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On this week’s show I’ve got a boatload of great music from Deep Energy Orchestra, Voices From The Fuselage, The Tangent, RPWL, Simon Godfrey, Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta, Residuos Mentales, and Hedfuzy! Plus Pymlico on Progressive Discoveries with Dr. Rob Fisher!


606: Variety + Pymlico on Progressive Discoveries


(Considering The Future)

Things change in an instant…..
Life goes on as it usually does, until the unexpected occurs… and your life is forever changed.

Well, that’s us… but what about countries, and society as a whole? Change there is slower… or so it seems. But despite the perceived stagnation… change does happen.

This week we’ll listen to tunes about social change as a window to the future.

Yes, (good or bad) it’s another one of those ‘themed’ shows…   ;o)

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  • 4dB – “Vieux Robo” from Animal on Musea
  • GruGrü – “Pendulum” from 333 on Independent
  • Fervent Send – “Dirty Lightless Underground Cold Apocalypse Shelters” from Super Stereo on Independent
  • Phil Keaggy – “Carved In Stone” from The Bucket List on KLM Records
  • Alco Frisbass – “Soufre et Mercure” from Le Bateleur on Fading Records
  • The D Project – “Crude Reality” from Find Your Sun on Ozéta Productions
  • Red Bazar – “We Will Find You” from Things As They Appear on White Knight Records
  • Quantum Pig – “Keep The Nation Warm” from Songs of Industry and Sunshine on White Star Records
  • Alco Frisbass – “Hombre Terre” from Le Bateleur on Fading Records
  • GruGrü – “Ghetto T.G.V.” from 333 on Independent
  • 4dB – “Fleur de Singe (Parts 1 & 2)” from Animal on Musea
  • Red Bazar – “Future Song” from Things As They Appear on White Knight Records

If you have comments or suggestions for show topics/ music (always welcome), feel free to contact me any time via email:

But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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I was at the helm again for last week’s 101 Dimensions and I plotted an interesting journey for us! This was the itinerary:

1. Pete Townshend – Who Are You (from the album The Lifehouse Chronicles, 2000); Catsnatch; Body Language; and Baroque Ippanese (from the album Scooped, 1995)

2. Jean-Michel Jarre – Electric Flesh; and Skin Paradox (from the album Geometry Of Love, 2003)

3. The Orb (featuring David Gilmour) – Metallic Side (from the album Metallic Spheres, 2010)

4. The Fragile Fate (featuring Rupert Greenall, Jerry Marotta, and Eric Taylor) – Bell-Like; Configuration; Rolled Over; Large Rooms; and The Lost Toy Piano (from the album Lilliam Ocean, 2015

5. Glass Hammer – Twilight On Longview (from the album On To Evermore, 1998)

6. Kitaro – Mysterious Encounter; Sundance; The Field; and The Light Of The Spirit (from the album The Light Of The Spirit, 1987)

If you missed it last weekend, I hope you will join me for the podcast!

Until next time, Prog On!


101 Dimensions – August 2018-1




Jerry Marotta is one of the most prolific drummers in the history of modern music. He has played on literally hundreds of records and has worked with acts such as Orleans, Hall & Oates, The Indigo Girls, Stackridge, Marshall Crenshaw, The Dream Academy, Tears For Fears, Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, and many, many more. Of particular note to Progressive Rock music fans is his association with Peter Gabriel, Tony Levin, and Trey Gunn of King Crimson, who now works with Jerry in the Security Project. Jerry is my esteemed guest on this week’s Prog-Watch, and he talks at length about working with the Prog icons just mentioned, and what he is up to now. Along the way we will hear lots of great music from the progressive end of his resume.

524: In Conversation with Jerry Marotta