Tales From The Tiger Moth

Tales from The Tiger Moth Edition 95

George Duke – Diamonds
Devin Townsend – Castaway
Devin Townsend – Genesis
Professor Tip Top – The Dogs Are Coming
Professor Tip Top – Data Mining
Magenta – The Lizard King
Beatles – Fixing A Hole
Monty Python – Spam
Moastly Autumn – Procession
Mostly Autumn – Run For The Sun
Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever
Lebowski – Goodbye My Joy
Jeff Buckley – Grace (Live)
Muse – Knights Of Cydonia
Lonely Robot – Under Stars
Marillion – Kayleigh
Stanley Holloway – One Each A Piece All Round
Big Big Train – Theodora in Green and Gold
Genesis – Domino (Live)

Tales from The Tiger Moth Edition 94

Big Big Train – Alive
Seven Steps To The Green Door – A Dream That Strayed – II
Seven Steps To The Green Door – A – II
Seven Steps To The Green Door – Heaven
Devin Townsend – Hear Me
Devin Townsend – Why
The Stranglers – Golden Brown
Jethro Tull – Aqualung
Jon Anderson – 1000 Hands (Come Up)
The Inner Road – The Majestic Garden
Flanders And Swann – The Rhinoceros
Skylake – The Storm
Lonely Robot – Ancient Ascendant
Napier’s Bones – mirabilis
Magenta – The Ballad Of Samuel Layne
Morecambe & Wise – Positive Thinking
Genesis – Seven Stones
Kansas – Cheyenne Anthem (Live)

Tales From The Tiger Moth Edition 93

Steve Hackett – Ace Of Wands
Cheeto’s Magazine – Chili Guillermo
Green Desert Tree – Progressive World
The Prophets of Zarquon – Dreamcatcher
King Crimson – Frame By Frame
David Bowie – Kooks
Kevin Gilbert – Welcome To Suburbia
Seven Steps To The Green Door – Hear My Voice Tonight
Kate Bush – Heads We’re Dancing
Lion Shepherd – Uninvited
Lebowski – Midnight Syndrome
Cheeto’s Magazine – Scum
Steve Vai – Touching Tongues
Green Desert Tree – Cleer Up Your Mind
Pink Floyd – Corporal Clegg
Genesis – Dreaming While You Sleep
Tiger Moth Tales – The Boy Who’d Cried Wolf (Live)

Tales From The Tiger Moth Edition 92

Manfred Mann – Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James

Napier’s Bones – standing childe

The Prophets Of Zarquon – The Gate

Now In Colour – Manifest Destiny

Seven Steps To The Green Door – ΑΩ (Father)

Seven Steps To The Green Door – Salvation

Prefab Sprout – Nightingales

Nick Kershaw – When A Heart Beats

Morecambe And Wise – Grieg Piano Concerto

Not Otherwise Specified – Filling My Soul

Jon Anderson – Activate

Now In Colour – Seafoam

Red Bazar – Spiral (Live)

The Prophets Of Zarquon – Under The Forest Canopy

Karfagen – Flowing Brooks

Karfagen – Winter Rooks

Jon Anderson – I Found Myself

I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again – The Ship Put To Sea In The Month Of May

Genesis – Ripples (Live)

Tales From The Tiger Moth Show 91

Morglbl – Banjovi
Karfagen – Dragon Island Suite (Part 1)
Kaipa – In The Heart Of Her Own Magic Field
System Of A Down – Needles
Flanders And Swan – Vanessa
The Gentle Storm – The Shores Of India
Colin Bass – Sailing Home
Scott Walker – Farmer In The City
Stevie Wonder – Venus Flytrap And The Bug
Bernard Cribbins – Ringing On The Engine Bell
Guy Manning – The Calm Absurd
Thank You Scientist – Suspicious Waveforms
Genesis – Mad Man Moon
Mike Rutherford – Cats & Rats (In This Neighbourhood)
Monty Python – Traffic Lights
Karfagen – Dragon Island Suite (Part 2)
Rudess Morgenstein Project – Don’t Look Down


