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This week on Prog-Watch I have a bit of a mixed bag! We’ll hear great stuff from the likes of Surreal, Bjørn Riis, In Continuum, and Nad Sylvan, plus Dr. Rob Fisher will be taking a look at the latest Damanek album on Progressive Discoveries! As if that was not enough, I’ll have a mini feature on Nikki Squire and her band Esquire! Nikki has a new track and she and I chatted about that and the future of Esquire!

624: Variety, Nikki Squire, and Damanek on Progressive Discoveries


On this week’s program my esteemed guest is Guy Manning of Manning, United Progressive Fraternity, and Damanek! Guy and I chat about his various projects and the upcoming Damanek tour with Southern Empire! And of course there is plenty of great music to be heard along the way!

Also: hear Tony clarify how Guy likes to pronounce “Damanek” and then revert to his own pronunciation for the rest of the program! I guess you really can’t teach an old prog rock show host new tricks.

545: In Conversation with Guy Manning of Manning and Damanek


The podcast for Prog-Watch 431 is available at Progwatch.com! Follow the link HERE

For this week’s program I’ve put together another eclectic variety show, with music spanning five decades! We’ll hear from Peter Gabriel, Amplifier, Lana Lane, Marillion, Karibow, Squackett, Discipline, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Roger Waters! Our friend and resident reviewer, Dr. Rob Fisher will also be taking us on another voyage of Progressive Discovery, with the great new album by Damanek!

The Progressive Tracks Show #216 (Nice Surprises), originally broadcast on Friday June 23, 2017, is now available to download or listen to any time you desire.

Everyone likes surprises… especially when they’re nice ones.

WARNING:  King Crimson 2017 US Tour Spoilers Contained Within!!!


  • NP:  Styx – “Gone Gone Gone” from The Mission on Styx Concept
  • NP:  Monkeybat – “Pockets” from Pockets – Unreleased on Independent
  • NP:  Ghost Ship Octavius – “Saturn and Skies” from Ghost Ship Octavius on Ghost Ship Octavius
  • NP:  King Crimson – “The Battle Of Glass Tears” from Lizard (Expanded Edition) on Discipline Global Mobile
  • NP:  Machines Dream – “Black Science” from Black Science on Progressive Gears
  • NP:  Damanek – “Dark Sun” from On Track on GEP
  • NP:  Styx – “Red Storm” from The Mission on Styx Concept
  • NP:  Roger Waters – “Picture That” from Is This The Life We Really Want? on Columbia Records
  • NP:  Machines Dream – “Noise To Signal” from Black Science on Progressive Gears
  • NP:  King Crimson – “Islands” from Islands (40th Anniversary Edition) on Discipline Global Mobile

If you have comments (always welcome), or suggestions for show topics/music, feel free to contact me anytime via email:  ProgTracks@KPTZ.org

But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack