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This week’s Prog-Watch is a special on the legendary Irish guitarist Gary Moore! Gary’s longtime friend and guitar tech Graham Lilley is my guest and we chat about Gary, his versatility, his legacy, and a brand new collection of Gary’s later work by BMG music called “Blues and Beyond”. Along the way we will hear some great blues rock music from that new collection. But lest you think that I am changing the name of the program to “Blues-Watch”, there will be plenty of progressive rock on hand, including some of Gary’s work with Colosseum II and Greg Lake. We’ll also hear some of his heavier solo material and some of his work with Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott. (Couldn’t do a Gary Moore show without some of that, right?) So join me this week for a look at a versatile virtuoso, the late Gary Moore! A bit of a departure? Yes. But there will still be plenty of great music, and much of it quite progressive. Remember: One does not live by Prog alone!

448: A Gary Moore Special

PW 402 - A Tribute To Greg Lake

If you missed this week’s Prog-Watch, you can still listen HERE

This week’s show was a tribute to Greg Lake. Greg was kind of a personal hero to me; and as a guy with a Prog Rock show, I couldn’t let his passing go without doing a tribute show. I’ve put together a nice career retrospective here, with some things you might not expect to hear and a few you may never have heard. So join me this week as I take a look back at a little of the impressive body of work left by Greg Lake. Requiescat in pace, Greg.