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This week on Prog-Watch it’s another variety program full of mostly new material and some of it will be a little heavier or harder-edged than what you usually hear on the program. I’ve got music from Ajna, Pure Reason Revolution, Amy Birks, Starset, Haken, Band Of Rain, Roz Vitalis, Delain, The Bardic Depths, Subsignal, and Magenta! So are you ready to rock…progressively, of course?

718: Variety


This week’s Prog-Watch is a variety program with a Guest DJ Feature! I’ll be spinning music from Godsticks, Pure Reason Revolution, Moon Halo, Fluance, Sky Architect, and the Neal Morse Band, and mixing in selections from our Guest DJ (Mr. Larry Wilson of Oahu, Hawaii, USA)! Larry has selected some great stuff from The Pretty Things, Stackridge, Roxy Music, Steve Harley, and Public Image Ltd.!

714: Variety with a Guest DJ Feature


The Progressive Tracks Show #352 (All Sub-Genres Welcome Here)

Progressive Rock is broad and immersive. This show is no different.

Tune in… relax… enjoy!


  • The Legendary Flower Punk – “Wabi Wu” from Wabi Wu on Independent (2020)
  • Moron Police – “Captain Awkward” from A Boat On The Sea on Mighty Jam Music Group (2019)
  • Angel Ontalva & Vespero – “Uwasa No Onna” from Sada on OctoberXart (2020)
  • Psychotic Waltz – “Devils and Angels” from The God-Shaped Void on InsideOutMusic (2020)
  • Pure Reason Revolution – “Silent Genesis” from Eupnea on InsideOutMusic (2020)
  • Sunwatchers – “Sunwatchers vs. Toot Decay” from Oh Yeah?  on Independent (2020)
  • Metronhomme – “Acrobazie” from 4 on Independent (2019)
  • Spaceslug – “Beneath The Haze” from Reign of the Orion on BSFD Records (2019)
  • Upsilon Acrux – “Random Denouncement” from The Last Pirates Of Upsilon on Cuneiform Records (1999)
  • Angel Ontalva & Vespero – “Futari Kiri” from Sada on OctoberXart (2020)
  • Mirkwood Spiders – “Psychonaut” from Heroes In Chaos on Independent (2019)

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