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Ken Hensley is a self-proclaimed survivor…a veteran of the mega rock star days of the 1970s, and a music business machine that would just as soon grind up, spit out, and replace band members, rather than stop the money stream long enough for them to get help for addictions or other problems. In a career going back more than 50 years, his compositions and versatile musicianship put Uriah Heep on the map and then sustained a solo career and various bands, collaborations, and projects up through today. I was lucky enough to catch up with Ken a few weeks ago and chat at length with him about his illustrious career and his most recent project, a solo anthology called Rare And Timeless, driven and curated by Ken himself, and done in conjunction with BMG and PledgeMusic. This week I am proud to present some of that interview and a “Heeping” helping of great Ken Hensley music! (Part Two will follow in a few weeks.)

516: In Conversation with Ken Hensley, Pt. 1


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This week’s program is another one of those mash-ups that I like to refer to as a variety show…just a bunch of great progressive rock, new and old, but with an emphasis on the new(er). We’ll hear music from Yes, Neal Morse, Renaissance, Flying Colors, Karibow, Flutatious, Steven Wilson, Kino, Riverside & Vinegar Joe! Get out of your brain on the Prog-Watch 515!

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I love the Moody Blues, and I loved Ray Thomas. Late last year I had even resolved to attempt to contact him and interview him for this program. Sadly, that would never come to be as he left this world in early January of this year. So my idea to do a retrospective feature on a legendary man and his music became a tribute to a beloved figure, whom I was never lucky enough to meet, but feel like I knew through his songs. This tribute program covers much of his career with the Moody Blues and a few from his two wonderful solo albums from the mid-1970s. I respectfully dedicate it to Ray’s family and all who knew and loved him.

Long live the legacy of The Veteran Cosmic Rocker.

514: A Tribute To Ray Thomas



This week I’m chatting with our old friend, Erik Norlander, mostly about his new project with John Payne called Dukes Of The Orient! We get the low down on the Dukes and some of Erik’s other endeavors, and along the way I spin plenty of great music, with an extra large helping of new Dukes Of The Orient music! 

513: In Conversation with Erik Norlander of Dukes Of The Orient

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This week’s program is loaded with a plethora of great Progressive Rock for your listening pleasure! We’ll hear from Mothertongue, Ryan Parmenter, Klaatu, Umphrey’s McGee, Marco Ragni, the Strawbs, Zombie Picnic, It Bites, Pinn Dropp and StuckFish! We’ll also be checking in with our friend Dr. Rob Fisher for another fantastic voyage of Progressive Discovery featuring music from Liquid Tension Experiment and the Canadian band Intervals!

512: Variety + Intervals on Progressive Discoveries


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On this week’s program my special guest is none other than Nick Barrett…founder, composer, guitarist and vocalist for the classic UK band Pendragon! The band is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, so Nick and I had plenty to talk about! With such a vast back catalog of great music from which to choose, I also had no problem selecting great tunes to spin along the way!

511: In Conversation with Nick Barrett of Pendragon, Pt. 1