On this week’s Prog-Watch my esteemed guest is music and video legend Kevin Godley of 10cc and Godley & Creme! We chat about all sorts of stuff, including the Gizmo, the split with 10cc, Godley & Creme, video directing, and his forthcoming solo album, of which YOU could be a part (if you write music)! Along the way, there is also be plenty of great music from Kevin’s illustrious career with 10cc, Godley and Creme, and GG06.

437: In Conversation With Music & Video Legend Kevin Godley

On this week’s Prog-Watch I’m shaking the family tree of the legendary band, the Moody Blues! We’ll hear lots of great stuff from the Moodies, Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Ray Thomas, Mike Pinder, Graeme Edge and more! See what shakes out!

436: Shaking the Family Tree of the Moody Blues

This week on Prog-Watch: Part 2 of my coverage of Prog Rock Icon Arjen Anthony Lucassen! Hear the remainder of my conversation with Arjen, as well as lots of great music from Star One, Ayreon, Ambeon, The Gentle Storm and Stream of Passion!

435: Prog Rock Icon Arjen Lucassen, Pt. 2

By the way, if you missed Part 1, you can find it here:

423: Arjen Lucassen, Pt. 1

This week’s Prog-Watch is a fun themed special I’m calling “Show Me The Money!” Every song will have the word “money” in the title. I’m sure your brains are working feverishly to guess which songs I’ll be playing, and I bet a few of your guess will be right. But I would also bet that you will NOT guess some of the interesting things I will be pulling from my vaults! Tune in to find out!

434: Show Me The Money!

Variety is on tap for this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear new music from Katre, The Franky Valentyn Project, Steven Wilson, Galahad, Marillion, and Kim Seviour, along with great stuff from Trey Gunn, Jeff Berlin, and the Stick Men! I’ll also send out a couple of listener dedications by Gravy Train and Genesis, and Dr. Rob Fisher will be taking us on another voyage of Progressive Discovery, with the Spanish project Kant Freud Kafka!

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On this week’s program, my guest is Joe Cairney, singer for not just one, but TWO great Scottish bands, Comedy Of Errors and Grand Tour! Joe will be filling us in on some of the interesting history of these two bands, and as usual, along the way I will play a whole lot of great music!