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The Progressive Tracks Show #344 (Progmas 2019)​

It’s that time again…time for Progmas!

What’s Progmas? Well, it’s certainly not XMAS, but it does have meaning.

Join in the celebration and figure it out for yourself.


  • Lost Kite – “Winter’s Presage” from Remains on Independent (2016)
  • The Hypersonic Factor – “Silhouettes Braced For Winter” from Inventions of Diffusion on Independent (2018)
  • Mannheim Steamroller – “Catching Snowflakes On Your Tongue” from Christmas Song on American Gramaphone Records (2007 )
  • Moonlit Sailor – “Fresh Snow” from So Close To Life on Deep Elm Records  (2009)
  • Oaksenham – “Snow” from Upon All The Living And The Dead on Independent (2018)
  • Comus – “Winter Is A Coloured Bird” from First Utterance on Rock Fever (1971)
  • Tiger Moth Tales – “Noel Nouvelet (Bonus Studio Track)” from Mad Mothsters Tea Party Download on Independent (2017)
  • Urban Nomad – “Living in Exile (i. A Young Winter; ii. The Place of Dead Roads; iii. The Eye of Dawn)” on Urban Nomad on Independent (2012)
  • Peculate – “Oratio Pre Aris et Focis” from There Are No Angels on Independent (2015)
  • Collage – “The Winter Song” from Safe on Ars Mundi (1995)
  • Ólafur Arnalds – “For Now I Am Winter (feat. Arnor Dan)” from For Now I Am Winter on Mercury Classics  (2013)
  • Evan Hause – “Winter Flower” from Plastic Island Pentecost on Independent (2018)
  • Soup – “The Boy And The Snow” from Remedies on Crispin Glover Records (2017)
  • Celluloid Winter – “The Way Things Were” from Celluloid Winter EP on Independent (2013)
  • Heather Findlay Quartet – “The Snows They Melt The Soonest” from Horse Feathers on Independent (2019)

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Things are a little ‘off’ this week: I’ll be playing lots of new music this week, but there will be no theme.

No theme!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure there’s no theme.

But you might be able to conjure up a theme… if you try hard enough.

Theme or not… be sure to take some time to relax, put on some headphones, and immerse yourself in some quality progressive rock. It may well be the best part of your day.

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  • So Far As I Know – “The Conqueror” from Fragments: Disclosure on Independent
  • The Blue Prison – “Alchemist” from Alchemist on Independent
  • Chemical Clock – “Shadow Self” from Plastic World on Independent
  • Lovely Little Girls – “Delicate Moisture” from Glistening Vivid Splash on Skin Graft Records
  • Zevious – “Smear Campaign” from Lowlands on Nefarious Industries
  • Shineback – “Lies and Consequences” from Dial on Bad Elephant Music
  • Alco Frisbass – “La Danse Du Pantin” from Alco Fisbass on Fading Records
  • Comus – “The Prisoner” from First Utterance on Dawn Records
  • Adam Holzman – “I Told You So” from Truth Decay on Big Fun Productions
  • 3.2 – “Our Bond” from The Rules Have Changed on Frontiers Music SRL
  • Chemical Clock – “Donut Cat” from Plastic World on Independent
  • Lovely Little Girls – “Cavernous Cryptic Structures” from Glistening Vivid Splash on Skin Graft Records
  • Zevious – “Ritual Based Symmetries” from Lowlands on Nefarious Industries
  • Shineback – “Me vs. Me” from Dial on Bad Elephant Music

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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The Progressive Tracks Show #206 (Four-Year Retrospective, originally broadcast on Friday April 14, 2017, is now available to download or listen to any time you desire.

Four years is a long time… especially if you didn’t know how many weeks you’d last as a Prog DJ.  ;o)

But it truly has been fun, and the time has flown by.   So to celebrate the past 4 years, and bring in the start of Year 5, I thought I’d choose tunes that I’ve played along the way… some of the over 1,000 different artists you’ve heard. This isn’t a “best of show”, because it’s all good, but songs that will give you a decent representation of what I’ve been spinning for you since 2013.


  • Chrome Hoof – “Enter the Drobe” from Chrome Black Gold on Cuneiform Records
  • Spoke of Shadows – “Dichotomy” from Spoke of Shadows on Firepool Records
  • MoeTar – “Infintesimal Sky” from From These Small Seeds on Magna Carta
  • Comus – “Song To Comus” from First Utterance on Dawn Records
  • The Knells – “Synchromesh” from The Knells on New Amsterdam
  • miRthkon – “Daddylonglegz” from Vehicle on Altrock
  • Synergy – “Relay Breakdown” from Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra (Remastered 2013) on Synergy Electronic Music
  • Lamanaif – “Rane” from L’uomo Infinito on Lizard Records
  • Cave – “Gamm” from Psychic Summer on Important Records
  • Tribal Tech – “Stella by Infra-red High Partical Neutron Beam” from Reality Check on Blue Moon Records
  • Redemption – “Parkers Eyes” from The Fullness of Time on Sensory Records
  • Zubatto Syndicate – “Mechas Over Manhattan” from Zubatto Syndicate on Boscology
  • Eccentric Orbit – “Sputnik” from Attack Of The Martians on Eccentric Orbit
  • Genesis – “Ripples” from A Trick Of The Tail on Charisma

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack