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This week on Prog-Watch it’s Part Two of my two-part collaboration with The Progressive Aspect on some of the best albums of 2020! We’ll hear music from Magenta, Pendragon, Mark Vickness, Chris Opperman, Motorpsycho, Abel Ganz, and Fish; and brief reviews by Magnus Moar, Bob Mulvey, Jez Rowden, Graham Thomas, Roger Trenwith, and Leo Trimming!

802: Prog-Watch & TPA Present Some of the Best of 2020, Pt. 2


This week’s Prog-Watch is a bit of a multi-national affair, with great music from seven different countries! We’ll hear from Fren, Psychoyogi, Pattern-Seeking Animals, Slap Guru, Fughu, Fireballet, Caravaggio, The Dani Lopez Quartet, Magenta, Vesper Vals, and The Enid! I hope you will join me!

720: Variety


This week on Prog-Watch it’s another variety program full of mostly new material and some of it will be a little heavier or harder-edged than what you usually hear on the program. I’ve got music from Ajna, Pure Reason Revolution, Amy Birks, Starset, Haken, Band Of Rain, Roz Vitalis, Delain, The Bardic Depths, Subsignal, and Magenta! So are you ready to rock…progressively, of course?

718: Variety


This week I have another great variety program with music spanning five decades! We’ll hear from Queensryche, the Colin Tench Project, Magenta, Steve Winwood, Lifesigns, Fish, the Strawbs, Arena, and Steven Wilson! Plus, there will be another edition of Progressive Discoveries with Dr. Rob Fisher, looking at the great new album by White Moth Black Butterfly!

442: Variety

If you missed this week’s Prog-Watch, you can still listen at! Follow this link: Prog-Watch 428

On this week’s program I wrap up my coverage of the phenomenally talented UK artist, Rob Reed! We’ll hear the remainder of my conversation with Rob, interspersed with a lot more great music from Magenta, an early 2000s project called Chimpan-A, and some of his fabulous Sanctuary project!

The Progressive Tracks Show #209 (SeaProg Preview #2), originally broadcast on Friday May 5, 2017, is now available to download or listen to any time you desire.

This is the second in a series featuring bands that will grace the stage of the Columbia City Theater in Seattle June 2-4, 2017 for SeaProg – The Seattle Festival of Progressive and Avant Rock.  Not familiar?  All the more reason to check out the festival, and the bands!

THE SAME PROGTRACKS GUARANTEE:  If you’ve heard all the bands on this or any other SeaProg preview show, I’ll send you an exclusive Progressive Tracks “Prog Liar” Certificate!      ;o)


  • NP: Magenta – “Trojan (Single Edit)” from Trojan E.P. on Magenta 
  • NP: Zero Times Everything – “Kapital” from Sonic Cinema on 7d Media
  • NP: Moon Letters – “Kingfisher and the Red Knight” from Single on Moon Letters
  • NP: Chemical Clock – “Roy” from Bad Habitat on Chemical Clock
  • NP: The Damnation Project – “Dorian Grey (Without A Portrait)” from Dorian Grey on Independent
  • NP: Chemical Clock – “Spring Forward” from Bad Habitat on Chemical Clock
  • NP: Moon Letters – “Tarnalin” from Single on Moon Letters
  • NP: Zero Times Everything – “Schizoid” from Sonic Cinema on 7d Media
  • NP: Zero Times Everything – “(The Cathedral of All Saints)” from Sonic Cinema on 7d Media
  • NP: Godchilla – “Surfað Fyrir Satan” from Slurf on Independent
  • NP: The Damnation Project – “Reflections, Parts I and II from Reflections on Independent
  • NP: Cosmic Trigger – “Syndicate” from Tripwave 2 on Trail Records
  • NP: Barock Project – “Happy To See You” from Detachment on  ARTALIA/22R

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

If you missed this week’s Prog-Watch, you can still listen HERE

My special guest this week is none other than Rob Reed—the prolific UK composer and multi-instrumentalist who has brought you great Progressive Rock through his numerous bands (including Cyan, ChimpanA, Magenta, Kiama, and Kompendium) and his own Mike Oldfield-inspired Sanctuary projects! I spoke with Rob about numerous interesting topics, including the new Magenta album, the state of the music industry, and much more. Hear part of that conversation and lots of great music in which Rob has had a hand, including one from the new Magenta album!