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Edition 74 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.



Semistereo – The Search
Voyager Australia – Ascension
Fates Warning – A Handful of Doubt
Communic Official – Facing Tomorrow

Epic at 11: Orphaned Land – The Path (parts 1 & 2)

Mercutio – Shed Your Skin
DispersE – Sleeping Ivy

Album of the Week: HeKz – Caerus

Progress & Failure
The Black Hand

HAKEN – Atlas Stone

Edition 097 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Ayreon – Elected
Marillion – Why is Nothing Ever True (from F.E.A.R.)
King Crimson – The Great Deceiver (from Starless and Bible Black)
Cream – Politician (from Wheels on Fire)
Thunder – Low Life in High Places (from Laughing on Judgement Day)
Also Eden – Think of the Children I (from Think of the Children)
Roger Waters – Smell the Roses (from Is This The Life We Really Want?)
Blurred Vision – Democracy (from Democracy)
Aronora – Vote 1: Anything Else (from Escapology)
Archive – Words on Signs (from Controlling Crowds (Parts I-III))
The Gift – The Willows (from Land of Shadows)
Big Big Train – Swan Hunter (from English Electric Part Two)
Nektar – The Debate (from Evolution)
KingBathmat – Sheeple (from Gravity Field)
The Mute Gods – The Dumbing Of The Stupid (from Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth)
Steve Thorne – Island Of Imbeciles (from Island Of Imbeciles)
Emmett Elvin – The Democracy They Deserve (from Assault On The Tyranny Of Reason)
Kula Shaker – Death of Democracy (from K2.0)
Galahad – Democracy (from Year Zero)

Monsters of Progzilla:

Radiohead – Electioneering (live)
Rainbow – Can’t Happen Here (live)
Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (live)
Twelfth Night – We Are Sane (live)
Marillion – Sugar Mice (live)
Pink Floyd – Sheep (live)

She Makes War – I Want My Country Back (from I Want My Country Back )

Edition 094 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Genesis – Turn It On Again (from Duke)
Valdez – Little Keys (from This)
Steven Wilson – Pariah (from To The Bone)
Kaprekar’s Constant – Call It a Memory (from Call It a Memory)
Roger Waters – Déjà Vu (from Is This The Life We Really Want?)

Connect 4:
Riverside – The Depth Of Self-Delusion (from Shrine Of New Generation Slaves)
Iamthemorning – Lighthouse (from Lighthouse)
Porcupine Tree – Trains (from In Absentia)
Dream Theater – Repentance (from Systematic Chaos)

Pervy Perkin – I Believe (from ToTeM)
Panzerpappa – Landsbysladder 3 (from Pestrottedans)
Jaga Jazzist – Oban (from Starfire)
Bruce Soord – Field Day, Pts. 1 & 2 (from Bruce Soord)
Lee Abraham – Say Your Name Aloud (from The Seasons Turn)
Muse – Butterflies & Hurricanes (from Absolution)
The D/A Method – The Illusionist (from The Great Disillusion)

Monsters of Progzilla:
The Moonlandingz – Black Hanz (live)
Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger – Long Gone (live)
Syd Barrett – Baby Lemonade (live)
Pain of Salvation – Scarsick (live)
Radiohead – Paranoid Android (live)
The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night (live)

Garden of Live Flowers – Sunflowers (from Garden of Live Flowers Promo)

Edition 081 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Pallas – Shock Treatment (from The Sentinel)
Sieges Even – To the Ones Who Have Failed (from The Art of Navigating By the Stars)
Antimatter – Wide Awake In The Concrete Asylum (from Fear of a Unique Identity)
Amplifier – Strange Seas Of Thought (from Insider)
The Gift – Road Runs On ‘Til Morning (from Land of Shadows)

Connect 4:
Landmarq – Terracotta Army (from Solitary Witness)
Ayreon – Isis And Osiris (from Into The Electric Castle)
Hard Rain – Different Kind of Love (from Hard Rain)
Thunder – Heartbreak Hurricane (from Rip It Up)

KingBathmat – Weather The Storm (from Son of a Nun)
John Bassett – Something That’s More Worthwhile (from Unearth)
Mostly Autumn – 67 – 79 (from Go Well Diamond Heart)
Blackfield – From 44 to 48 (from Blackfield V)

Monsters of Progzilla:

Supertramp – Another Man’s Woman (live)
Stevie Wonder – Superstition (live)
Alan Parsons Project – Don’t Answer Me (live)
Steve Hackett – Shadow of the Hierophant (live)
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love (live)
Big Big Train – Judas Unrepentant (live)

It Bites – This is England (from The Tall Ships)

Northern Star   150617

Lets look at what perfection really means

Northern Star  Pallas Theme

  • King Crimson – larks Tongue in aspic pt1
  • Arjen Lucassen’s Guilt Machine – Perfection
  • Blackfield – perfect World
  • Balance of power – House of Cain
  • Ultravox – Perfecting the art of common ground
  • Deep Purple – Perfect Stranger
  • District 97 – The perfect Young man
  • Don Henley – Build The perfect Beast
  • John martyn – Perfect Hustler
  • Karmakanic – When fear came to town
  • Steven Wilson – Perfect Life
  • Roger waters – Perfect Sense pt 1 & 2
  • Nine Inch nails – The perfect Drug (Space time continuum)
  • Perfect beings – Cause and effect
  • Kino – Perfect tense
  • Mike and the Mechanics – Perfect Child
  • Squackett – Perfect love song
  • Pain Od Salvation – Idoglossia
  • Peter Hammill – A Perfect Date
  • Spocks beard – On a Perfect day
  • Shineback – One last Perfect day

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The Progressive Tracks Show #215 (I’ll Take Theme-less Shows For $200, Alex), originally broadcast on Friday June 16, 2017, is now available to download or listen to any time you desire.

Theme-less is the new Theme, people!  So get on board!      ;o)


  • NP:  Schnauser – “Spiele Mit Katzen” from Irritant on Bad Elephant Music
  • NP:  The Echelon Effect – “Distant Cities” from Signals on Independent
  • NP:  Cosmograf – “Tethered and Bound” from The Hay-Man Dreams on Cosmograf Music
  • NP:  El Trio – “Solo En Cancion” from Balance on Independent
  • NP:  Pink Floyd – “Welcome To The Machine” from Wish You Were Here (Remastered) on Parlophone UK
  • NP:  Pink Floyd – “Have A Cigar” from Wish You Were Here (Remastered) on Parlophone UK
  • NP:  Davey Dodds – “Kernowcopia” from Kernowcopia on Angel Air Records
  • NP:  Hypnos 69 – “An Aerial Architect” from Legacy on Elektrohasch Schallplatten
  • NP:  Schnauser – “The Monday Club” from Irritant on Bad Elephant Music
  • NP:  El Trio – “A Medio Vivir” from Balance on Independent
  • NP:  Cosmograf – “Trouble In The Forest” from The Hay-Man Dreams on Cosmograf Music
  • NP:  The Echelon Effect – “End Transmission” from Signals on Independent

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