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US band Crack the Sky have a career that goes back more than 40 years, when their first self-titled album was chosen by Rolling Stone as the Debut Of The Year. Since then they have had their ups and downs, but in recent years the band has reunited many of the original and classic members and continue to make their own quirky and catchy brand of progressive rock music. I spoke to John Palumbo, founder and principal composer of the band, a few weeks ago on the eve of the release of their new album Living In Reverse. This week’s Prog-Watch will consist of some of that interview, interspersed with lots of classics from the band’s past and a few from the new album.

Whether or not you have heard of Crack The Sky I hope you will join me! John is a unique character, and to see where his vision leads the band’s music is always interesting!

535: In Conversation with John Palumbo of Crack The Sky