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PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #322 (Apollo 11 – Prog You To The Moon And Back)

This week’s edition of The Progressive Tracks Show is a creation; an experience best enjoyed in solitude. The (mostly) instrumental songs and historical audio clips were carefully pieced together to evoke emotion; to portray the Apollo 11 mission through the emotional power of music.
I do hope you can take time to sit back and enjoy it!

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  • Red Kite – “13 Enemas For Good Luck” from Red Kite on RareNoise (2019)
  • King Crimson – “Separation (edit)” from The Elements of King Crimson Tourbox 2014 on DGM (2016)
  • Elder – “Illusory Motion” from The Gold & Silver Sessions on Blues Funeral Recordings (2019)
  • District 97 – “After Orbit Mission” from Screens on Cherry Red Records (2019)
  • Vespero – “Watching The Earth Rise” from Hollow Moon on Tonzonen Records (2018)
  • Fabio La Manna – “Luna2” from EBE on Via Nocturna (2016)
  • Spirit – “Space Child” from Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus on Ode/Epic/Legacy (1970)
  • Polska Radio One – “Launch #93” from Cosmos Inside on Trail Records (2014)
  • Camel – “Lunar Sea” from Moonmadness on UMC-Decca (1976)
  • Arcade Messiah – “Moon Signal” from II on Stereohead Records (2015)
  • Maat Lander – “Meteors Serenade” from Seasons of Space – Book #2 on Clostridium Records (2018)
  • Quarkspace  – “Space Folds Upon Itself” from All These Suns on Quarkspace (2018)
  • Blueneck – “Apogee” from Epilogue on Denovali Records (2012)
  • Astralingua – “Space Blues” from Space Blues – Single on Midnight Lamp Records (2019)
  • Eric Baule – “Touching The Earth” from Revelations Adrift on Independent (2015)
  • Aisles – “Hero” from 4:45 AM on Presagio Records (2013)

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(Music For The Dark Days)

As we transition from Autumn to Winter, the days grow shorter… but better for listening to great music.

Join me in listening to some classics… and soon-to-be-classics that will warm your cold heart. ;o)

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  • Twenty Sixty Six & Then – “Autumn” from Reflections on the Future on Glass Ark Music
  • Atomic Rooster – “Winter” from Atomic Rooster on Sanctuary
  • Magma – “Ork Alarm” from Köhntarkösz on Seventh Records
  • The Laze – “PolyGone” from Cryptic Plumage on Extreme Ultimate
  • Maat Lander – “Space Scum” from Seasons of Space • Book #2 on Clostridium Records
  • Space Streakings – “Do! Sports ”a little bit”” from First love on SKiN GRAFT
  • Yes – “Five Per Cent for Nothing” from Fragile (Deluxe Edition) on Rhino/Elektra
  • Amgala Temple – “Bosphorus” from Invisible Airships on Pekula Records
  • Maat Lander – “The Asteroid of Living Machinery” from Seasons of Space • Book #2 on Clostridium
  • Amgala Temple – “Moon Palace” from Invisible Airships on Pekula Records
  • The Laze – “Scaffolds” from Cryptic Plumage on Extreme Ultimate

If you have comments (always welcome), or suggestions for show topics/music, feel free to contact me anytime via email:

But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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