FreddeGredde – When We Dance

Mogwai – Coolverine

Major Parkinson – Solitary Home

Magenta – Colours

Plini – Pastures

KingBathMat – The End of Evolution

The Claypool Lennon delirium – Captain Lariat

Sacred Ape – I Want To Go Back To The Happy House

Ageness – Why Don’t You Go Away

The Pineapple Thief – Variations On A Dream

Caravan – Hello Hello

Genesis – Firth of Fifth (Live)



Fish on Friday – Radio

Steven Wilson – Pariah

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now

Allan Holdsworth – The 4.15 Bradford Executive

Tears For Fears – Ashes to ashes

Nektar – Set Me Free, Amigo

Providence – An Epilogue For Cajolement

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir (Live)

Damanek – Long Time, Shadow Falls

Kaipa – Notes From The Past Parts 1 and 2

I Am your Autopilot – Guns and Gadgets

Witchwood – A Grave Is The River



Dead Bob is recuperating at a facility in Walsall, near Wales. In the meantime, the following fine artistes have come together to cheer him up:

Gungfly – Bringing Down The Walls

Jarkka Rissanen & Sons of the Desert – Detroit Blues

Big Big Train – Experimental Gentleman

Citizen Cain – Jonny Had Another Face

UK – Nevermore

Mew – Making Friends

Fantasy Bootleg – The Tangent / SeyYes

Magic Spell – Is There Anywhere A Gasstation

Ageness – Marigold

The Big Moon – The Undead

Motorpsycho – X3 / The Getaway Special (Knuckleheads in Space)

Lonely Robot – Hello World, Goodbye (possibly truncated)



Von Hertzen Brothers – Coming Home

RPWL – Spring of Freedom

The Find Dead Bob Ensemble – Bring Him Home

Agents of Mercy – We Have Been Freed

Pendragon – More Than Just Freedom

Dropshard – Freedom Supermarket

Major Parkinson – Greatest Love

White Willow – Animal Magnetism

Alan Reed – The Covenanter

Gentle Giant – Free Hand

Beardfish – Voluntary Slavery

Genesis – Duke’s Travels (Live)

Magnum – Freedom Day

White Willow – Future Hopes

Comedy of Errors – The Student Prince Part 1 (When Will I See You Again)

Zombie Picnic – The Cylindrical Sea

Shamblemaths – A Failing Ember

Steve Hackett – Behind the Smoke

Abel Ganz – Gratuitous Flash

Combination Head – We Are Machine

Yuval Ron and Residents of the Future – Looking Glass

Kayak – Hope For A Life

Frost* – Dear Dead Days