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(Prog, As It Comes)

Some editions of The Progressive Tracks Show just ‘make themselves’…music appears, and all I have to do is be aware enough to incorporate it into a show. That’s the case this week, and the result is a great listen!


  • Crystal Beth – “Invocation” from Push Thru on 7dMedia (2019)
  • Richard Pinhas & Tatsuya Yoshida – “Ignition” from Ascension on Magaibutsu Limited (2019)
  • PAK – “Reflection Consumer” from Bestial on Nefarious Industries (2019)
  • Ginger Baker (and the DJQ20) – “Daylight” from Coward of the County on Rhino Atlantic (1999)
  • October Equus – “Ceniza” from Presagios on October Xart (2019)
  • Jalayan – “Descent of Annunaki” from Sonic Drive on Independent (2019)
  • Deep Energy Orchestra – “Awakening” from Playing With Fire (2018) on 7dMedia
  • Crystal Beth – “Dolphy” from Push Thru on 7dMedia (2019)
  • Jalayan – “Ishtar Gate” from Sonic Drive on Independent (2019)
  • October Equus – “Pneuma” from Presagios on October Xart (2019)
  • Aisles – “The Maiden” from In Sudden Walks on Independent (2009)
  • Ciolkowska – “Психоделия (Psychedelia)” from Психоделия (Psychedelia) on [addicted label] (Unreleased – 2020)
  • Территория Тишины (Territory of Silence) -“Здесь и сейчас (Here and Now)” from Здесь и сейчас (Here and Now) – single on Night Hunter Music (2019)

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Edition 180 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio, which also happens to be the 400th in total for the show (as it previously had 220 editions on local radio in Staffordshire) – first broadcast Sunday 20th October 2019, is now also available to stream on demand or download as a mp3 file.

Two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive rock, the latest review by The Progressive Aspect website and a chance to win the new ESP Project album.

Here’s This Week’s Playlist

1 Downes Braide Association – Lighthouse (Live in England)
2 Nine Skies – Burn My Brain (Sweetheart Grips)
3 Octavarium – Dreams (Origin)
4 La Stella Rossa Del Kinotto – La Canzione Di Astolfo (La Stella Rossa Del Kinotto)
5 Orion 2.0 – Virtual Human (Virtual Human)
6 ESP Project – On Lunar Tides (The Rising)
7 Bryan Beller – World Class (Stories from the Flood)
8 Lobate Scarp – And We Tried (Spirals and Portals)
9 Nektar – Devils Door (B Side of Skywriter from The Other Side album)
10 Franck Carducci – (Love Is) The Answer (The Answer)
11 Art in America – A Tale of the Unexpected (Cloudborn)
12 Captain Beyond – Distant Sun (Sufficiently Breathless)
13 Porcupine Tree – Sentimental (Anesthetize – Live)
14 Barclay James Harvest – Medicine Man (Barclay James Harvest and Other Short Stories)

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NEXT WEEK: Another Prog Mill CD Giveaway! Win the great new album by FEARFUL SYMMETRY

101 Dimensions Curated by Emma

This is another One!

Broadcast 19th October 2019

  • Goblin – Suspira (Narration)
  • Hans Wurman – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
  • Tomita – The Giant Pyramid Sitting At The Bottom Of The Sea Of Bermuda And The Ancient People
  • BrainTicket –Machinery
  • Ian Boddy, Ron Boots, & Harold Van Der Heijden – Tunnel Vision
  • Faust – No Harm
  • The Kalman Filter – Veltorn
  • The Future sound of London – dead cities
  • Klaus Schulz – Frank Herbert
  • White Noise – The Visitation
  • John – Carpenter – Obsidian
  • Klaus Schulze & Peter Namlock – Phantom Heart Brother pt 1
  • Eat Static – Eeerie Nothingness
  • Mark Pritchard – 1642 try 621

Connect the dots and connect with 101 Dimensions via any of the Curators Cliff Anthony or Emma

Cliff@progzilla.com , Emma@progzilla.com  or Progsquatch@progzilla.com

Every Saturday night from Midnight UTC + 1 (BST) till late all music no chat Electronic Ambient and Progressive

 Repeated  as Ambient Afternoon on Friday 1:00 pm UTC + 1 (bst)




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Northern Star  17th October 2019.

Obviously Hidden From Sight

Theme Pallas – Northern Star

  1. Nine Inch Nails – The way out is through
  2. Porcupine tree – Halo
  3. Corvus Stone – Eternal Universe
  4. Gerard Smith – Enoch Hill
  5. Joe Satriani – Andalusia
  6. Miles Davis – Round Midnight
  7. Steve Hackett – Two faces of Cairo
  8. Discipline – Homegrown
  9. Mr Bungle – Slowly Growing Deaf
  10. Pendulum – Crush
  11. Omega – Éjféli Koncert
  12. Mike Kershaw – A Promise
  13. Roger Waters – Mother
  14. Weather report – Speechless
  15. Jethro tull – Cold wind to Valhalla
  16. Galahad – Reach for the sun
  17. Gong – Inside your Head
  18. Pallas – East west
  19. Kansas – Song For America
  20. Transatlantic – A man can feel
  21. Roy Harper – Nineteen Forty-eightish
  22. Teru’s Symphonia – Do Androids Dream of Electric Camel?
  23. Rush – Digital Man
  24. Vanilla Fudge – Immigrant song
  25. Robert Calvert – Ejection
  26. Steve Hughes – Sunshine Willow



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Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 105

