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 Broadcast 14th July 2019

1.       May Day Barclay James Harvest
2.       The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys Traffic
3.       My Lady Woman Cold Blood
4.       Tightrope Ten Wheel Drive
5.       Taunta/Nantucket Sleighride Mountain
6.       Total Control The Motels
7.       Stepping Out Queen Van Morrison
8.       We’re Gonna Roll Boz Scaggs
9.       Reminiscing Little River Band
10.   Marrakesh Express Crosby Stills & Nash
11.   I Can’t Get No Nookie The Masked Marauders
12.   Run Through The Jungle Creedence Clearwater Revival
13.   Searching For Madge Fleetwood Mac
14.   Mother Where Is My Father David Peel & the Lower East Side
15.   I Need A Man To Love Big Brother & the Holding Company
16.   Questions Questions Golden Avatar
17.   Ode to LRC Band Of Horses
18.   Siam Seesaw Greenslade
19.   Help I’m A Rock The Mothers Of Invention
20.   Ask Me Now Ben Sidran
21.   Future Talk Urszula Dudziak
22.   South California Purples Chicago
23.   Question 67 & 68 Chicago
24.   Desert Horizon Norton Buffalo
25.   Southern Man Neil Young
26.   Song For America Kansas
27.   People Who Eat Darkness, Ninet version Steven Wilson (Ninet Tayeb, Israeli)
28.   Lose Face The Fixx
29.   All The Young Punks (New Boots & Contracts) The Clash
30.   Punch & Judy Marillion
31.   I Have The Touch Peter Gabriel
32.   Original Sin INXS
33.   Listen Here Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express
34.   Eruption Emerson Lake & Palmer
35.   Stones Of Years Emerson Lake & Palmer
36.   A Hot Summer Day It’s A Beautiful Day
37.   Ashes, The Rain, And I James Gang
38.   More Than You Can Chew Horslips
39.   Imaginary Voyage Pt’s 1 & 2 Jean-Luc Ponty
40.   One Of These Days Pink Floyd


Edition 202 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


The Emerald Dawn – As Darkness Falls (from Nocturne)
Drifting Sun – Missing (from Planet Junkie)
Cosmograf – Godspeed (from Mind Over Depth)
viseMènn – Begging You Please (from You Are)
Analog Missionary – Rivers Made for Crossing (from Arc)
Echolyn – Island (from Echolyn)
Kayak – They Get To Know Me (from Kayak II)
Camel – Earthrise (from Mirage)
Eloy – Reflections From The Spheres Beyond (from Ocean 2 – The Answer)
Equinox – Angel of Passion (from Equinox)
Kevin Lawry – The Shadows Stole The Dawn (from The Shadows Stole The Dawn)
Edison’s Children – Spiraling (from In The Last Waking Moments…)
John Wesley – Last Man By Your Side (from The Emperor Falls)
Porcupine Tree – Stranger By The Minute (from Stupid Dream)
Pure Reason Revolution – Last Man, Last Round (from Hammer and Anvil)
Bullet Height – Bastion (from No Atonement)
Diamond Head – The Coffin Train (from The Coffin Train)
Rebecca Downes – Breathe Out (from More Sinner Than Saint)
Ulver – Echo Chamber (Room of Tears) (from Sic Transit Gloria Mundi)
Archive – Splinters (from The False Foundation)
잠비나이- 검은 빛은 붉은 빛으로 (from 온다)

Northern Star 11th July 2019

Time Machine!

Theme Pallas – Northern Star

  1. Beggars Opera – Time Machine
  2. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Joybringer
  3. McDonald & Giles – Suite in C
  4. Patrick Moraz – Best Years of our lives
  5. Peter Hammill – The comet, the course the tail t
  6. PFM – Left hand theory
  7. Procol Harum – Beyond the pale
  8. Genesis – Musical Box
  9. Moody blues – My song
  10. Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade – Pigs (Three different kinds)
  11. StarCastle – Lady Of The lake
  12. Curved Air – Marie Antoinette
  13. Yes – Turn of The Century
  14. Rick Wakeman – The Last battle
  15. Camel – One of These Early Days I’ll Get an Early Night
  16. Alan Parsons Project – Fall of The House of Usher
  17. Van Der Graaf Generator – A place to Survive
  18. Mike Oldfield – Hergest Ridge


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This week’s Prog-Watch is a wonderful variety program with lots of new music, plus some great selections from a Guest DJ by the name of David Graham of Hawick, Scotland! We’ll hear music from Magic Pie, The Tornados, Thank You Scientist, The Moody Blues, The Gift, Genesis, Freedom To Glide, Pallas, Drifting Sun, Swallow the Sun, and Gandalf’s Fist! All of that jammed into 90 minutes!


628: Variety with Guest DJ Selections

628: Variety with Guest DJ Selections

Proving that prog isn't just for dinosaurs!

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 297 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

  • Supertramp – The Logical Song
  • Ark – Boudicca’s Chariot
  • Crippled Black Phoenix – Uncivil War (Pt I & II)
  • Maraton – Body Double
  • Kayak – Walk Through Fire
  • Marillion – Jigsaw
  • Nad Sylvan – The Regal Bastard
  • Rush – The Trees
  • Anthony Phillips – Prelude ’84
  • Cardiacs – R.E.S.
  • Cardiacs – Dirty Boy
  • Cardiacs – Big Ship
  • Moonrise – Like An Arrow
  • Supertramp – Brother Where You Bound
  • Quantum Fantay – Yemaya Orisha (Veautifull Mocean Pt.1)
  • Black Midi – 953
  • Patrick Moraz – Temples Of Joy
  • Womega – Tearful Thoughts
  • Bjørn Riis – Stormwatch
  • Mike Hewetson & Stu Nicholson – I Talk To the Wind

