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On this week’s Prog-Watch I’m finishing up my coverage of the prolific keyboard maestro, Mr. Clive Nolan! There will be chat about his more recent endeavors, and plenty of great music from his collaboration with Oliver Wakeman, his theater-oriented project Caamora, and, of course, Arena! (In fact, there will be quite a bit of Arena, including a generous helping from the new album Double Vision!)
If you missed Part 1 you can find it here:

This week on Prog-Watch it’s Part One of my coverage of keyboard wizard and composer Clive Nolan! Clive and I chat about his many projects and endeavors, and along the way I spin lots of great tracks from some of them, including Arena, Strangers On A Train, Casino, Shadowland, one of his collaborations with Oliver Wakeman, and of course some solo material!

If you missed it at the regular times on, you can still catch it at my website,

522: In Conversation with Clive Nolan, Pt. 1