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Prog?  Progressive Rock?  Neither was a common descriptor in 1970.

But ‘Art Rock’ was.

Time marches on…and many albums turning 50 this year deserve some love before this tumultuous year ends.

So it’s all 1970 this week!

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The Progressive Tracks Show #348 (The Genre Neutral Show)

Progressive Rock’s sub-genres are tricky, and bands don’t always fall into neat little categories.

Such are the artists featured this week.


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(Music For The Dark Days)

As we transition from Autumn to Winter, the days grow shorter… but better for listening to great music.

Join me in listening to some classics… and soon-to-be-classics that will warm your cold heart. ;o)

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  • Twenty Sixty Six & Then – “Autumn” from Reflections on the Future on Glass Ark Music
  • Atomic Rooster – “Winter” from Atomic Rooster on Sanctuary
  • Magma – “Ork Alarm” from Köhntarkösz on Seventh Records
  • The Laze – “PolyGone” from Cryptic Plumage on Extreme Ultimate
  • Maat Lander – “Space Scum” from Seasons of Space • Book #2 on Clostridium Records
  • Space Streakings – “Do! Sports ”a little bit”” from First love on SKiN GRAFT
  • Yes – “Five Per Cent for Nothing” from Fragile (Deluxe Edition) on Rhino/Elektra
  • Amgala Temple – “Bosphorus” from Invisible Airships on Pekula Records
  • Maat Lander – “The Asteroid of Living Machinery” from Seasons of Space • Book #2 on Clostridium
  • Amgala Temple – “Moon Palace” from Invisible Airships on Pekula Records
  • The Laze – “Scaffolds” from Cryptic Plumage on Extreme Ultimate

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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