Sanguine Hum – Quiet Rejoicing

Queen – Bicycle Race

Uriah Heep – Poet’s Justice

England – Poisoned Youth*

Dire Straits – Les Boys

Paul Draper – Don’t Poke The Bear

Ritual – Infinite Justice (live)

A.C.T – Happy Days

Psycho Yogi – Accident Prone

Cult of Wedge – Conspiracy Girl

Schnauser – I Couldn’t Fuck A Gorilla

Genesis – Alien Afternoon

Francis Dunnery – Holiday (excerpt)


  • From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘Garden Shed’ by England



Colossus Project – The Dark Lord of the Sith

Edensong – The Atman Apocalypse

Deacon Blue – This Changing Light

Jethro Tull – I’m Your Gun

Yesterdays – Feluton

Lady Lake – Miserere Mei

Chester Thompson – Follow You, Follow Me

Regal Worm – Huge Machine, You Are So Heavy*

Regal Worm – Pre-Colombian Worry Song*

Eggs & Dogs – American Standards

Finisterre – In Limine (live)

North Sea Radio Orchestra – March


  • From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘Pig Views’ by Regal Worm

Moron Police – Down at the Disco

Saxon – Strong Arm of the Law

Radiohead – Karma Police

ARW – Intro/Cinema/Perpetual Change (live)

The Swan Chorus – Walk The Same Road*

The Swan Chorus – My Dark Passenger*

The Police – Omegaman

Rick Wakeman – The Prisoner

Tom Slatter – Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said

Teleman – Song For A Seagull

Nova Cascade – Icarus

Jet Black Sea – Escape Velocity


*From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘The Swan Chorus’ by The Swan Chorus




Focus – Crossroads

IQ – Leap of Faith (live)*

IQ – Further Away*

The Flower Kings – Drivers Seat

The Pineapple Thief – White Mist

Big Country – Republican Party Reptile

Southern Empire – Innocence & Fortune

Damanek – The Crossing


*From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘Ever 25th Anniversary’ by IQ

Napier’s Bones – Mirabilis*

Napier’s Bones – The Heights*

Shineback – Dial

Riverside – The Struggle For Survival

Yes – Arriving UFO

Leap Day – Little Green Men (alternate version)

Cult of Wedge – OIL

Mike Kershaw – Dark Spaces

eiffel 65 – Blue

ELO – Mr Blue Sky

Anathema – Internal Landscapes


*From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘Monuments’ by Napier’s Bones


starfish64 –  Molehills

Editors – Sleepers

Genesis – Dreaming While You Sleep

Be-Bop Deluxe – Sleep That Burns

Gryphon – Haddocks’ Eyes*

Gryphon – Sailor V*

VDGG – The Sleepwalkers

Atomic Rooster – Sleeping For Years

Camel – The Sleeper

Ray Wilson – Shouting In My Sleep (excerpt)

*From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week  ‘Reinvention’ by Gryphon

Sky Architect – A Dying Man’s Hymn

Thin Lizzy – Waiting For An Alibi

Pendulum – Genesis

Lord of Worms – Serpents and Toads*

Lord of Worms – Loyal To The Mass*

IQ – Barbell Is In (Lizard Mix)

Baraka – Wormhole

Blues Creation – I Can’t Keep from Crying

Knifeworld – The Prime Of Our Decline

Genesis – Eleventh Earl of Mar

Rick Wakeman – 1984

Moulettes – Pufferfish Love

Haken – As Death Embraces

Muse – Prelude

Everything Everything – Put Me Together

Kraftwerk – The Hall Of Mirrors (excerpt)


  • From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, the ‘Lord of Worms’ E.P by Lord of Worms