Broadcast 12th October 2019

The Strawbs – Hero and Heroine
Art In America – Someone Called My Name
The Psychedelic Ensemble – Blind Mice
IZZ – Age Of Stars
Rick Wakeman – Chamber Of Horrors
Steve Unruh – Uncharted Waters
King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live)
Moron Police – Captain Awkward
Professor Tip Top – An Awkward Choice
Cambridge Circus (London Cast) – Judge Not
Jordan Rudess – Insects Among Us
Camel – Coming Of Age (Live)
Moon Safari – In The Countryside
Genesis – Your Own Special Way (Live)
A Lifelong Journey – Streets Of Empathy
Colin Masson – The Devil and the Tailor
Jon Anderson – Twice in a Lifetime
Skylake – Haste
Beyond The Fringe (London Cast) – The End Of the World
It Bites – All In Red (Live)


Broadcast 20th October 2019

1.   Distant Early Warning Rush
2.   Can-Utility and the Coastliners Genesis
3.   She’s A Woman Jeff Beck w/Jan Hammer Group
4.   Bleeding Heart Jimi Hendrix
5.   US Blues Grateful Dead
6.   Machine Messiah Yes
7.   The Cause Comedy Of Errors
“Comin Home 6-Pack”
8.   Homeward Bound Simon & Garfunkel
9.   Back Home Again John Denver
10.               I’m Going Home Arlo Guthrie
11.               Take Me Home Phil Collins
12.               Take The Long Way Home Supertramp
13.               Can’t Find My Way Home Blind Faith
14.               The Hunt This Winter Machine
15.               Nothing To Lose U.K.
16.               Road To Kingdom Come Lindisfarne
17.               Last Of The Singing Cowboys Marshall Tucker Band
18.               One Five Eight Stone The Crows
19.               You’ve Been In Love Too Long Bonnie Raitt
SLIDE INTO A SIDE: Genesis – Foxtrot Genesis
20.               Horizion’s
21.               Supper’s Ready  
22.               Fly My Airplane Lighthouse
23.               Coming On The Hudson Arthur Blythe
24.               Chapel Bell Rise (Jo-Beth Young)
25.               Subway Quicksilver Messenger Service
26.               Gasoline Alley Rod Stewart
27.               The Error Lives On Phideaux
28.               I Want More Tedeschi Trucks Band
29.               Africa Toto
30.               Foxlight Wobbler
31.               Cold Duck Time Eddie Harris & Les McCann
32.               Ask Me Now Ben Sidran
33.               The Lady Wants To Know Michael Franks
34.               Sun Goddess Ramsey Lewis
35.               Hard Work John Handy



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Edition 214 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday (from Hotter Than July)
Big Big Train – Judas Unrepentant (from English Electric Part One)
The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever (from Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane)
Yes – Awaken (from Going For The One)
Genesis – Blood On The Rooftops (from Wind & Wuthering)
Peter Gabriel – Not One Of Us (from Peter Gabriel)
Supertramp – Fool’s Overture (from Even In The Quietest Moments)
The Moody Blues – Have You Heard (Pt. 1)/The Voyage/Have You Heard (Pt. 2) (from On The Threshold Of A Dream)
Man – Many Are Called, But Few Get Up (from Do You Like It Here Now… Are You Settling In?)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Memoirs of an Officer and a Gentleman: i. Prologue / The Education of a Gentleman, ii. Love At First Sight, iii. Letters from the Front, iv. Honourable Company (A March) (from Love Beach)
Eureka – In Search Of Relief (from Shackleton’s Voyage)
Unitopia – When I’m Down (from The Garden)
Alan Parsons Project – The Raven (from Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Edgar Allan Poe))
Steve Hackett – Shadow of the Hierophant (from Voyage Of The Acolyte)
Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks (from Led Zeppelin IV)
Roy Harper – The Same Old Rock (from Stormcock)
The Carpenters – Goodbye To Love (from A Song For You)

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Proving that prog isn't just for dinosaurs!

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 311 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

  • Led Zeppelin – Carouselambra
  • Anubis – A Tower Of Silence
  • Frames – Intro/The Beginning
  • Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso – Stelle Sulla Terra
  • Japan – Methods Of Dance
  • Pendragon – The Voyager
  • Hawkestrel – Do What Ya Need To Do
  • Peter Gabriel – Quiet Steam
  • Peter Gabriel – Biko (Remix)
  • Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Dance Mix)
  • Eyevory – Follow Me
  • Porcupine Tree – Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled
  • Frank Zappa – Black Napkins
  • Peter Hammill – A Louse Is Not A Home
  • Popol Vuh – Aguirre I (L Acrime Di Rei)
  • The Opium Cartel – Silence Instead
  • Karmakanic – Undertow/When The World Is Caving In

iTunes/iPod users*: Just search for ‘Progzilla’ or subscribe to: http://www.progzilla.com/media/podcasts/podcast.xml


Edition 207 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Star One – Earth That Was
Alarion – Chains of the Collective
Unwritten Pages – In the Name of Ishmael
Ayreon – Into the Black Hole

Epic at 11: Headspace – The Science Within Us

Archangel – Misplaced Love
Acid Empire – Into the Void

Album of the Week: Threshold – Wounded Land

Sanity’s End

Maiden uniteD – Where Eagles Dare

#progzillaradio #heavyelements


Do you really have to ask what this week’s show is all about?

Well, there is some other excellent new music included…

NOTE:  This podcast has ‘a little extra’ attached.  I don’t think you’ll mind.  ;o)


If you have comments or suggestions for show topics/ music (always welcome), feel free to contact me any time via email:  ProgTracks@KPTZ.org

And remember, you can access podcasts of any previous Progressive Tracks Show at: http://www.progzilla.com/?s=progressive+tracks (there are over 170 podcasts now!).

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