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Proving that prog isn't just for dinosaurs!
I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 213 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

  1. Yes – Going For The One
  2. Cirkel – The First Goodbye
  3. The Pink Mice – Brandenburgisches Konzert No.3 (Bach)
  4. Steven Wilson – Detonation (Demo)
  5. Steven Wilson – A Door Marked Summer
  6. Kettlespider – Avadante
  7. Fields Of The Nephilim – Submission
  8. Lord Gammonshire – Tundra
  9. How Far To Hitchin – Resistance Is Futile
  10. Hangover Paradise – Army Of The Innocent
  11. Kenso – Sora Ni Hikaru
  12. Peter Hammill – Happy Hour
  13. Particle – Home Away From Home
  14. Robert Calvert – Ragna Rock
  15. My Tricksy Spirit – Always With You
  16. Jambinai – For Everything That You Lost
  17. Drifting Sun – Twilight
  18. Alpha Male Tea Party – You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis
  19. Mike Oldfield – On Horseback

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LFPT - Requests
I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 212 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this all request edition we heard the following music:

  1. Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tarkus
  2. Ozric Tentacles – Bizarre Bazaar
  3. The Tangent – Basildonxit
  4. 10CC – I’m Mandy Fly Me
  5. The Mars Volta – Cassandra Geminni
  6. Abba – The Visitors
  7. Marcelo Paganini – For Real
  8. Steely Dan – Aja
  9. Genesis – Home By The Sea
  10. Holger Czukay – Fragrance
  11. Pink Floyd – Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict
  12. David Gilmour – Marooned (Strat Pack)
  13. Frank Zappa – Inca Roads
  14. Opeth – Still Day Beneath The Sun
  15. Firefly Burning – We Are A Bomb
  16. Ulrich Schnauss – Melts Into Air
  17. Peter Gabriel – Don’t Give Up

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of the official announcement that I, Joe Payne, had left The Enid. Though I’m glad to have made this difficult decision, I’ve no wish to say that I celebrate the occasion. That would be disrespectful to all who supported me and the band in everything we did together. To this day I remain proud of our achievements, fondly remembering the best bits through Facebook Memories and surprise tracks appearing on my iPod Shuffle.

This last year has been a voyage of discovery for me; finding my voice; studying the depths of my art; building the confidence to go it alone – all terrifying for someone who a year ago was so completely and utterly broken. But look at me now. I’ve fixed myself up. Each day I have more buzz than the last and I walk through life with a bold and dignified step. I am now the most certain version of me there has ever been – it’s the best feeling.

But despite all the great things I’ve been seen to do this year (hosting vigils, my informal performances, judging music competitions, traveling, etc), let’s forget about the past for a minute. There is so much going on behind the scenes that I can’t wait to tell you about!

Debut Single
I have now finished writing and arranging my debut single, and will be heading into the studio with partner in crime Max Read for most of September to get it beautifully played and produced. I don’t want to give too much away at this stage, but I’ll tell you a little about the track.

Firstly, despite my plans to write a pop song, I’ve ended up with an 8 minute epic that sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard. After learning all the tricks about advanced harmony and modulation, I couldn’t resist going to town on this. For the first time, I’ve been free to fully explore my ideas independently, and realise my vision without interference. It took a lot of courage to get started, but once I did it was very liberating, indeed.

Catchy yet emotive, the song was chosen from my extensive list of unheard catalogue because of its sentiment. It’s very important to me that I am transparent with you all about what I went through last year, and talking (or should I say “singing”) about my experience with depression and anxiety could not come second to anything. The lyrics and melody came to me when I had reached my lowest point, and that’s as beautiful as it is sad.

The single will be released early 2018, including an official B Side and bonus tracks. I am planning to sync this up with a one-off event, and will let you know more about that later.

Other Music
Besides my own writing, earlier this year I was invited to perform vocals for a record which has also attracted contributions from great artists such as Oliver Wakeman, Oliver Day and Pete Jones to mention a few.

