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This week on Prog-Watch I have Part One of a two-part collaboration with The Progressive Aspect on some of the best albums of 2020! We’ll hear music from Blue Oyster Cult, Wobbler, Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, Elder, Three Colours Dark, Kansas, Pull Down The Sun, and Haken; and brief reviews by Mel Allen, Anthony Colvill, Shawn Dudley, Rob Fisher, Andrew Halley and Nick Hudson! (Part Two to follow one week hence.)

801: Prog-Watch & TPA Present Some of the Best of 2020, Pt. 1



Be on the lookout for a plethora of fabulous progressive rock music on this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear from Days Between Stations, Kansas, Druid, Wobbler, Mesmerising, Vinyl Dial, Kepler Ten, Kaleidoreal, and Harmonium! As Yoda would say, “Miss it not!”

746: Variety


This week on Prog-Watch it’s another variety program full of ALL NEW material! I’ve got fantastic stuff from The Flower Kings, Pymlico, Wobbler, Taskaha, Isobar, Jakko M. Jakszyk, Sanguine Hum, Tony Lowe’s ESP Project, Cirkus, Watertank, and Steve Hackett! I hope you will join me!

744: ALL NEW Variety


This week’s Prog-Watch is another fabulous variety program with mostly new(er) music! We’ll hear from Wobbler, David Cross and David Jackson, Ben Craven, Spock’s Beard, Stratospheerius and The Bedlam Furnaces! Plus, Dr. Rob Fisher provides an insightful Progressive Discoveries segment on the new album ‘La Muerta’ from Subsignal!

529: Variety + Subsignal on Progressive Discoveries





Progressive Tracks Show #249 (Bands I Think You Should Hear), originally broadcast on Friday, February 16, 2018, is now available to download or listen to anytime you desire.

Music discovery is a wondrous thing. Sometimes it takes form as brand new music and brand new bands… sometimes it’s rediscovering music you’ve previously ‘written off’.

Join me this week to experience some music I think you should (re)discover.

That is all…



  • Dai Kaht – “Helvet Sttröi” from Dai Kaht on Dai Kaht
  • The Ilk – “Powerplant” from The New Dark Age on Independent
  • Morpheus – “Brandung” from Rabenteuer on Bacillus
  • Melting Euphoria – “Amplified Ohm” from Inside The Gardens Of The Mind on Cleopatra Records
  • All Them Witches – “Bulls” from Sleeping Through the War on New West Records
  • Wobbler – “Fermented Hours” from From Silence to Somewhere on Karisma
  • Chicago – “Italian from New York” from Chicago VII on Rhino
  • Chicago – “Hanky Panky” from Chicago VII on Rhino
  • Dai Kaht – “Karaouh” from Dai Kaht on Dai Kaht
  • Dai Kaht – “Waku” from Dai Kaht on Dai Kaht
  • The Ilk – “On Ilkley Moor & The New Dark Age” from The New Dark Age on Independent
  • All Them Witches – “Alabaster” from Sleeping Through the War on New West Records
  • Dai Kaht – “Kadett Mozam” from Dai Kaht on Dai Kaht

If you have comments (always welcome), or suggestions for show topics/music, feel free to contact me anytime via email:  ProgTracks@KPTZ.org

But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

The podcast of this week’s Prog-Watch is available at Progwatch.com

On this week’s show we have a very special edition of Progressive Discoveries, hosted by Dr. Rob Fisher himself! Rob will be talking about the new Lunatic Soul album “Fractured” and how it relates to us all as we struggle to get over losses in our lives. Personal, yet universal! Before and after this special feature, I’ve got a variety of great new stuff from Wobbler, Looking-Glass Lantern, Karfagen, ZEH, Gleb Kolyadin, and the Von Hertzen Brothers!

505: Variety + Lunatic Soul on Progressive Discoveries