Single Celled Organism – Splinter In The Eye

Oceansize – You Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down

ABWH – Order of the Universe (live)

Unifaun – Swingers Party*

Tears For Fears – Working Hour

Unifaun – Mr Marmaduke and the Minister*

Scarlet Inside – Come The Rains Come The Brief Hope Of Life

The Andy Tillison Multiplex – 4th Movement: Vivace (The Pedantic Worrier)

The Tinderbox (The Tortoise and the Hare)

The Sea Within – They Know My Name

Regal Worm – Lord of the Perfect V

Lost Ground – Ghost

Crows Labyrinth – All Will Perish (excerpt)


  • From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘Unifaun’ by Unifaun. Yes, it’s an eponymouse.



Strangefish – Progress In Reverse*

Public Service Broadcasting – Spitfire

Southern Empire – Goliath’s Moon

Strangefish – Spotlight Effect*

Editors – Belong

Gong – The Thing That Should Be

Doris Brendel – Adored

Thumpermonkey – Proktor Cylex

Fractal Mirror – Mind The Gap

Sanguine Hum – Theft

Genesis – Robbery, Assault and Battery (live)

North Sea Radio Orchestra – I A Moon

The Lightning Seeds & Skinner/Baddiel – 3 Lions

*From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘The Spotlight Effect’ by Strangefish


Gryphon – Opening Move

James – Bring A Gun

Cardiacs – Fiery Gun Hand*

Cardiacs – Manhoo*

Mansun – Stripper Vicar

Yuka & Chronoship – Did You Find a Star?

TRI-Offensive – Holy Calling

The Alan Parsons Project – The Tell-Tale Heart

The Who – Doctor Jimmy

RPWL – The Attack

Transport Aerian – Sniper

The Smiths – London


  • From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week: ‘Sing To God Pt.1’ by Cardiacs


Ayreon – Comatose

Nemo – Coma

Steve Hackett – Carry On Up The Vicarage

10cc – Second Sitting For The Last Supper (live)

Leap Day – Secret Gardener*

Pendragon – Comatose (i) View From The Seashore

Jump – The Sniper

Fractal Mirror – Enemies

Gungfly – Quasimodo

Leap Day – Little Green Men*

Frequency Drift – Sleep Paralysis

Fish – Exit Wound (excerpt)


  • From Dead Bob’s Album of the Week, ‘Awaking the Muse’ by Leap Day



Justice – Horsepower

Combination Head – Particle Zoo*

James – Better Than That

Combination Head – Museum*

Big Country – Porroh Man (live)

ESP 2.0 – Gunshot Lips (Entropy Mix)

Abel Ganz – Looking For A Platform

Cleft – Alec Baldwin’s Hair

Orbital – Tiny Foldable Cities

Mike Kershaw – Gunning For The Gods

Genesis – The Battle of Epping Forest


*From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘Museum’ by Combination Head

Anti-Nowhere League – Paint It Black (live)

Cyrcus Flyght – Finger On The Trigger

The Pineapple Thief – Take Your Shot

Queen – The Hitman

Ayreon – The Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq

Tiger Moth Tales – The Merry Vicar

Marillion – Assassing

UFO – Shoot Shoot

Gazpacho – Sky Burial

Crystal Palace – Scattered Shards

Strawberry path – I Gotta See My Gypsy Woman

Are Nova – The 42 Gods

Hawkwind – Shot Down In The Night

Yes – Shoot High, Aim Low



EAST – Rádio Bábel

And So I Watch You From Afar – Set Guitars To Kill

Irrwisch – Think I’m Crazy

Thumpermonkey – Pets

ARCANSIEL – Angel of March

Even – Face The World

Bel Air – Just Right

Minimum Vital – Brazilian Light

For Absent Friends – The Bald, The Fat and the Ugly

Isildur’s Bane – The Pilot

Aasgard – Vulgarity-Land of Slimes

Doyle & The Fourfathers – Pay Attention To Your Public