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The Power of Three, suggests that things that come in threes are funnier, more satisfying, more effective, and/or more memorable, than other numbers of things. There are many celtic, nordic, and pagan examples of this belief.

But does that translate to music? Join us to hear how the power of three translates… progressively.

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  • Rush – “Working Man” from Rush on Mercury Records (1974)
  • Mouth – “Cascade Inc.” from Rhizome on Tonzonen Records (2009)
  • Mouth – “Hiding, Rhizome” from Rhizome on Tonzonen Records (2009)
  • Bushman’s Revenge – “Folk Kremtar No Av Og Til Berre I Lause Lufta Og” from Et hån mot overklassen on Hubro (2019)
  • Bushman’s Revenge – “Happy Hour For Mr. Sanders” from Et hån mot overklassen on Hubro (2019)
  • Axiom – “Slumber” from Slumber – Master A from Axiom on Independent (2019)
  • El Trio – “Deconectar” from Las Manos on Progshine Records (2013)
  • Mouth – “Into The Light (alternate mix)” from Past-Present-Future on Tonzonen Records (2019)
  • Battles – “The Yabba” from La Di Da Di on Warp Records (2015)
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer – “Oh, My Father” from Tarkus (deluxe edition) of Razor & Tie Records (2012)
  • Axiom – “Believe” from Believe – Master B from Axiom on Independent (2019)
  • Bushman’s Revenge – “A Bottle A Day Keeps The Wolves At Bay” from Et hån mot overklassen on Hubro (2019)
  • Fred Frith Trio – “Dance of Delusion” from Another Day in Fucking Paradise  on Intakt Records (2016)
  • Yowie – “Mysterium Tremendum” from Synchromysticism on SKiN GRAFT Records (2017)
  • Dialeto – “Windmaster” from The Last Tribe on MoonJune Records (2013)

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