (OST), 1995)

14. Peter Gabriel – The Heat (from the album Birdy (OST), 1985)

15. Rick Wakeman – Eastern Shadows (from the album Crimes Of Passion (OST), 1984)

16. Mike Oldfield – Etude (from the album Killing Fields(OST), 1984)

17. Isao Tomita – Mongolian Fantasy – Land Of Great Kahn (from the album Storm From The East (OST), 1992)

18. Vangelis – Chariots Of Fire (from the album Chariots Of Fire (OST), 1981)

Until next month (when I will hopefully remember to post before the show)…





The Progressive Tracks Show #185 (Independent Artists), originally broadcast on Friday November 18, 2016, is now available to download or listen to any time you desire.


  • Evership “Silver Light” composed by Shane A Atkinson from Evership on Atkinsong Productions
  • The Id “Contagion” from The Masque on The ID 
  • Fabio La Manna “Elohim Song” from EBE on Independent Artist
  • Union Sea “667” from The Two Moons on Union Sea
  • Alex Monk “Stay On Fire” from Green Lights – EP on Alex Monk
  • Krobak “So Quietly Falls The Night” from Nightbound on Independent
  • The Id “You’ve Turned My World Upside Down” from The Masque on The ID
  • Fabio La Manna “In Love and Silence” from EBE on Independent Artist


Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack



Edition 31 of THE PROG MILL (originally broadcast on Progzilla Radio on Sunday 20th November 2016) is now available to listen to any time or download.


This week we have two hours of superb proggy sounds from Alex Carpani, KariBow, Fatal Fusion, Aperco, WALFAD, Gavin O’Loghlen, Forest Field, Hazarah, Vektrill, Gaillion, Kansas, Mr So & So and Abel Ganz.


Your proggy music suggestions for the show are always welcome.  email or PM via twitter @shaunontheair or


THE PROG MILL – Sundays 10pm to midnight UK time (2200 GMT) on Progzilla Radio.


Indonesian guitar icon Dewa Budjana will perform all tunes from his newest (double) studio album ‘Zentuary’ with his Indonesian band (Saat Syah, Shadu Rasjidi, Demas Narawangsa, Jalu G Pratidina, Marthin Siahaan; and many special guests: Sruti Respati, Cabrini Asteriska, Irsa Destiwi, Rega Dauna, Singgih Sanjaya String Orchestra, Anon Suneko Omah Gamelan). ‘Zentuary” was released last October worldwide on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label on CD and conventional digital distribution (Indonesian release only on Jakarta based label deMajors, on CD only), and in 180 grams 3LP and HD (24bit/96khz) format on Audio Anatyomy/MoonJune Music. (Dewa Budjana/Museum Gitarku and MoonJune Music/MoonJune Asia production. Executive production by Bagus Wijaya Santosa.)

This event will be held on November 25 at Tebing Breksi open air venue, in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, and it will be streamed live. The webcast starts at 7:30pm Central Indonesian Time (GMT+7; check Your local time) and You can watch it live on or
If unable to watch this event live, please check the above links for info where and how You can watch the re-play.

This event is sponsored by Lemmon Productions, Interindo, SukaTerbeng, Suara Bersaudara; and supported as well by additional local sponsors deMajors, MildSpot, Forman, Indosat, iRadio, Galeria, Idea

The ‘Zentuary’ album was recorded in January 2015 in West Hurley (Woodstock), NY and features Gary Husband (drums, piano, keyboards), Tony Levin (upright bass, stick), Jack DeJohnette (drums, piano) and special guests Guthrie Govan, Danny Markovitch, Tim Garland, ‘Ubiet’ Ina Raseuki, Saat Syah, Risa Saraswati, Czech Symphony Orchestra.

Available on the following links:…/zentuary-hd-24bit-96khz
(And Yours truly, Leonardo MoonJune Pavkovic, will be there as well.)