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The Progressive Tracks Show #350
(Heroes… Old and New)

Fact: We’re sadly losing our classic Prog musical heroes.

Response: This week we pay tribute to one such hero, while looking to the future for new ones.


  • Rush – “Natural Science” from Permanent Waves on Mercury (1980)
  • Rush – “Subdivisions” from Signals on Mercury (1982)
  • Ángel Ontalva& Vespero – “A Sense Of Clarity” from Sada on OctoberXart (2020)
  • Krokofant – “Q – Part 2” from Q on Rune Grommofon (2019)
  • Ed Wynne – “Glass Staircase” from Shimmer Into Nature on Kscope (2019)
  • Minimum Vital – “La Compagnie” from Air Caravan’ on Musea (2019)
  • Minimum Vital – “Djin Alzawat” from Air Caravan’ on Musea (2019)
  • Mythic Sunship – “Ophidian Rising” from Changing Shapes on El Paraiso Records (2020)
  • Krokofant – “Q – Part 12” from Q on Rune Grommofon (2019)
  • Present – “Quatre-vingt Douze” from Triskaidekaphobie on Cuneiform Records (1989)

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This week on Prog-Watch I’m spinning some great new(er) stuff from O.R.k., VAK, Mostly Autumn, Ed Wynne, Tim Bowness, and Weezer (yes, Weezer)! I’ll also be mixing in some great older selections from a Guest DJ by the name of Reno Faoro! Reno’s picks include stuff by Carmen, Minimum Vital, Duncan Browne, Bloodrock, and Golden Earring! If you haven’t heard of some of these artists, I strongly suggest you come along for the ride and expand your “Prog-cabulary”! All are interesting and worth hearing!

613: Variety + A Guest DJ Feature


This week I’ve got another boatload of great (mostly) new Progressive Rock from Kenny McCormick, Red Bazar, The Room, Ed Wynne, Voices From The Fuselage, Manuel Schmid and Marek Arnold, Overhead, and The Enid! As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a Progressive Discoveries segment with our friend and resident reviewer Dr. Rob Fisher, on a great project called Zeelley Moon! Patrick Molesworth of Zeelley Moon even provides some commentary!

609: Variety + Zeelley Moon on Progressive Discoveries