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This week’s Prog-Watch is all about humankind’s favored pets…cats and dogs! Tune in to hear lots of great progressive sounds from The Rocket Scientists, The Flower Kings, Rush, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Mike Rutherford, Gentle Giant, The Alan Parsons Project, Stick Men, and more!

803: Cats and Dogs


THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #396 (Last New Music of 2020)

I’ll take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the artists who have not only persevered through this pandemic, but seemed to thrive on the alternating chaos and isolation.

We’re all better for your creative efforts.
This week we explore more of this year’s creations.
  • Arch Echo – “Strut” from Story I – EP on Arch Echo (2020)
  • PAMPS! Les Pamplemousses Ethyliques – “Caracas” from Ozymandias on PAMPS! Les Pamplemousses Ethyliques (2020)
  • Meriadec Gouriou Trio – “Robertoy” from Meriadec Gouriou on Meriadec Gouriou (2020)
  • ORGANIC NOISES – “Hoondz” from reCreation on ORGANIC NOISES (2020)
  • Jonatan Piña Duluc – “Secuencia III, Confirmación” from Sountrack Vol. I, Secuencia  on Jonatan Piña Duluc  (2020)
  • Fractal Sun – “Visions II: Holographic Depiction” from Turmoil on 2076460 Records DK2 (2020)
  • Stick Men with Gary Husband – “CUSP” from Owari on MoonJune Records (2020)
  • Acadence – “Presence” from New Worlds on Acadence (2020)
  • Jumble Hole Clough – “Insomniac” from I can name the un-named boy on Jumble Hole Clough (2020)
  • Layma Azur – “Arlee” from Adéu on (2020)
  • Guy Buttery & Kanada Narahari – “Sonokota” from Nāḍī on Guy Buttery (2020)
  • The Grand Astoria – “Njanatiloka” from From the Great Beyond – EP on [addicted label] (2020)

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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #312       (SeaProg 2019 Festival Preview #3)

The Seattle Festival of Avant and Progressive Rock (SeaProg) will hold its sixth event June 7th – 9th at the Columbia City Theater, with an amazing bill of unique artists.

The Progressive Tracks Show is proud to once again be the voice of SeaProg on the airwaves, and will host a half-dozen shows featuring SeaProg artists!

This THIRD week will feature two Prog heavyweights who have “the touch”.  

Warning: Hearing these SeaProg shows will entice you to spend your money getting to Seattle in order to attend this amazing event. Listen intently, but responsibly! 😉

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  • Tuner – “So High” from Pole on Unsung Records (2007)
  • Security Project – “Fly On A Windshield” from Slowburn on 7d Media (2019)
  • Markus Reuter String Quartet – “Boon” from Heartland on Solaire Records (2019)
  • King Crimson – “FraKctured” from The ConstruKction of Light on DGM (2000)
  • Stick Men – “Blacklight (First Show)” from Midori on Stick Men Records (2015)
  • Trey Gunn – “Thick and Thorny (feat. Quodia)” from I’ll Tell What I Saw on 7d Media (2010)
  • Security Project – “Slowburn” from Slowburn on 7d Media (2019)
  • Tuner – “11-11” from Pole on Unsung Records (2007)
  • The Trey Gunn Band – “The Joy of Molybedenum” from  The Joy of Molybedenum on 7d Media (2000)
  • Xavi Reija feat. Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Dusan Jevtovic – “From Darkness” from The Sound of the Earth on MoonJune Records (2019)
  • Deep Energy Orchestra – “The Return” from Playing with Fire on 7d Media (2019)
  • centrozoon – “The Cult of Bibbiboo” from Fool of Music on MoonJune Records (2016)

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Variety is on tap for this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear new music from Katre, The Franky Valentyn Project, Steven Wilson, Galahad, Marillion, and Kim Seviour, along with great stuff from Trey Gunn, Jeff Berlin, and the Stick Men! I’ll also send out a couple of listener dedications by Gravy Train and Genesis, and Dr. Rob Fisher will be taking us on another voyage of Progressive Discovery, with the Spanish project Kant Freud Kafka!

The Progressive Tracks Show #218 (All The Fun Of The Cirkus), originally broadcast on Friday July 7, 2017, is now available to download or listen to any time you desire.

Today’s world is truly a cirkus… and so we’re going to play some interestingly appropriate music.  And the picture above might just give you some idea of just how interesting it will be!


  • King Crimson – “Cirkus” from Cirkus (Seattle Family and Friends Night) – Single on DGM
  • Free Salamander Exhibit  – “Atheists’ Potluck” from Undestroyed on Web Of Mimicry
  • Dead Rider -“Mothers Meat” from The Raw Dents on Tizona
  • Electric Cake Salad – “Dimenticato” from Subdiffusion on Flicknife Records
  • Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – “Dragon Song” composed by John McLaughlin from Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express on Fuel
  • Flame Tree – “Wild Flower (feat. Nik Turner)” from Flame Tree Featuring Nik Turner on Purple Pyramid Records
  • Bent Knee – “The Well” from Land Animal on InsideOutMusic
  • King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Doom City” from Flying Microtonal Banana on Remote Control / Flightless
  • King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Nuclear Fusion” from Flying Microtonal Banana on Remote Control / Flightless
  • Shooting Guns – “Motherfuckers Never Learn” form Brotherhood of the Ram on Doodlebug Media
  • Flame Tree – “Organic Truth” from Flame Tree Featuring Nik Turner on Purple Pyramid Records
  • Free Salamander Exhibit  – “Time Master” from Undestroyed on Web Of Mimicry
  • Stick Men  – “The Tempest” from KOLLEKTED on Moonjune Records

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

If you missed this week’s Prog-Watch you can still listen HERE

This week’s program is another great variety show, with a mixed bag of wonderful stuff for your delectation! Hear music from Renaissance, Witchwood, Life in 24 Frames, Stick Men, Iona, Elephants of Scotland, D’AccorD, Elaine Samuels and Kindred Spirit Band, and Le Orme! Plus another great edition of Progressive Discoveries, with our friend Dr. Rob Fisher dishing on the great new album by Kepler Ten!