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Not content with bringing us the studio and live album collaborations with Vespero and another very good CD with Priot Duo this year, Angel Ontalva has posted a new track from October Equus – sounding a little more chamber rock this time out with flute, bassoon and cello supplementing the standard rock quartet.

From Angel’s email:

Dear friends,
We are finally starting the definitive mix of a new October Equus album, after my friend and brother in arms Piotr Talalay did a fantastic job recording the drums at the Vespero’s studio in Astrakhan (with the inestimable help of Alex Klabukov their keyboard player who was our sound technician for the recording). This is one of the compositions that I wrote for this album, that we started to record in 2012, right after the release of our album Saturnal and before we started to work on our 2013 album Permafrost.
I wrote the skeleton of this composition 20 years ago, inspired by reading Solaris by Stanislaw Lem. I re-arranged the whole piece for this album in 2012, adding some sections and the dense chamber instrumentation.
Besides Piotr on drums, the group that recorded this album are Yolanda Alba Rodriguez on flute, John P. Falcone on bassoon, Pablo Ortega on cello, Amanda Pazos Cosse on bass, Víctor Rodríguez on keyboards and myself playing some guitar too. I did this rough mix too.
Thanks for listening, hope you like it!
Ángel Ontalva

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Originally posted by grantmangrantman wrote:

finally a release , from a great unknown and rarely heard band from chicago

More properly, Champaign IL (University of Illinois campus, south of Chicago about 3 hours drive).  

I was a friend of the band, they have done some magnificent work and are FAR more than a “Yes clone!” 

RIP Gary Strater, one of the best bassists I ever had the pleasure to know.  

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PICTURES WANTED for music video !!!

Soon again it’s 11.11. 11:11
Last year – we were fully involved in the studio recordings for our song 11:11 – there were cryptic sms within the band. This time, we want YOUR photos: Whatever you do on Sunday at 11:11, wherever you are. Take a picture and send it to us! We prefer the best possible quality sent by email to [email protected]

If you sent in enough pictures, we’ll put a YouTube video together with our current title as the soundtrack. We are looking forward to your ideas & pictures. Please spread this call. Because the more photos you take the more exciting the project could be…

THX in advance

The J Conspiracy – Progressive rock from Germany

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Apparently Nektar have just reformed with a new line up, are about to go on tour, and are bringing out a new album called “Megalomania”

It seems the keyboard player, Klaus Henatsch, has taken over from the late Roye Albrighton.

I’ve always had mixed views about Nektar.  I can take them or leave them, but I’d still be very interested to see them live.

A welcome reunion, or should they have called it a day after Roye’s passing?

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As per AMS Records:

We have signed with All Traps on Earth, a project hailing from Sweden and led by Johan Brand, one of the masterminds behind the almighty Anglagard.

In this band he is helped out by his young and skilled daughter Miranda and two other founding members of Anglagard, Thomas Johnson and Erik Hammarström.

The record will be called “A Drop of Light” and is far beyond amazing: imagine Goblin, Anglagard and Magma taking a rollercoaster of sheer progressive mayhem. 

The record will be available on all formats later this year.

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That’s great for the record collectors.

These days I am just happy to have them as MP3’s.

About 6 months ago I found them all on I-Tunes.

Or at least I think that it is all there.

‘Hjomleikum’ got 3 extra trax on I-Tunes album.About 25 minutes of music.(3 tunes).

Great band.Love their stuff.