I first met the writer, John Holden at an Enid concert last year when we performed at the Citadel in Saint Helens. A very humble man, he later expressed an interest in working with me on something, and when I heard his demos I was really taken in.

The songs are all very melodic, each one with a strong concept of its own. I do love a concept, after all. And for me, especially at the time when we got started together, I was itching to get back into recording and find my voice again.

There’s a lot of character voices and experimentation from me on this record, and it marks a transitional period; rediscovering what my voice wants to sound like, slowly deconstructing and rebuilding from the sound I’d forged for The Enid.

You can expect to hear more about that album ahead of Christmas this year!

Until then…
Until then be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where I’ll be posting silly photos and videos on the fly while I’m in the studio. If it looks like I’m having too much fun, it’s because I am.

Forever yours,

Joe xxx

EppyFest – the eclectic music festival run by Ian Fairholm of the Epileptic Gibbon Podcast and Progzilla Radio – will join together with the Summer’s End Festival organisation for its 2018 edition.

The Gloucestershire-based festival has run every year since 2012, and past performers have included The William D. Drake band, Judy Dyble, The Korgis vs. Stackridge, Firefly Burning, Henry Fool, The Fierce and the Dead, Sanguine Hum, Schnauser and Trojan Horse.

Stephen Lambe – co-promoter of the Summer’s End and Winter’s End Progressive Rock Festivals with Huw Lloyd-Jones, explains why they felt so compelled to add Eppyfest to their roster of events:

Eppyfest is unique. No other festival in the UK combines rock, folk, jazz and contemporary classical music in such a fantastic way. As fans of the festival -and I’ve been to all but one – our intention is to give Eppyfest the budget and the organisational back up to secure its future and help it reach a wider audience, while freeing up Ian to concentrate on what he loves most – pulling the line up together.

Ian Fairholm comments:

Putting EppyFest together over the past six years has been immense fun but also immensely challenging. I’ve had a strong desire to keep the festival going and allow it to grow, and with the help of Stephen and Huw, who have made the Summer’s End Festival such a success, I now see that as a definite reality. EppyFest will maintain its own distinctive character but this new partnership will help it to flourish in 2018.

Eppyfest 2018 is already in the planning stage, and will take place as usual in late July, expanding to a Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening. It will move from its previous home in Stroud to a new venue in the Cheltenham area.

Advance “Superstar” tickets, for anyone wanting to provide extra financial support with this new expanded EppyFest experience, will be available soon, as will full details of the new venue and date.

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 211 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this Prancing Dog edition we heard the following music:

  1. BT – Firewater #epichouse
  2. Disco Biscuits – Float Like A Butterfly #livetronica
  3. Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain #house
  4. Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (Deedrah Remix) #techno
  5. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Todd Terry Mix) #house
  6. The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist #turntablism
  7. Double Dee & Steinski – Lesson 3 (History of Hip Hop Mix) #turntablism
  8. Outkast – Hey Ya! #rnb
  9. Iron Maiden & Michael Jackson – Beat It Trooper #mashup
  10. Jaga Jazzist – Bananfluer Overalt (Clark Remix) #techno
  11. Supermax – Lovemachine #disco
  12. Quantum Fantay – Skytopia #spacerock
  13. Mahavishnu Orchestra – Planetary Citizen #jazzfusion
  14. Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn (Tubular Beats Mix) #trance
  15. Pete Lazonby – Sacred Cycles (Quivver Mix) #trance
  16. DC The Midi Alien – Man Made Ways (Feat. Slaine, Vinnie Paz, Trademarc & Sabac Red) #hiphop
  17. Circle Of Illusion – The Beginning #disco
  18. Thomas Dolby – One Of Our Submarines (Salz Remix) #house
  19. Shpongle – Around The World In A Tea Daze #psytrance
  20. Future Sound Of London – Flak #edm
  21. Tinyfish – Big Red Womble Mix #weirdshit
  22. The Algorithm – Access Granted #progmetaledm
  23. Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize #dubstep

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