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I’ve learned a lot over the past 6 years of presenting The Progressive Tracks Show:

I’ve learned that music matters more than what the presenting DJ says… I’ve learned that up-and-coming musicians need DJ and listener support to continue creating new music… and I’ve also learned that some music is a refuge… especially in difficult times.

Tonight’s music is a refuge for those who need it… but there may be more to it, if you dig a bit deeper.


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This week on Prog-Watch I have a themed special called “Shine A Little Light”…all the songs have the word “Light” in the title. Can you guess what I will be playing? Here are the artists: Transatlantic, Glass Hammer, Ian Anderson, David Gilmour, Conspiracy, Iona, Rocket Scientists, Rush, Willowglass, Black Bonzo, Subsignal, Yes, IO Earth and Genesis. A nice and diverse list, right?

443: Shine A Little Light

If you missed this week’s show, you can still listen HERE

With Spock’s Beard he helped re-invigorate the American Prog scene in the ’90s, and then continued on as a solo artist and eventually with a band bearing his own name. Along the way, he was also a member of not just one, but two Prog Rock super-groups, Transatlantic and Flying Colors. He is, of course, Prog Icon Neal Morse, and this week he is my special guest on Prog-Watch!

PW 409

If you missed this week’s Prog-Watch, you can still listen HERE

This week, it’s Part 2 of our Roine Stolt coverage! You’ll hear the rest of my interview with the man himself, plus great music from Agents Of Mercy, Kaipa, Transatlantic, and Anderson/Stolt! Our friend Dr. Rob Fisher will also weigh in on a classic from The Flower Kings!

PW 405

If you missed this week’s Prog-Watch you can still listen HERE

The focus of this week’s program is a man who is perhaps one of the most prolific artists in the history of Progressive Rock, Roine Stolt! From his beginnings in Kaipa, through The Flower Kings, Tangent, Agents Of Mercy, Transatlantic, and his recent collaboration with Jon Anderson of Yes, this man has made a lot of great music in a career spanning more than 40 years! I was lucky enough to speak with Roine via Skype, and I’d like to share that conversation with all of my friends out there in Progland! So tune into this week’s Prog-Watch to hear some of that conversation and a lot of great Roine Stolt music from some of his various projects! Our friend Rob Fisher will also join in the festivities, with an edition of Progressive Discoveries that takes a look at Roine’s recent reunion with some of his original Kaipa bandmates in a project called Kaipa Da Capo!