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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #398 (2021… A New Beginning?)

2020 is history!  We start a new year on the show this week.

Let’s start ‘fresh… But can we?

  • Bill Laswell – “Nothing” from City of Light on Sub rosa (1997)
  • Devo – “Beautiful World” from New Traditionalists on Warner (1981)
  • Gerard Smith – “Waves of Confusion” from Lullabies in an Ancient Tongue on Beagletone (2021)
  • Custard Flux – “Quarantyne” from Oxygen on Independent (2020)
  • Midday Veil – “Asymptote” from Eyes All Around on Independent (2010)
  • Julie Slick – “Orange Soil (featuring Eric Slick and Marco Machera)” from Orange Soil on Independent (2020)
  • Quimper – “A Simple Sickness” from Dejado on Wormhole World (2020)
  • The Living Earth Show – “The North Pacific Garbage Patch” on The North Pacific Garbage Patch – Single on Independent (2020)
  • Jhimm – “Absent (Part 2)” from Absent on Independent (2020)
  • BaK – “Damage Done” from Damage Done – Single on Independent (2020)
  • Helmet of Gnats – “Junkfish” from Travelogue on Ambient Records (2020)
  • Mahogany Frog – “CUbe” from In The Electric Universe on (2021)
  • Einvigi – “Soturin Uni” from Sielulintu-Soturin on Inverse Records (2020)
  • The Tea Club – “Came at a Loss” from If/When on Independent (2019)

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(St. Progtrick’s Day)

In almost 6 years of creating Progressive Tracks, I’ve never done a St. Patrick’s Day show (mainly because I didn’t feel qualified).  Listen in this week to hear why…. Ha!

Don’t worry… as always, the music will be great.

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  • Geoffrey Castle – “Streets of Inwood” from The Deep Well Sessions, Vol. 1 on Twisted Fiddle Music (2012)
  • Dan Fogelberg – “Tullamore Dew” from Phoenix on Full Moon (1979)
  • Bill Grogan’s Goat – “Knockdhu Set” from Third Eye on Detroit Caprine Records (2017)
  • Horslips – “The Snakes’ Farewell to the Emerald Isle” from The Unfortunate Cup of  Tea on Horslips Records (1975)
  • Leah – “Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep” from Otherworld EP on Ex Cathedra Records (2013)
  • Irish Coffee – “Hear Me” from Irish Coffee on Akarma (1971)
  • Kingbathmat – “The Well of Sorrow” from Gravity Shield on Kingbathmat (2014)
  • Bill Grogan’s Goat – “Van Diemen’s Land” from Bill Grogan’s Goat on Beagletone (2007)
  • Yurt – “Rat Nebula” from II – Archipelagog on Yurt (2011)
  • Horslips – “The Shamrock Shore” from Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part  on Horslips Music (1972)
  • Irish Coffee – “Can’t Take It” from Irish Coffee on Akarma (1971)
  • Borge Olsen – “Brilliant” from Ultimate Fingers on Borge Olsen (2019)
  • Consider The Source – “Enemies of MagicK” from You Are Literally a Metaphor on Consider The Source (2019)
  • The Wrong Object – “Many Lives” from Into The Herd on MoonJune Records (2019)

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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