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Edition 175 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Long Distance Calling – Trauma
TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc – Anthem
Queensrÿche – Blood of the Levant
Sümer – Vanes
Wolverine – And She Slowly Dies

Epic at 11: Alkaloid – Rise of the Cephalopods

Dali’s Dilemma – Despite The Waves
Atomic Opera – Achilles’ Heel

Album of the Week: Mastodon – Crack The Skye

Crack The Skye
The Czar
Ghost Of Karelia

Headspace – The Day You Return

(…And The Shows Fell, One By One)

300 Progressive Tracks shows don’t seem a lot, against the multitudes of invading music shows. But, if you’re a student of history, you know that quantity has little to do with strength.

Despite overwhelming odds, ProgTracks has led his listeners over the past 6 years, into battle against all that is mediocre (or even remotely hipster) in sound. Refusing to lay down his headphones for anyone, he has created a show as bombastic and entertaining as any in the prog realm (or any comparatively cheesy big-budget movie).


Won’t you join The Progressive Tracks Show ranks, to help secure the next 300? Ready your headphones and listen intently… for tonight we Prog!  Madness?  No… this is The Progressive Tracks Show!!

ProgHeads!!  Prepare For Glory!!

Remember, you can access podcasts of any previous Progressive Tracks Show at: (there are 139 now!).


  • Ibex – “Parthenogenesis” from Parthenogenesis on Independent (2017)
  • Lizard – “Half-Live” from Half-Live on Audio Cave (2018)
  • Gryphon – “(Ein Klein) Heidenleben” from Raindances on Cherry Red Records (1975)
  • All Traps On Earth – “Omen” from A Drop Of Light on Independent (2018)

If you have comments or suggestions for show topics/ music (always welcome), feel free to contact me any time via email:

But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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I’m delighted to say that the latest show from The Ancient One, Show No 102, “Short Stories Vol 3” is now available as a podcast.


1 The Nice – Brandenburger (excerpt used as Intro) (The Immediate Collection 3CD Boxset)
2 Adam Rabin – The Badger Flies At Dawn (The Badger Flies At Dawn 2018)
3 Genesis – Can Utility And The Coastliners (Foxtrot 1972)
4 Magic Pie – Motions Of Desire (Motions Of Desire 2005)
5 Galahad – Marz And Beyond (Quiet Storms 2017)
6 Pink Floyd – Poles Apart (The Division Bell 1994)
7 Kaprekar’s Constant – Pearl Of The Lake (Fate Outsmarts Desire 2017)
8 Mythopoeic Mind – Train Of Mind (Mythopoetry 2019)
9 Rocket Scientists – The Lost Years (Refuel 2014)
10 Phog – Moonlight Safari-Morning Light (Communication 2018)
11 RPWL – Welcome To The Freak Show (Tales From Outer Space 2019)
12 Ruphus – Trapped In A Game (New Born Day 1973/2019)
13 White Willow – Hawks Circle The Mountain (Terminal Twilight 2011)
14 The Windmill – Play With Fire (Tribus 2018)
15 Tiger Moth Tales – Three Little Pigs (Storytellers Pt 2 2018)
16 Loonypark – New Beginning (Perpetual 2016)
17 Yuka And Chronoship – The Airship Of Jean Giraud (Ship 2018)
18 Drifting Sun – Remedy (Twilight 2017)
19 Poor Genetic Material – What If? (Absence 2016)
20 Aperco – Euphoria (The Battle 2013)
21 Swifan Eolh and The Mudra Choir – Spiders In The Old Café (The Key 2019)
22 Bjorn Riis – Where Are You Now? (Forever Come To An End 2017)
23 Beggar’s Opera – Silver Peacock Pt 1 and 2 (Waters Of Change 1971)
24 Argos – The Gatekeeper (Circles 2010)
25 Giannotti – The Dance Of The Gnome (The Great Unknown 2014)
26 Martin Orford – Out Of The Darkness (The Old Road 2008)
27 The Nice – Brandenburger (Excerpt used as Outro) (The Immediate Collection 3CD Boxset)

Edition 87

It Bites – Strange But True
Red Bazar – Rocky Bone Runway
John Holden – Tears From The Sun
Maschine – Hidden In Plain Sight
Slugabed – Time 2 Let It Go
Allan Holdsworth – Nuages
Stanley Holloway – Guarding The Gasworks
Anderson & Stolt – Chase And Harmony
Lonely Robot – Everglow
Steve Hackett – The Cinema Show (Live)
Steve Hackett – Aisle Of Plenty (Live)
Beyond The Fringe – One Leg Too Few
Red Bazar – Nothing Left
Christina Boothe – Deep Ocean
Big Big Train – Swan Hunter
Bill Bressler – The Guitarist
Sir Smasham Uppe – E. V. Rieu – Gary Watson
Tiger Moth Tales – Toad Of Toad Hall (Live)

The Ancient One Show No 101 “Featuring..Vol 5” is now available as a podcast. This show features 4 tracks from the Norwegian band, Adventure and 3 tracks from the multinational band, The Samurai of Prog. Not only that, the competition to win a signed copy of “New Horizon” (Adventure) and “Omnibus The Early Years” (The Samurai of Prog) is open until 9th listen >and (have a chance) to win.


1 The Nice – Brandenburger (excerpt used as intro) (The Immediate Collection 3CD Boxset)
2 The Emerald Dawn – Moonlight (Nocturne 2019)
3 Adventure – New Adventures (Adventure 2000)
4 Mythopoeic Mind – Sailor’s Disgrace (Mythopoetry 2019)
5 Adventure – A Crack In The Ice Pt 1 + 2 (Beacon Of Light 2009)
6 The Samurai Of Prog – The Promise (Undercover 2011)
7 The Samurai Of Prog – Sweet Iphigenia (Secrets Of Disguise 2013)
8 The Samurai of Prog – The Imperial Hotel (The Imperial Hotel 2014)
9 Adventure – Simple Man (Caught In The Web 2014)
10 Times Up – 21 Grammes Of Starlight Glow (Black Wing And A Prayer 2018)
11 Kinetic Element – Face Of Life (Face Of Life 2019)
12 Adventure – Horizon (New Horizon 2019)
13 Agusa – Ostan Om Sol, Vastan Om Mane (Hogtid 2014)
14 RPWL – A New World (Tales From Outer Space 2019)
15 The Nice – Brandenburger (excerpt used as outro) (The Immediate Collection 3CD Boxset)