Laura Meade – Sunflowers at Chernobyl

Yezda Urfa – Give ’em Some Rawhide Chewies

Ambrosia – Life Beyond

Blue Öyster Cult – Workshop of the Telescopes

Pat Benatar – My Clone Sleeps Alone

Lift – Caverns

Babylon – Dreamfish

Starcastle – To The Fire Wind

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Blue Collar

Styx – Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)

Nightwinds – As The Crow Flies

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention – Po-Jama people

Dixie Dregs – Night Meets Light

Kansas – The Wall

Grits – Jupiter Jam

Circuline – Who I Am

Edition 103 of THE PROG MILL – first broadcast on Progzilla Radio on 22nd April, is now ready to listen to anytime or download.

This week its another two hours of mainly brand new melodic and symphonic progressive rock with the odd classic thrown in for good measure!

This week’s Playlist

1 Drifting Sun – Remedy (Twilight)
2 Gleb Kolyadin – The Best of Days (Gleb Kolyadin)
3 Riversea – Strange Land (The Tide)
4 Aethellis – Believe in Somebody (A Home in your Thoughts EP)
5 Nine Skies – Return Home (Return Home)
6 Deep Imagination – Wings to Fly (Carefully Kept Secrets)
7 Aurora Lunare – Trading My Soul (Translunaggio)
8 The Security Project (feat Happy Rhodes)- Here Comes the Flood (Single)
9 Greenslade – Bedside Manners Are Extra (Bedside Manners Are Extra)
10 Lathe of Heaven – The Barefoot Chocolate Maker (Lathe of Heaven)
11 Material Eyes – This Storm Tonight (Strange Road)
12 Riccardo Romano Land – B612 (B612)
13 Encircled – Tomorrow (The Monkey Jamboree)
14 The Stranglers – Genetix (The Raven) [Proggy Moment from a Mainstream Band]
15 Marillion – Garden Party (Script for a Jesters Tear)
16 Rush – La Villa Strangiato (Hemispheres)

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We love you to choose the music, so if you’re listening to or producing any good melodic or symphonic progressive rock, let me know. Its shaun@progzilla.com, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or facebook.com/theprogmill

Edition 142 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Mauricio Ibáñez – Descending Into Madness (from Off To A Better Place)
Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman – The Last American Hero (from The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour)
Malady – Etsijan Elinehto (from Toinen Toista)
Fractal Mirror – Book (from Close To Vapour)
LizZard – Passing By (from Shift)

Connect 4:
Porcupine Tree – Way Out Of Here (from Fear Of A Blank Planet)
Dave Stewart And Barbara Gaskin – It’s My Party (from It’s My Party)
Neil – Golf Girl (from Neil’s Heavy Concept Album)
Camel – Summer Lightning (from Breathless)

Rocket Scientists – Mariner (from Brutal Architecture)

Jurassic Prog:
Paternoster – Old Danube (from Paternoster)
Genesis – Watcher of the Skies (from Foxtrot)

Marillion – A Legacy (from Marillion.,com)
Pendragon – No Place For The Innocent (from Believe)
Vulture Industries – Strangers (from Stranger Times)
Dirt Poor Robins – Speak to Me (from The Raven Locks Act 2)

Monsters of Progzilla:

Quantum Fantay – Ugisiunsi (live)
Beardfish – Harmony (live)
Riverside – 02 Panic Room (live)
The Tangent – The Music That Died Alone (live)
Steve Hackett – Ace Of Wands (live)
Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine (live)

Ólafur Arnalds – So Far [feat. Arnor Dan] (from Broadchurch: music from the original TV series)

Edition 131 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


HeKz – To The Lions
Red Circuit – So Hard to Be Like God
Abigail’s Ghost – D_Letion
Subterranean Masquerade – Nomad
Madder Mortem – If I Could

Live at 11: Opeth live At The Camden Roundhouse, 9th November 2006

Demon Of The Fall (live)
Windowpane (live)
Ghost Of Perdition (live)

Enslaved – Axis Of The Worlds
Deadsoul Tribe – Let The Hammer Fall

Album of the Week: Angra – Secret Garden

Newborn Me
Violet Sky
Perfect Symmetry

Dream Theater – A Rite of Passage

Part One of my Ken Hensley coverage is now available at Progwatch.com

Ken Hensley is a self-proclaimed survivor…a veteran of the mega rock star days of the 1970s, and a music business machine that would just as soon grind up, spit out, and replace band members, rather than stop the money stream long enough for them to get help for addictions or other problems. In a career going back more than 50 years, his compositions and versatile musicianship put Uriah Heep on the map and then sustained a solo career and various bands, collaborations, and projects up through today. I was lucky enough to catch up with Ken a few weeks ago and chat at length with him about his illustrious career and his most recent project, a solo anthology called Rare And Timeless, driven and curated by Ken himself, and done in conjunction with BMG and PledgeMusic. This week I am proud to present some of that interview and a “Heeping” helping of great Ken Hensley music! (Part Two will follow in a few weeks.)

516: In Conversation with Ken Hensley, Pt. 1


It was my turn on 101 Dimensions once again, my friends, and I lined up an eclectic selection of electronic, ambient, space rock, and new age music for your listening pleasure! Here’s what I played:

1. Jem Godfrey & Simon Godfrey – Answer 5 (Simon); and Answer 6 (Jem) (from the album Six Questions, Twelve Answers, 2018)
2. The Spacelords – Pyroclastic Monster (from the album Space Rock – An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide, 2016)
3. Jem & Simon Godfrey – Answer 7 (Simon); and Answer 8 (Jem) (from the album Six Questions, Twelve Answers, 2018)
4. Yuri Gagarin – At The Center Of All Infinity (from the album Space Rock – An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide, 2016)
5. Massimo Ruberti – Liftoff; Burn; and Earth (from the album Armstrong, 2015)
6. Mirror of Dreams – Broken Memory; and Desolation, 2018
7. Röyksopp – Blade Runner Blues; and Small Hours (from the album Late Night Tales, 2013)
8. David Arkenstone – Garden Of Eve; Last Tango In Paris; Fashion Week; Gnossiennes No. 1; and I Will Wait For You (from the album Parisian Lounge, 2018)
9. Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement (from the album Rapid Eye Movement (Deluxe Edition), 2007)

Until next time, be good to each other, and Prog On, my brothers and sisters!


101 Dimensions – April 2018


Elephant 9 – Actionpack 1

Ange – À Tort Ou À Raison

Jadis – The Beginning And The End

The Damned – The Shadow of Love (10 inches of Hell Mix)

The RPO – Tom Sawyer

Jethro Tull – Paparazzi

PFM – Photos of Ghosts

Coast – Dance 35 (intro)

The Proclaimers – Letter From America

Talk Talk – April 5th

Yes – Fly From Here – Pt1

Kate Bush – Breathing

Elton John – Funeral For A friend / Love Lies Bleeding (live)

Simple Minds – The American