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This week we’ll celebrate the fact that Mike has made it to the 7-year mark without getting sacked!

LOTS of great music… and MINIMAL meaningless chatter.  Oh, and there’s actually a theme… perhaps.


  • Half Past Four – “Missing Sevenths” from A Rabbit in the Vestibule on Independent (2008)
  • Mother Turtle – “707 (A November Less)” from Mother Turtle on Independent (2013)
  • Trettioåriga Kriget – “Night Flight – 77” from Elden Av Ar on Mellotronen (2004)
  • Phideaux – “Love Theme From Number Seven” from Number Seven on Bloodfish Music (2009)
  • Phideaux – “Storia Senti” from Number Seven on Bloodfish Music (2009)
  • Genesis – “Seven Stones” from Nursery Cryme on Charisma (1971)
  • When Mary – “7summers7winters” from 7summers7winters on WhenMary Music (2013)
  • Chris Squire – “Lucky Seven” from Fish Out Of Water on Atlantic (1975)
  • Plastic Overlords – “12 Steps to Seventh Heaven” from Sonic Astronomy on Fool’s Errand Records (2012)
  • Chafouin– “7+7-7” from Bon débarras on Epice Records (2018)
  • Cobalt Blue – “Dweller of the Sevenfold” from Stop Momentum on Infrasound Records (2017)
  • jhimm – “Seven Ages” from The Golden Age of Nothing (Side 1) on Independent (2017)
  • Wolfspring – “24/7” from Wolfspring on Quadrifonic Records (2010)
  • MAGMA – “The Last Seven Minutes” from Attahk on Seventh Records (1978)

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Progressive Tracks Special (“The Progzilla Birthday Massacre”), originally broadcast on Sunday, March 4, 2018, is now available to download or listen to anytime you desire.


This special one-hour show was created as part of the Progzilla Radio 3rd Birthday Bash.  I purposely used tracks that I’ve played on the show at some time or another, to give listeners a feel for what I play on a weekly basis.  But I mixed in some interesting, non-Prog, birthday-related tracks as well.  And wouldn’t you know… as it often does, a story line germinated (at least in MY head)!  So as you listen, feel free to create your own story from the music and lyrics.  I’ll not tell you mine, as you’d probably have me institutionalized.



  • The Birthday Massacre  – “Happy Birthday” from Nothing and Nowhere on Metropolis Records
  • October Equus  – “Lupus In Fabula” from October Equus on Ma.Ra.Cash Records
  • The Sugar Cubes  – “Birthday” from Life’s Too Good on Elektra
  • Uriah Heep  – “The Magician’s Birthday from The Magician’s Birthday on Sanctuary Records
  • Gravitysays_i  – “More Than A Matter Of Instinct” from Quantum Unknown on Inner Ear Records
  • Chickn – “Omens” from Chickn on Inner Ear Records
  • Ween – “Birthday Boy” from God Ween Satan – The Oneness on TwinTone Records
  • David Wallimann – “Fall” from Evolving Seeds of Glory on Independent
  • Plastic Overlords – ‘Twelve Steps to Seventh Heaven” from Sonic Astronomy on Independent
  • Weird Al Yankovic  – “Happy Birthday” from Weird Al Yankovic on Volcano Entertainment, III LLC

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack