Rogue One

First Broadcast 14th January 2020

Wings – Band On the Run

Led Zeppelin – Rain Song

Rush – Nobody’s hero

Uriah heep – Salisbury

King Crimson – Epitaph

Rory Gallagher – Moonchild

Yes – The Ancient /Giants under the sun

Nektar – Nelly the Elephant

Rush – Afterimage

Delivery – Blind to your Light

Marillion – Grendel

Utopia – Utopia theme

Tom Waits – Ghosts of Saturday night

Boomtown Rats – Rat trap

Maestoso – One drop in a dry world

Kansas – Incomudro – Hymnn to the Atman

Jethro Tull – Locomotive breath

Rush – Cygnus X-1  book 1



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Part two of The Uriah Heep Story Progzilla Special is now available as a podcast!


Think It Over (from Abominog)
Too Scared to Run (from Abominog)
That’s The Way That It Is (from Abominog)
Rollin’ The Rock (from Head First)
Weekend Warriors (from Head First)
Heartache City (from Equator)
Night of the Wolf (from Equator)
Pacific Highway (from Live in Moscow)
Mister Majestic (from Live in Moscow)
Cry Freedom (from Raging Silence)
Lifeline (from Raging Silence)
One By One (from Different World)
Which Way Will The Wind Blow (from Different World)
Against The Odds (The Way Of Life That Must Change) (from Sea of Light)
Love In Silence (Know Yourself) (from Sea of Light)
Rainbow Demon (from Spellbinder)
Between Two Worlds (from Sonic Origami)
The Golden Palace (from Sonic Origami)
Rain (from Future Echoes of the Past)
Circus (from Acoustically Driven)
Sympathy (from The Magician’s Birthday Party)
Light Of A Thousand Stars (from Wake the Sleeper)
What Kind Of God (from Wake the Sleeper)
Only Human (from Celebration)
Corridors of Madness (from Celebration)
Into the Wild (from Into the Wild)
Kiss Of Freedom (from Into the Wild)
The Law (from Outsider)
Speed of Sound (from Outsider)
Gypsy (from Live at Koko – London 2014)

The podcast for part one is available here

Part one of The Uriah Heep Story Progzilla Special is now available as a podcast!


Gypsy (from Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble)
Bird of Prey (from Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble US edition)
Come Away Melinda (from Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble)
Salisbury (from Salisbury)
Lady In Black (from Salisbury)
Look At Yourself (from Look At Yourself)
July Morning (from Look At Yourself)
The Wizard (from Demons And Wizards)
Easy Livin’ (from Demons And Wizards)
The Magician’s Birthday (from The Magician’s Birthday)
Sunrise (from The Magician’s Birthday)
Circle of Hands (from Live)
Stealin’ (from Sweet Freedom)
Pilgrim (from Sweet Freedom)
Wonderworld (from Wonderworld)
Something or Nothing (from Wonderworld)
Return To Fantasy (from Return To Fantasy)
Beautiful Dream (from Return To Fantasy)
One Way Or Another (from High And Mighty)
Midnight (from High And Mighty)
The Hanging Tree (from Firefly)
Firefly (from Firefly)
The Dance (from Innocent Victim)
Illusion/Masquerade (full unedited version) (from Innocent Victim)
Come Back to Me (from Fallen Angel)
Woman of the Night (from Fallen Angel)
Imagination (from Conquest)
Fools (from Conquest)
Think It Over (from Think It Over single)


Halcyon Daze 25th August 2017.
• Hawkwind – Lord of Light
• ELP – The Three Fates
• Bill Bruford – The Sahara of Snow
• Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe – Avez-Vous Kaskelainen
• Black Widow – Legend of Creation
• Antony Philips – God If I saw her Now (rare early Collins vocal)
• Bonzo Dog Band – Rawlinsons End
• Camel – Nimrodel
• Colosseum – The Machine Demands a sacrifice
• Gnidrolog – inspite of harry’s toe nail
• Deep Purple & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Wring That Neck
• Jethro Tull – Sossity You’re a woman
• Druid – Voices
• Jon Anderson – Flight of The Moorglade
• ELO – Show down
• BJH – Song with no meaning
• Galliard – In your Minds Eye
• Gentle giant – The Runaway experience
• Gong – You Can’t Kill me
• Klaatu – so Said the lighthouse Keeper
• Manfred Man – Hand bags and gladrags
• King Crimson – Starless and bible black
• Genesis – Get em out by Friday
Halcyon Daze will be broadcast every 2nd Sunday of the month and will explore the 70s looking in the crevasses and dark spaces at the music that populated the decade between 1967 and 1977
We will also play a good splattering of classic from the giants of the day.
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A podcast of the 50 Years of Prog 1987 to 1996 Top 40 shows is now available.


If you missed the shows the top 40 albums as voted for by Progzilla Radio listeners were:

40. Echolyn – Suffocating The Bloom

39. Dream Theater – Images And Words

38. Abel Ganz – The Danger Of Strangers

37. Porcupine Tree – Voyage 34

36. Mike Oldfield – Amarok

35. The Flower Kings – Back In The World Of Adventures

34. Arena – Songs From The Lion’s Cage

33. King’s X – Faith Hope Love

32. Bankstatement – Bankstatement

31. Victor – Victor

30. Rush – Hold Your Fire

29. Radiohead – The Bends

28. It Bites – Once Around The World

27.Twelfth Night – Collectors Item

26. Roger Waters – Amused To Death

25. Discipline – Push And Profit

24. Peter Gabriel – Us

23. Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

22. Roger Waters – Radio Kaos

21. Marillion – Afraid Of Sunlight

20. IQ – Are You Sitting Comfortably?

19. King’s X – Gretchen Goes To Nebraska

18. Dream Theater – Awake

17. Yes – Big Generator

16. Cardiacs – A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window

15. Fish – Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors

14. IQ – Ever

13. King Crimson – Thrak

12. Porcupine Tree – The Sky Moves Sideways

11. Jethro Tull – Crest Of A Knave

10. Echolyn – As The World

9. Roine Stolt – The Flower King

8. Marillion – Seasons End

7. Tool – Ænima

6. Spock’s Beard – The Light

5. Marillion – Clutching At Straws

4. Pink Floyd – The Division Bell

3. Queensrÿche – Operation: Mindcrime

2. Porcupine Tree – Signify

1. Marillion – Brave

Thanks to everyone who voted!