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Mainstream music listeners consider classic progressive rock ‘diving deep’.

But if you’re a Prog aficionado, you long for more than that.  Much lies beneath the surface, if you just dive in a bit deeper.

But isn’t that what you count on The Progressive Tracks Show for… to do the deep diving for you?  Why, right you are!

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  • Altın Gün – “Şoför Bey” from Gece on ATO Records (2019)
  • Trojka – “Penger” from Tre Ut on Apollon Records (2019)
  • Dizzy Mystics – “Letter” from Wanderlost on Dizzy Mystics (2019)
  • The Case For Us – “She’s Venus” from Tunnel Vision on Cloud Cuckoo Records (2019)
  • Dreamtime – “Of Nautilus Descent” from Tidal Mind on Cardinal Fuzz (2019)
  • Trojan Horse – “Hammer & Spike (Version 2) from Wicker-EP on Trojan Horse (2019)
  • Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband – “The Golden Thread” from Tor & Vale on MoonJune Records (2019)
  • Cantrip – “Low T, Bro?” from Authentic Luxury on Cantrip (2019)
  • Jordsjø – “Stifinner” from Nattfiolen on Karisma Records (2019)
  • Cantrip – “Full Boat” from Authentic Luxury on Cantrip (2019)
  • Altın Gün – “Leyla” from Gece on ATO Records (2019)
  • Dreamtime – “Tidal Mind” from Tidal Mind on Cardinal Fuzz (2019)
  • Red Kite – “Focus On Insanity” from Red Kite on RareNoise (2019)

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