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Sky Architect – A Dying Man’s Hymn

Thin Lizzy – Waiting For An Alibi

Pendulum – Genesis

Lord of Worms – Serpents and Toads*

Lord of Worms – Loyal To The Mass*

IQ – Barbell Is In (Lizard Mix)

Baraka – Wormhole

Blues Creation – I Can’t Keep from Crying

Knifeworld – The Prime Of Our Decline

Genesis – Eleventh Earl of Mar

Rick Wakeman – 1984

Moulettes – Pufferfish Love

Haken – As Death Embraces

Muse – Prelude

Everything Everything – Put Me Together

Kraftwerk – The Hall Of Mirrors (excerpt)


  • From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, the ‘Lord of Worms’ E.P by Lord of Worms





Genesis – Duke’s Travels / Duke’s End

The C:Live Collective – This City Is London (Progzilla Danger Monkey Mix)

John Holden – One Race

Citizen Cain – The Long Sleep

BBT – The Transit of Venus Across Uranus (live)

Beardfish – And The Stone Said: If I Could Speak

The Fizz – Up For The Fight (Extended Mix)

The Tangent – America (Live)



Spock’s Beard – 4th of July (live)

Mystery – Dare To Dream

Fifth Species – Second Home*

Fifth Species – Presage*

Spock’s Beard – One So Wise

Cell 15 – River Utopia

Fifth Species – Open*

Pinnacle – Prelude/Flying Colors

Acrolith – Uncharted

Light Freedom Revival – Lies No More

Phideaux – The Sleepers Wake (early version)

Bend Sinister – Gang Of Wolves

Coatsworth-Hay – Out of Place

Bomber Goggles – Land of Plastic

Green day – American Idiot

Straight Light – Cell Phone

Travis Moreno – A Favor de la Noche


  • From Dead Bob’s American Cousin Randy’s Record of the Month, ‘Life In The Punch Line’ by Fifth Species



The Tangent – San Francisco (radio edit)

Magic Pie – Full Circle Poetry

Ritual – A Dangerous Journey*

a-Ha – We’re Looking For The Whales

Night Watch – A Game With Shifting Mirrors

Saxon – Dallas 1pm (live)

Rammstein – Du Riechst So Gut ’98 (Faith No More Remix)

Gordon Midgley – Doctor’s Warning

Leprous – Foe

Comedy of Errors – In A Lifetime

  • From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week ‘The Hemulic Voluntary Band’ by Ritual

Single Celled Organism – Splinter In The Eye

Oceansize – You Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down

ABWH – Order of the Universe (live)

Unifaun – Swingers Party*

Tears For Fears – Working Hour

Unifaun – Mr Marmaduke and the Minister*

Scarlet Inside – Come The Rains Come The Brief Hope Of Life

The Andy Tillison Multiplex – 4th Movement: Vivace (The Pedantic Worrier)

The Tinderbox (The Tortoise and the Hare)

The Sea Within – They Know My Name

Regal Worm – Lord of the Perfect V

Lost Ground – Ghost

Crows Labyrinth – All Will Perish (excerpt)


  • From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘Unifaun’ by Unifaun. Yes, it’s an eponymouse.



Strangefish – Progress In Reverse*

Public Service Broadcasting – Spitfire

Southern Empire – Goliath’s Moon

Strangefish – Spotlight Effect*

Editors – Belong

Gong – The Thing That Should Be

Doris Brendel – Adored

Thumpermonkey – Proktor Cylex

Fractal Mirror – Mind The Gap

Sanguine Hum – Theft

Genesis – Robbery, Assault and Battery (live)

North Sea Radio Orchestra – I A Moon

The Lightning Seeds & Skinner/Baddiel – 3 Lions

*From Dead Bob’s Record of the Week, ‘The Spotlight Effect’ by Strangefish


Dirt Poor Robins – The Hollywood Song

echolyn – A Habit Worth Forming

3RDegree – Re1nstall Overture

Kinetic Element – All Open Eyes (work in progress)

Laura Meade – Dragons

MoeTar – Gingerbread Man

3RDegree – Unintended Consequence

Ambiazok – Bird King

Slavinsky Coyle – The Truth Behind Your Eyes

Circuline – Summit (live)

Cheer-Accident – Monsters

American Tears – Bottoms Up

Adam Holzman – Ectoplasm

Star Period Star – Daylight Spending Time

A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant

Blue Öyster Cult – The Old Gods Return

Mauricio Ibáñez – Descending Into Madness