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101 Dimensions Curated by Emma

Broadcast 29th June 2019

I Dreamt of a decade of Tangerine Skies

  1. Tangerine Dream – Genesis
  2. Tangerine Dream – Sunrise In the Third System
  3. Tangerine Dream – Fauni
  4. Tangerine Dream – Rubycon pt 2
  5. Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear
  6. Tangerine Dream – Madrigal Meridian
  7. Tangerine Dream – Thru Meta morphic Rocks
  8. Tangerine Dream – Tangram Set 2
  9. Tangerine Dream – Desert dream
  10. Tangerine Dream – Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares

Connect the dots and connect with 101 Dimensions via any of the Curators Cliff Anthony or Emma

Cliff@progzilla.com, Emma@progzilla.com or Progsquatch@progzilla.com

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Edition 194 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Dream Theater – Strange Deja Vu
Watchtower – Arguments Against Design
Redemption – Eyes You Dare Not Meet in Dreams
Zero Hour – The Temple Within
Queensrÿche – Launder the Conscience

Epic at 11: Symphony X – The Divine Wings Of Tragedy

Periphery – The Gods Must Be Crazy!
The Contortionist – Thrive

Album of the Week: Fates Warning – Theories of Flight

The Ghosts of Home
White Flag

Between The Buried And Me – Obfuscation

(The Old Day IS The New Day)

Many of the issues we face today are not new… we just didn’t learn the lessons of the past.

Fortunately, music isn’t like that. New creations often use the past as building blocks… and the results are impressive (unless of course we didn’t learn anything, and disco makes a comeback). 😉

This week we’ll explore both new and old music, including a 50-year old classic album.

And remember, you can access podcasts of any previous Progressive Tracks Show at: http://www.progzilla.com/?s=progressive+tracks (there are over 160 now!).


If you have comments or suggestions for show topics/ music (always welcome), feel free to contact me any time via email:  ProgTracks@KPTZ.org

Edition 165 of THE PROG MILL – first broadcast Sunday 7th July, is now also available to stream anytime or download. Another two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive music. Included in this show is another CD Giveaway (time limited) and a new review from our partners at The Progressive Aspect website.

Here’s This Week’s Playlist

1 Magic Pie – The Man Who Had It All (Fragments of the 5th Element)
2 Summer Breeze Project – Broken Water (NEon)
3 Aldo Dalla Spazio – Little Piggy Will (Quasar)
4 Millenium – Un-named (MMXVIII)
5 Drifting Sun – Missing (Single)
6 Master Men – Orphan (From The Moon)
7 Mindfields – Nobodys Dream (One)
8 This Winter Machine – Delta (A Tower of Clocks)
9 Grice – As I Am (One Thousand Birds)
10 Lazleitt – Gallows Hill Dossier 1 – Grace Sherwood (Perpetually Under Idle Grounds)
11 Lazleitt – Gallows Hill Dossier 2 – Bridget Bishop (Perpetually Under Idle Grounds)
12 Andres Guazelli – La Balada del Viento y el Tiempo (Single)
13 Echo Test – The Drift (Le Fil Rouge)
14 Seventh Wave – Skyscraper/Metropolis/Old Dog (Things to Come)

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Your melodic and symphonic progressive rock music suggestions for the show are very welcome. Just email shaun@progzilla.com, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or facebook.com/theprogmill

NEXT WEEK: Yet ANOTHER Prog Mill CD Giveaway (Win Times Up CD’s), The Progressive Aspect review the new album by The Gift, and my special guest will be Dave Cureton of IO Earth!


 Broadcast 7th July 2019

1.       In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Iron Butterfly
2.       2000 Light Years From Home The Rolling Stones
3.       Third Stone From The Sun Jimi Hendrix Experience
4.       Astronomy Domine Pink Floyd
5.       Hall Of The Mountain Grill Hawkwind
6.       Time Chambers Brothers
7.       Eight Miles High Byrds
8.       Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin
10.   Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds The Beatles
11.   Black Peter Grateful Dead
12.   White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane
13.   I Am The Walrus The Beatles
14.   The Court of the Crimson King (including the Return of the Fire Witch and The Dance of the Puppets King Crimson
15.   Shine On Brightly Procol Harem
16.   Starship Trooper: a. Lifeseeker b. Disillusion 3. Wurm Yes
17.   Departure/Ride My See-Saw Moody Blues
18.   Space Child Spirit
19.   She’s A Rainbow The Rolling Stones
20.   Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder Quicksilver Messenger Service
21.   Larf & Sing Family
22.   Laughter Endle St. Cloud
23.   Country Boy Josefus
24.   Prelude: Happiness / I’m So Glad Deep Purple
25.   Speak To Me/Breathe In The Air/On The Run Pink Floyd
26.   Hyper-Gamma-Spaces Alan Parsons Project
27.   Higher & Higher Moody Blues
28.   Bach’s Little Fugue In G/Father OSA Styx
29.   Wild Honey The Beach Boys
30.   Heaven Is In Your Mind Traffic
31.   Blackberry Way The Move
32.   Colours Donovan
33.   Hello It’s Me Nazz
35.   Miles Runs The Voodo Down Miles Davis
36.   Sunshine Of Your Love Cream
38.   The Serpent Genesis
39.   Bluebird Buffalo Springfield
40.   Seven & Seven Is Arthur Lee & Love
41.   To Cry You A Song Jethro Tull
42.   Theme One Van Der Graaf Generator
43.   Late For Supper/Spidergawd/Eep Hour Jerry Garcia
Frank Zappa
45.   Eldorado/Eldorado Finale Electric Light Orchestra