Lifesigns – N

Earl Brutus – On Me Not In Me

The Headboys – 24 Hours

Def Leppard – Hello America

Iron Maiden – Prodigal Son

The Cure – Friday I’m In Love

The Jam – Batman Theme

Aton Five – Time

The Hu – Wolf Totem

Mindspeak – I. All We Know 

Diamond Head – The Prince 

Magenta – Man The Machine (2020 Mix)

electric mud – mer de glace 

Steven Wilson – Personal Shopper (Progzilla Danger Monkey Remix)

Kate Bush – Hello Earth 

Before Dead Bob, before Sandford Hospital Radio, before background music, before jingles, there was just music. Remastered, albeit from the already heavily compressed mp3 version (the .wav masters have long gone), we present for you, warts and all, the second ever NTAPS, featuring:


Twombley Burwash – Cabaret Night

John Bassett – Break the Wall

ASIWYFA – Lifeproof

Cardiacs – Fairy Mary Mag

Chris Squire – You By My Side

Magic Pie – The Silent Giant

Mogwai – Batcat

The Flower Kings – A King’s Prayer

The Aristocrats – Waves (live)

It Bites – Vampires

A.C.T – The End

A true Blast From The Past and a Lockdown exclusive. Join Brian and special guests Billy Connolly, Liam Gallagher, George Osbourne and Mike Whitfield for the very first NTAPS. Featuring:


It Bites – Plastic Dreamer

Cardiacs – Jitterbug Junior Is A

Moon Safari – Moonwalk (live)

Haken – 1985

Cheeto’s Magazine – Naughty Boy

The Tangent – San Francisco

Genesis – Firth of Fifth (live)



Magenta- Bela

Kyros – Technology Killed The Kids III

Pacifica – The Mariner

Dark Star – Kaptain America

The Jam – Set the House Ablaze

Tiger Moth Tales – Still Alive

Yuka & Chronoship – The Air Ship of Jean Giraud

The Ben Cameron Project – Break It Open

Golden Earring – Did I Make You Up

Mansun – Things Keep Falling Off Buildings

The Flower Kings – The Road Back Home
KBB – Catastrophe (excerpt)
Big Country – Come Back To Me (live)
I Am The Manic Whale – Stand Up/The Milgram Experiment
Magenta – The Journey
Mike and the Mechanics – A Beggar on A Beach of Gold
The Gordon Midgley All-Stars – Tie A Yellow Ribbon (The Bevan Mix)
Focus – Hocus Pocus

Alcàntara – After the Flood

Frost* – Drown

Morrissey – Do Your Best And Don’t Worry

Fatal Fusion – Total Absence

The Damned – Sonar Deceit

Synaesthesia – Good Riddance

Scarlet Inside – BLue Street

Arabs In Aspic – Heaven In Your Eye

Pete Townsend – Quadrophenia – Four Overtures (Demo)

Oceansize – Fear

North Atlantic Oscillation – Downhill

Frost* – Exhibit A

Yuval Ron – I Believe In Astronauts

Franck Carducci – Beautiful Night

Sky Architect – The Grey Legend (live)

Peter Jones – A Visit To Chigwick (From The Quiet Room)

The Tangent – Everyman’s Forgotten Monday

Regal Worm – The Dreaded Lurg

Magenta – Gluttony (From The Quiet Room)

Mike Snow – Song for No-One

Cardiacs – Is This the Life?

Elvis Costello – Welcome to the Working Week

Supertramp – Crime of the Century 

Ageness – The Lie and the Liar

Allan Holdsworth – The Un-Merry Go Round (In Loving Memory of My Father)

Marillion – Market Square Heroes

Lonely Robot – Life is a Sine Wave

City of Souls – Iron Heart

Kristoffer Gildenlöw – Infected

Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Crawling to the USA

The Buggles – Riding a Tide

Drifting Sun – Last Supper

FreddeGredde – Time Will Tell (excerpt)

Mystery Jets – Hospital Radio

Fatal Fusion – Astral Flight

Ars Nova – Demon’s Forest 

Fatal Fusion – Broken Man

Sky Architect – Deep Chasm

Nick Beggs – The Night Porter

The Clash – London Calling (live)

Combination Head – Devonshire Crescent

Peter Gabriel – More Than This (Polyphonic Spree Mix)

Franz Ferdinand – Michael

Leap Day – March Under the Symbol 

Yes – It Can Happen (Cinema Version)

Unitopia – Still Here 

Marillion – Number One

Galleon – The Price

Iron Maiden – Phantom of the Opera

Genesis – In The Cage medley (live)

Porcupine Tree – Hatesong

XTC – Millions

Tangekanic – Doctor Livingstone (live)

Ronny Stilts – Little Cottage By The Sea (excerpt)