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The Progressive Tracks Show #231 (In A ProgTracks Mood), originally broadcast on Friday, October 13, 2017, is now available to download or listen to anytime you desire. After being challenged by a listener to ‘lighten up’, dump the gloom, and become more cheerful… I do my best, while playing some independent artists, new music, and […]

The Progressive Tracks Show #223 (What’s On ProgTracks’ iPhone?), originally broadcast on Friday, August 11, 2017, is now available to download or listen to any time you desire. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone these days…  Pretty much everyone either keeps music on or streams music from, that cell phone…  Pretty much everyone’s cell […]

The Progressive Tracks Show #222 (First “Saturday” ProgTracks Show), originally broadcast on Friday August 4, 2017, is now available to download or listen to any time you desire. The Progressive Tracks Show has always run on Monday nights at KPTZ… but was to change to Saturday nights… but then was reverted back to Monday nights… all […]

Mainstream music listeners consider classic progressive rock ‘diving deep’. But if you’re a Prog aficionado, you long for more than that.  Much lies beneath the surface, if you just dive in a bit deeper. But isn’t that what you count on The Progressive Tracks Show for… to do the deep diving for you?  Why, right […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #320 (The Old Day IS The New Day) Many of the issues we face today are not new… we just didn’t learn the lessons of the past. Fortunately, music isn’t like that. New creations often use the past as building blocks… and the results are impressive (unless of course we didn’t […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #319 (Still Exploring The Backlog) 2019 is proving to be a most prolific one for progressive rock artists… and that’s both a blessing… and a challenge. So much music… so little time. So we’ll keep exploring the backlog of music this week… and it’s all impressive! And remember, you can access […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #318 (Sorry… Not Normal Yet) It felt really good last week to play some of the new tunes that were piling up. But, like Sisyphus, I find myself having to do it all over again this week. Not that I’m complaining (”Gee, I just have too much great new music to […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #317 (Gettin’ Back To “Normal”) After 7 weeks of SeaProg coverage, there is a backlog… A BACKLOG of great music that needs playin’. And so that’s just what we’ll do. We’ll also get back to our Golden Tracks feature with a classic album that’s turning 50. Yep, we’re gettin’ back to […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #316   (SeaProg 2019 Festival Wrap-Up Show) By the time this podcast is posted, SeaProg 2019 will be another page in the history books… and I’ll be exhausted.  So this week I’m letting ALL the SeaProg 2019 artists do the show by themselves. There is (almost) all different music on this show, […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #315   (SeaProg 2019 Festival Preview #6) SeaProg coverage continues this SIXTH week, with two excellent bands who released their debut albums 45 years apart. Yes, we’ll span almost the entire history of progressive rock in one show! The Seattle Festival of Avant and Progressive Rock will hold its sixth event June […]