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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #387 (It’s Getting Weird Out There!)

Despite the weirdness, progressive rock artists keep doing what they do best… creating great music.

Do their creations reflect the weird times? How could they NOT?

  • Dustman Dilemma – “Third Sigh” from Third Sigh on Létourneur (2020)
  • Dustman Dilemma – “The Bunk” from Third Sigh on Létourneur (2020)
  • This Is Not A Band – “This Is Not A Song” from This Is Not A Song – Single on Independent (2020)
  • Cheer-Accident – “InnTrialTaint” from Fringements 01 on SKiN GRAFT Records (2020)
  • Prairie WWWW – “Floral Cluster” from Floral Cluster EP on Lonely God (2017)
  • Rainbow Face – “Waves” from Stars’ Blood on Independent (2020)
  • U SCO – “Palace Vice” from Treffpunkt on New Atlantic Records (2014)
  • TERMS – “Hoarder of Operations” from asbestos MOUTH on SKiN GRAFT Records (2020)
  • Dis Engage – “Lehaim to N.E.P.” may from …the reverse be true on [addicted label] (2019)
  • GorMusik – “AfterMath” from AfterMath – Single on Independent (2020)
  • Gordian Knot – “Code, AntiCode” from Gordian Knot on Sensory (1998)

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