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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #390 (Let’s Get Lost) After the monumental events of the last few weeks, we ALL deserve a break. And what better way to take a break, than to get lost in some great new music?  I can’t think of a better way either…so join me!   The Censors – “Realer Than Reality” from Snow […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #389 (The Orange Referendum) A show that reminds you to replace that rotting pumpkin from Halloween… And a show that also reminds you to replace your rotting government…   Cast – “Power and Outcome” from Power and Outcome on Progressive Promotion Records (2017) Kansas – “Sparks of the Tempest” from Point […]

Progressive Tracks Show #388 (The Halloween/Election Spirit 2020) Not only is it Halloween, but it’s Halloween during a pandemic. Not only is there an important election, but there’s an important election during a pandemic. It’s a scary time… so let’s embrace our reality with some appropriate tuneage, shall we? Adrian Tabacaru – “Antithesis” from Lucifer […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #387 (It’s Getting Weird Out There!) Despite the weirdness, progressive rock artists keep doing what they do best… creating great music. Do their creations reflect the weird times? How could they NOT? Dustman Dilemma – “Third Sigh” from Third Sigh on Létourneur (2020) Dustman Dilemma – “The Bunk” from Third Sigh […]

Progressive Tracks Show #384 (The Timeless Symph) YES, THIS ERRANT PODCAST IS BACK… FOR GOOD THIS TIME!  DIG IN AND ENJOY!! Most people associate Progressive Rock with the Symphonic Prog sub-genre that was extremely popular in the early to mid 1970’s.  Well, it’s still popular today… and being created at a very high level. New […]

Progressive Tracks Show #386 (Cross Over To Fuse The Cosmos) Mike’s had an internal struggle as to what progressive subgenre to feature this week.  Tune in to see what wins… Immortal Onion – “Triggers” from XD Experience Design on Sempre Musica (2020) Pampa Trash – “TEMPERLEY” from Ya Fué on Constitution World License (2014) WorldService […]

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #385 (Music Unlocked) Mike has once again used his skills to unlock music you need to hear.  So go ahead…and hear it! P.S. Mike is not a pirate or thief, but a true supporter of artists.  He hopes you will be too! Uriah Heep – “Sunrise” from The Magician’s Birthday on Castle Communications […]

Progressive Tracks Show #383 (Size Doesn’t Matter) This size of the band doesn’t matter…just the level of talent contained in the band. We have much new music of all sizes to explore this week… including a WORLD PREMIERE! Adult Cinema – “Flowers (Fallout Version) from Teaser Trailer on Illicit Recordings (2016) Arcade Messiah – “Can […]

Progressive Tracks Show #382 (The Anomalous Autumn) It seems like Summer came and went without even a notice…as the historic events of 2020 rolled inexorably on. Now we find ourselves at the Autumnal Equinox…traditionally a time of balance, protection, comfort, and letting go.  But what’s our future?  I’ll pose that it’s Precarious… and Uncertain. I, […]

  Progressive Tracks Show #381 (Some Local…Some Not So Much) There’s no theme this week… but I thought I’d try to alternate some local Seattle music with new music from around the world this week.  I dunno… maybe it will impress upon you that the progressive scene in Seattle, although not that well-known, was/is relevant.  […]