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(Still Exploring The Backlog)

2019 is proving to be a most prolific one for progressive rock artists… and that’s both a blessing… and a challenge. So much music… so little time.

So we’ll keep exploring the backlog of music this week… and it’s all impressive!

And remember, you can access podcasts of any previous Progressive Tracks Show at: (there are over 150 now!).


  • Psychoyogi – “Evening Call” from Accident Prone on 620980 Records DK (2018)
  • Emily Bezar – “The Longest Way” from Out of the Moment on Demivox (2019)
  • Bent Knee – “Catch Light” from Catch Light – Single on InsideOutMusic (2019)
  • Dury Dava – “Afriki” from Dury Dava on InnerEar Records (2019)
  • Vespero – “Incredible Buildings” from Liventure #19 (Remastered) on VMS (2019)
  • The Pneumatic Transit – “Residual Sentience” from Chordae Tendineae on The Pneumatic Transit (2019)
  • Khadavra – “Down The Rabbithole” from Hypnagogia on Spinnup (2019)
  • X Suns – “Cataclysm” from Cataclysm – Single on X Suns (2018)
  • Dury Dava – “Ataxia” from Dury Dava on InnerEar Records (2019)
  • Dialeto – “The Young Bride” from Bartok in Rock on MoonJune Records (2017)
  • Schnellertollermeier – “Massacre du Printemps” from X on Cuneiform (2015)
  • PoiL – “Sus la Peira” from Sus on PoiL (2019)

If you have comments or suggestions for show topics/ music (always welcome), feel free to contact me any time via email: