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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #312       (SeaProg 2019 Festival Preview #3)

The Seattle Festival of Avant and Progressive Rock (SeaProg) will hold its sixth event June 7th – 9th at the Columbia City Theater, with an amazing bill of unique artists.

The Progressive Tracks Show is proud to once again be the voice of SeaProg on the airwaves, and will host a half-dozen shows featuring SeaProg artists!

This THIRD week will feature two Prog heavyweights who have “the touch”.  

Warning: Hearing these SeaProg shows will entice you to spend your money getting to Seattle in order to attend this amazing event. Listen intently, but responsibly! 😉

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  • Tuner – “So High” from Pole on Unsung Records (2007)
  • Security Project – “Fly On A Windshield” from Slowburn on 7d Media (2019)
  • Markus Reuter String Quartet – “Boon” from Heartland on Solaire Records (2019)
  • King Crimson – “FraKctured” from The ConstruKction of Light on DGM (2000)
  • Stick Men – “Blacklight (First Show)” from Midori on Stick Men Records (2015)
  • Trey Gunn – “Thick and Thorny (feat. Quodia)” from I’ll Tell What I Saw on 7d Media (2010)
  • Security Project – “Slowburn” from Slowburn on 7d Media (2019)
  • Tuner – “11-11” from Pole on Unsung Records (2007)
  • The Trey Gunn Band – “The Joy of Molybedenum” from  The Joy of Molybedenum on 7d Media (2000)
  • Xavi Reija feat. Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Dusan Jevtovic – “From Darkness” from The Sound of the Earth on MoonJune Records (2019)
  • Deep Energy Orchestra – “The Return” from Playing with Fire on 7d Media (2019)
  • centrozoon – “The Cult of Bibbiboo” from Fool of Music on MoonJune Records (2016)

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On this week’s show I’ve got a boatload of great music from Deep Energy Orchestra, Voices From The Fuselage, The Tangent, RPWL, Simon Godfrey, Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta, Residuos Mentales, and Hedfuzy! Plus Pymlico on Progressive Discoveries with Dr. Rob Fisher!


606: Variety + Pymlico on Progressive Discoveries


Being a DJ is similar to being a bartender in some ways…  and this week I’m serving up a tasty mix of what you need to hear.  C’mon in… pull up a stool, and stay a while.  Just don’t stiff me on the bill, OK?    ;o)

As the days get shorter, it’s time to put on some headphones and immerse yourself in some quality progressive rock.

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– Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack


  • MetaQuorum – “Witchcraft Jazz” from Witchcraft Jazz on MetaQuorum
  • Star Period Star – “When Where Exceeds What” from Daylight Spending Time on Independent
  • Catu Kuá – “Ojos que no ven” from Que Vengan los Pájaros on Viajero Inmovil Records
  • Axon-Neuron – “Machina” from Dreamstate on Axon-Neuron
  • Mark Rowen – “Love Is Like A Rock” from Radiance on Independent
  • Deep Energy Orchestra – “Mysterious World” from Playing with Fire on 7d Media
  • Andrew Keeling and Otherworld – “Like Sandy Denny” from My Red Book on Spaceward
  • Larval – “When Bullet Meets Flesh” from Obedience on Cuneiform
  • Phideaux – “Inquisitor” from Infernal on Bloodfish Media
  • Star Period Star – “The Pragmatist” from Daylight Spending Time on Independent
  • Deep Energy Orchestra – “The Return” from Playing with Fire on 7d Media
  • Catu Kuá – “Voz Madre” from Que Vengan los Pájaros on Viajero Inmovil Records
  • MetaQuorum – “Chicken & Egg” from Witchcraft Jazz on MetaQuorum
  • Andrew Keeling and Otherworld – “Thanatos” from My Red Book on Spaceward
  • Mark Rowen – “Time To Leave” from Radiance on Independent

If you have comments (always welcome), or suggestions for show topics/music, feel free to contact me anytime via email:

But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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