Tales From The Tiger Moth

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 115

Broadcast 28th March 2020

Pendragon – 360 Degrees
Tom Slatter – Happy People
Steve Hughes – Downhilling
Steve Thorne – Monkey Business
Chimpan A – The World Through My Eyes
Karfagen – Spring (Birds Delight)
Kenneth Williams – Buy British
Texle – Modus Operandi
George Harrison – Out Of The Blue
Van Der Graaf Generator – A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers
Anathema – Sunlight
Jethro Tull – Broadford Bazaar
The News Huddlines – Passion Killer Classics
John Holden – Dark Arts
Red Bazar – Liar
The Bardic Depths – The End
Chimpan A – Scream
Pendragon – Starfish And The Moon
John Beagley – Make It Stop
I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again – Audible Road Signs
Jordan Rudess – What Four
Genesis – Abacab

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 114

Broadcast 14th March 2020


Monty Python – Sit On My Face
Karfagen – Birds Of Passage (Part 1)
Steve Thorne – Little Boat (Part 1)
Franck Carducci – The After Effect
Pendragon – This Green And Pleasant Land
Camel – Down On The Farm
Morecambe and Wise – Singing The Blues
Pallas – Ark Of Infinity
Coma Rossi – Turn Back Time
Steve Thorne – Word Salad Surgery
Peter Gabriel – Steam
Nick Magnus – A Widow In Black
John Holden – The Golden Thread
The Bardic Depths – Legacies
all about eve – martha’s harbour
Jake Thackray – The Kiss
Genesis – Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 113

Flaming Youth – Guide Me, Orion
Kansas – Camouflage
Lonely Robot – The Boy In The Radio
Kim Seviour – Call To Action
John Holden – Ancestors and Satellites
Phil Lively – no more nails
Pendragon – The Voyager
Pendragon – Leviathan
Christina Booth – The Light
Abel Ganz – Thank You
Shine Back – Here Come The Envoys
Pink Floyd – Welcome To The Machine
The Bardic Depths – Depths Of Time
Yes – It Can Happen
Kaipa – A Map Of Your Secret World
Genesis – Harlequin
Tiger Moth Tales – The Ballad Of Longshanks John

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 112

Tiger Moth Tales – Toad Of Toad Hall (Live)
Flash – Small Beginnings
Franck Carducci – Asylum
The Bardic Depths – Depths Of Soul
Iamthemorning – Salute
John Holden – Heretic
Phil Lively – head in hands
Magenta – Not In Our Name
IT – Revolution
The Dame – General Disarray
Franck Carducci – (Love is) The Answer
Phil Lively – it doesn’t matter
Group 87 – Sublime Feline
Steve Hackett – How Can I
Genesis – One For The Vine
Red Bazar – The Parting (Live)

Edition 111

ALTESIA – Pandora
ALTESIA – Reminiscence
Iamthemorning – Freak Show [Explicit]
Quint Starkie – Where I Belong
Monty Python – I’m So Worried
It Bites – The Old Man And The Angel
Maschine – Make Believe
The Cast Of Take It From Here – TIFE’s Operatic Weather Forecast
Iamthemorning – The Bell
Yuval Ron – WiFi in Emerald City
Monty Python – Traffic Lights
the Bardic Depths – Depths Of Time The Flicker
It Bites – Once Around The World
Noel Coward plus Round The Horne – There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner
Genesis – Duke’s Travels (live)

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 110

2019 Album Round Up

Callooh Callay – Give
The Prophets Of Zarquon – The Gate
Devin Townsend – Sprite
A Formal Horse – Unison 3
A Formal Horse – Boarded Doors Reprise
The Far Meadow – Sulis Rise
Seven Steps To The Green Door – A Price To Pay II
Barock Project – Seven Seas
Texle – 1975
Skylake – Haste
Karfagen – Dragon Island (Single)
Art In America – Facelift
Jon Anderson – Activate
Anthony Phillips – Caprice In Three
Gabriele Baldocci – Love of My Life
Big Big Train – The Florentine
Bill Bressler – The Walk
Camel – Chord Change

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 109

Xmas Special

Broadcast 21st Dec 2019

The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End
Enya – White Is In The Winter Night
Blackheart Orchestra – Christmas Lights
Kaprekar’s Constant – All You Wish Yourself
Tom Chaplin – For The Lost
Mike Oldfield – In the beginning & Let there be light
Vangelis and Jon Anderson – So Long Ago, So Clear
Greg Lake – I Believe in Father Christmas
Elton John – All Quiet on the Western Front
IQ – O Tannenbaum
IQ – The Dark Christmas Suite
Billy Sherwood / Malcolm McDowell – You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Fish On Friday – Snowed In
Frank Zappa – Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow
Magenta – Sanctuary Jig
Magenta – Sanctuary II Ending
Les Penning and Robert Reed – Watkins Ale
Pete Jones – Match Girl (Unplugged)
Sting – Soul Cake
Elaine Paige – Coventry Carol
The Goons – I’m Walking Backwards For Christmas
Anthony Phillips – Winter Lights
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Closer To Believing
Tiger Moth Tales – Hygge

Tale from The Tiger Moth

Edition 108

A Formal Horse Special

Magenta – Mercy Of The Sea
Nick Magnus – Three Tall Tower
A Formal Horse – Sexbooth
A Formal Horse – The King
A Formal Horse – She Flew
A Formal Horse – Bird
A Formal Horse – Here Comes a Man from the Council with a Flamethrower
A Formal Horse – Unison One
A Formal Horse – Commons
A Formal Horse – Anyway
Barock Project – The Ones
Anthony Phillips – Mouse Trip
Nick Magnus – The Market At Mirepoix
Genesis – The Fountain Of Salmacis

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 107

Yuval Ron – Somewhere in This Universe Somebody Hits a Drum
Anthony Phillips – Diamond Meadows
Nad Sylvan – Leave Me on These Waters
Nad Sylvan – Honey I’m Home
Mike Rutherford – Time And Time Again
Steve Hughes – Full Head Of Steam
Magenta – Beneath The Waves
Barock Project – Cold Fog
Anthony Phillips – Castle Ruins
Nick Magnus – The Devils Bridge
Steve Hughes – Least Peculiar Thing
Yuval Ron – Kuiper Belt
Barock Project – Hamburg
Magenta – Sunshine Saviour
Genesis – More Fool Me
Genesis – The Battle Of Epping Forest
Steve Hackett – Spectral Mornings

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 106

Broadcast 26th October 2019

Red Bazar – Miasma Of The North
Texle – Ambitious
The Tangent – The Sad Story of Lead and Astatine
Materya – Stella Splendens
Buzz Elliott – Tubula Bells (Mike Oldfield Cover)
Quint Starky – Sarah
I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again – The Julie Andrews Dirty Song Book
David Bowie – Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
David Gilmour – Take A Breath
Kornmo – Taiga
Charlie Cawood – The Divine Abstract- The Earth’s Answer
Big Big |Train – Roman Stone
Tiger Moth Tales – The Fountain Of Salmacis (Genesis Cover)
A Formal Horse – Lonely Doe Young Doe
Grand Tour – Slumber Sweetly
Genesis – Harold the Barrel
Stanley Holloway – Recumbent Posture
It Bites – Fanfare
It Bites – Turn Me Loose