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Progressive Tracks Show #382 (The Anomalous Autumn)

It seems like Summer came and went without even a notice…as the historic events of 2020 rolled inexorably on.

Now we find ourselves at the Autumnal Equinox…traditionally a time of balance, protection, comfort, and letting go.  But what’s our future?  I’ll pose that it’s Precarious… and Uncertain.

I, for one, don’t have a crystal ball… but together, we can take this next hour or so to explore some of this Anomalous Autumn’s possibilities.

  • Kavee – “Indian Summer” from Metempsychosis on Independent (2020)
  • Galliard – “Hear The Colours” from Strange Pleasure on Lake Erie Records (1969)
  • Pulsónica – “Qué Tara!” from Fuera de Tiempo on Viajero Inmóvil Records (2015)
  • Ill Wicker – “Fret” from Under Diana on Electricity Records (2014)
  • Landing – “Fluency of Colors” from Sphere on K Records (2004)
  • Mother Turtle – “Harvest Moon” from II on Mother Turtle (2016)
  • The Mercury Tree – “Colorfalls” from Five Seven EP on Independent (2007)
  • Thought Chamber – “Transcend” from Psykerion on InsideOutMusic (2013)
  • Faun Fables – “Intro: Darkness” from Light of a Vaster Dark on  Drag City (2010)
  • Obsidian Kingdom – “The Kandinsky Group” from A Year With No Summer on Season of Mist (2016)
  • Sarcophagus Now – “Hibernation Man” from Sarcophagus Now on Independent (2018)
  • Faun Fables – “Hibernation Tales” from Light of a Vaster Dark on  Drag City (2010)
  • Faun Fables – “Outro: Light” from Light of a Vaster Dark on  Drag City (2010)

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Ahh… the things we think.  The weird ways our minds work.

Time for some tunes about the mind.  Whose mind?  Somebody’s mind.  Maybe it’s yours?  Maybe it’s mine?

The days are getting shorter, and darkness is the best environment to put on some headphones and immerse yourself in some quality, heady, progressive rock.

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– Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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  • Devo – “Too Much Paranoias” from Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (Deluxe Version) [Remastered] on Warner Bros.
  • Blushing Satellite – “Who Am I?” from The Union on Blushing Satellite
  • The Pentangle – “In Your Mind” from Sweet Child on Transatlantic Records
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra – “Interruption” from Pacifisticuffs on Candlelight (CDL)
  • Human Ottoman – “Y D K W H” from Farang on Human Ottoman
  • sElf – “Lost My Senses” from Subliminal Plastic Motives on Fat Possum
  • Peter Gabriel – “No Self Control” from 3 (Melt) on Virgin
  • Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – “The Widening Eye” from In Glorious Times on The End Records
  • Joe Satriani – “Mind Storm” from Strange Beautiful Music on Epic
  • Cheer-Accident – “The Mind-Body Experience” from Fades on Skin Graft Records
  • Them Crooked Vultures – “Mind Eraser, No Chaser” from Them Crooked Vultures on dgc
  • The People Now – “Maniac” from One by One – EP on The People Now
  • The Box  – “Un Impénétrable Mystère” from Le Horla on Les Disques Passeport
  • Galliard – “Open Your Mind” from New Dawn on Lake Erie Records
  • Barock Project – “Secret Therapy” from Detachment on Artalia
  • Resurrecting Id – “Renewal” from Resurrecting Id on Independent
  • Riverside – “The Depths of Self Delusion” from Shrine of New Generation Slaves on Inside Out Music
  • Affinity – “United States of Mind” from Affinity on Angel Air Records
  • Jethro Tull – “Nursie (2011 Remaster)” from Aqualung (40th Anniversary Edition) on Chrysalis

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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