Tales From The Tiger Moth Edition 90

Broadcast 16th March 2019

Spike Milligan With Gravely Stephens (Pharmacological Pianist) And The Massed Alberts – You Gotta Go Oww!
The Flower Kings – World of Adventures
Godzilla In The Kitchen – Stick To Your Daily Routine
Steve Hackett – Peace
Trurl – Do Not See Me Rabbit 3- Chest Pain and Sophistry
The Matter Men – aura gami
Gleb Kolyadin – Constellation The Bell
Michael Bentine – What The Public Thinks
Dukes of the Orient – GIVE ANOTHER REASON
Devin Townsend – Awake
Genesis – Not About Us
Grand Tour – Don’t Cry Now
Bill Bressler – A Little Song Before We Go
Peter Sellers – Setting Fire To The Policeman
Peter Gabriel – Digging In The Dirt

Tales From The Tiger Moth edition 88

01 Red Bazar – Temple
02 Red Bazar – Liar
03 Red Bazar – Spiral (Exclusive Live Version)
04 Red Bazar – The Parting
05 Red Bazar – Future Song
06 Red Bazar – We Will Find You (Exclusive Live Version)

07 Peter Jones – Rubbish Ringtones
08 Peter Jones – Follow You, Follow Me (Genesis)
09 Peter Jones – The Musical Box (Genesis)
10 Peter Jones – The Other Marvin
11 Peter Jones – Hyperventilate (Frost*)
12 Peter Jones – Pete’s Teapot

13 Tiger Moth Tales – The Merry Vicar (Live @ Summer’s End)
14 Tiger Moth Tales – A Visit to Chigwick (Live @ Summer’s End)
15 Peter Jones – The Wassail Song (Big Big Train)
16 Peter Jones – Last Train (Big Big Train)

17 Camel – Never Let Go (Live in Japan)
18 Camel – Rhayader/Rhayader Goes to Town (Live in Japan)
19 Camel – Preparation/Dunkirk (Live in Japan)
20 Camel – Lady Fantasy (Live in Japan_
21 The Eagles – Journey of the Sorcerer



Tales from The Tiger Moth Edition 89

The Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday
Steve Hackett – Under the Eye of the Sun
Grand Tour – Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)
Not Otherwise Specified – The World Today
Johnny Ball, Don Spencer, Chloe Ashcroft – The King Of The Singdom Of Song
Genesis – Burning Rope (Live)
Mike Oldfield – Guilty
Iamthemorning – Belighted
MoeTar – Confectioners Curse
Monty Python – I Bet You They Won’t Play This Song On The Radio
Marillion – The Great Escape
Steve Hackett – Beasts in Our Time
Grand Tour – The Panic
Nightwish – Scaretale
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tocatta
Stanley Holloway – Three HaPence A Foot
Camel – End Of The Line (Live 2018)

Edition 87

It Bites – Strange But True
Red Bazar – Rocky Bone Runway
John Holden – Tears From The Sun
Maschine – Hidden In Plain Sight
Slugabed – Time 2 Let It Go
Allan Holdsworth – Nuages
Stanley Holloway – Guarding The Gasworks
Anderson & Stolt – Chase And Harmony
Lonely Robot – Everglow
Steve Hackett – The Cinema Show (Live)
Steve Hackett – Aisle Of Plenty (Live)
Beyond The Fringe – One Leg Too Few
Red Bazar – Nothing Left
Christina Boothe – Deep Ocean
Big Big Train – Swan Hunter
Bill Bressler – The Guitarist
Sir Smasham Uppe – E. V. Rieu – Gary Watson
Tiger Moth Tales – Toad Of Toad Hall (Live)

Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine

Francis Dunnery – You’ll Never Go To Heaven

Bill Bressler – Fits And Starts

Bill Bressler – Normal Boy

Greenslade – Animal Farm

A Formal Horse – Made In Chelsea (Apocalypse in 15-8)

Joyce Grenfell – Old Girls’ School Reunion

Sgt Tenchipoos Lonely Blimey Band – Mexico

Beatles – Julia

Bill Bressler – The Walk

Supertramp – Crime Of The Century

Red Bazar – Spiral

Camel – Wing And A Prayer

Rick Wakeman – Proles

Turissas – As Torches Rise

Tony Banks – Thirty Three’s

Genesis – Riding the Scree

Bent Knee – Counselor

Bernard Bresslaw – You Need Feet

It Bites – Screaming On The Beaches (Live)