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Edition 49 of Peter Jones’ ‘Tales From The Tiger Moth’ show is now available as a podcast!


  1. Lonely Robot – God VS. Man
  2. Beardfish – Harmony
  3. Marilion – Bitter Suite Brief EncounterLost WeekendBlue AngelMisplaced Rend
  4. Let’s Eat Grandma – Welcome to the Treehouse Parts I & II
  5. The Nice – Intermezzo Karelia Suite
  6. Jethro Tull – Living In The Past
  7. Glass Hammer – Where Sorrows Died and Came No More
  8. Firefly Burning – Pioneer
  9. Kaipa – Without Time – Beyond Time
  10. Barock Project – Broken (Ft. Peter Jones)
  11. Kompendium – One Small Step
  12. Pete Jones – Undertow
  13. Chris Squire – Safe (Canon Song)
  14. Steve Hakett – Wolflight (Live In Liverpool)

Edition 48 of Peter Jones’ ‘Tales From The Tiger Moth’ show is now available as a podcast!


  1. Deep Purple – Burn
  2. Kiama – Cold Black Heart
  3. Matthews Southern Comfort – Woodstock (We Are Stardust)
  4. Colin Bass – Macassar
  5. Dec Burke – Take
  6. Steve Hughes – For J
  7. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Live
  8. Lonely Robot – The Boy In The Radio
  9. Karnataka – Because Of You
  10. Barock Project – Inside My Dreamer’s Eyes
  11. Master Singers – The Highway Code
  12. Steve Hackett – The Air Conditioned Nightmare
  13. Steven Wilson – The Watchmaker
  14. Francis Dunnery – Never Go To Heaven
  15. Rani Chatoorgoon – Lonely Witness
  16. Roger Waters – The Tide Is Turning)
  17. John Beagley – Remember Me
  18. The Far Meadow – Industry
  19. Yes – Yours Is No Disgrace
  20. Tiger Moth Tales – A Visit To Chigwick (Live)
  21. Genesis – In The Cage (Medley – The Cinema Show – Slippermen)

Edition 47 of Peter Jones’ ‘Tales From The Tiger Moth’ show is now available as a podcast!


  1. Camel – Never Let Go (Live)
  2. Pink Floyd – Breathe
  3. Pink Floyd – On The Run
  4. Pink Floyd – Time
  5. King Crimson – Easy Money
  6. Steve Hackett – Star Of Sirius
  7. Vince Dicola – Training Montage
  8. Peter Gabriel – Moribund the Burgermeister
  9. The Far Meadow – A Gentle Warrior
  10. Kansas – Rhythm In The Spirit
  11. Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
  12. Steve Hackett – Firth Of Fifth
  13. Roger Waters – Hey You
  14. Red Bazar – In The Beginning
  15. Red Bazar – Queen Of The Night – Part 1
  16. Frost – Saline
  17. UK – Thirty Years
  18. Kate Bush – King Of The Mountain

Tigermoth Records are pleased to announce that the long overdue new Magenta album ‘We Are Legend’ will be released on April 20th 2017.

The album features 3 tracks, opening with the epic ‘Trojan’ which runs in at 26 minutes with ‘Colours’ and ‘Legend’ being the remaining songs. The CD will be accompanied by a DVD containing the whole album in 5.1 surround sound plus interviews and performance videos.

Rob Reed says: “I always think that modern albums are too long. I love the format of the classic prog albums of the 70’s which were around 40-50 minutes, side one having a long epic and side 2 two containing two shorter tracks. Yes made ‘Relayer’ and ‘Close to the Edge’ in that format.”

‘We Are Legend’ can be pre-ordered now at

The band will be performing much of the new album on the upcoming gigs.

  • Cardiff – The Globe – March 31st
  • CRS Wath – Montgomery Hall – April 1st
  • Bilston – The Robin 2 – April 2nd
  • London – Boston Music Room – April 8th
  • Southampton – Talking Heads – April 9th
  • St.Helens – The Citadel – May 13th

damanekFollowing an impressive debut show at last year’s Summer’s End festival Damanek (Guy Manning: vocals, keyboards, guitars; Dan Mash: (‘Maschine’) bass; Marek Arnold: (‘Toxic Smile’/’Seven Steps to the Green Door’) saxes & clarinet; and Sean Timms: (‘Southern Empire’/’Unitopia’) keyboards, backing vocals) will release their first album ‘On Track’ with GEP in May 2017.

‘On Track’ is a genre-defying collection of sophisticated songs that manage to combine impressive technical proficiency with catchy hooks and vast soundscapes. Sean Timms’ sleek production adds to the overall sense of quality and class on this impressive debut.

The recording of ‘On Track’ is completed by a stellar list of guest musicians including: Brody Thomas Green (‘Southern Empire’) – drums; Tim Irrgang (‘UPF’)
– percussion; Antonio Vittozzi (‘Soul Secret’) – guitars; Luke Machin (‘Maschine’/’Kiama’/’The Tangent’) – guitars; Stephen Dundon (‘Molly Bloom’) – flute; Nick Magnus – keyboards; Phideaux – vocals; Ulf Reinhardt (‘Seven Steps to the Green Door’) – drums.


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