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I’m delighted to announce that The Ancient One Show No 72, “A Bit Of A Mixed Bag Vol 1”, is now available as a podcast.


1 The Nice – Brandenburger (Excerpt used as the Intro)
2 Genesis – Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (Selling England By The Pound)
3 Gandalf’s Fist – Winter’s Mourning (Seasonal Digital Single)
4 Shit and Giggles – Wake Up (Seasonal Digital Single)
5 Cosmograf – A Festive Ghost (Seasonal Digital Single)
6 Garth Hudson – The Breakers (The Sea To The North)
7 Fish – The High Wood Suite Pt 1-5 (A Feast Of Consequences)
8 Atlantropa Project – Star Atlantropa (Atlantropa Project)
9 PRP – Rubber H

I’m delighted to announce that The Ancient One Show No 71 “An Eclectic Mix” is now available as a podcast.


1 The Nice – Brandenburger (excerpt used as Intro)
2 Looking Glass Lantern – An Evening Soiree (Candlelight and Empire)
3 Zenit – Matrimandir (The Chandrasekhar Limit)
4 PFM – The Lesson (Emotional Tattoo)
5 Argos – Cruel Symmetry (Cruel Symmetry)
6 Tempus Fugit – The Lord Of 1000 Tales (Tales From A Forgotten World)
7 The Nice – John Peel Advert/Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Ars Longa Vita Brevis)
8 Pendragon – Masters Of Illusion (The Masquerade Overture)
9 Galleon – Long Lonely Shadows (King Of Aragon)
10 Thieves Kitchen – Germander Speedwell (One for Sorrow Two For Joy)
11 Unitopia – Justify (The Dream Complete)
12 The Nice – Brandenburger (excerpt used as Outro)

Francis Dunnery – Eat Me in St. Louis 2018 – A Celebration Of It Bites Music

Friday, January 19th 2018 – The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton –
Saturday, January 20th 2018 – Club Academy Manchester –
Sunday, January 21st 2018 – Bush Hall, London –

Francis Dunnery – Guitar, Vocals
Donavan Hepburn – Drums
Paul Brown – Bass
Peter Jones – Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar, Sax
Luke Machin – Guitar, Vocals, Keys

With support from Clayton-Ellis

Von Hertzen Brothers – Frozen Butterflies

Big Country – Don’t Fear The Reaper

Motorpsycho – Bartok of the Universe

Tiger Moth Tales – The Ballad of Longshank John

7Shades – Camouflage

Jim Griffin – The Gifts of My Journey

Mekong Delta – The Healer

Bryan Ferry – A Wasteland / Windswept

Multi Story – Murmuration

Poseidon – Head Pop-Up

Makoto Kitayama – Weekends

Last Flight To Pluto – Red Pill

Moron Police – Intro
Moron Police – Omniverous Sexosaurus
Threshold – Flags and Footprints
Airbag – The Greatest Show On Earth
Younger Brother – Magic Monkey Juice
Anekdoten – Our Days Are Numbered
The Communards – You Are My World
Satellite – A Street Between Sunrise and Sunset
Tom Robinson Band – Bully For You
Public Service Broadcasting – Theme From PSB (Live)
XTC – Wait ‘Till Your Boat Goes Down
Ashagi – Kagi
Blazing Bronze – Overture-Chasers
Pete Townsend – Give Blood
10cc – Everything You wanted To Know About !!! (Exclamation Marks)

Proving that prog isn't just for dinosaurs!
I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 222 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

  1. ACT – Intro/The End
  2. The Mighty Handful – Four Hoarse Men/Vital Signs
  3. Rondo Veneziano – La Serenissima
  4. Kim Seviour – Call To Action
  5. Mike Oldfield – Nuclear
  6. Moonparticle – Hurricane Esmerelda
  7. Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes
  8. Steve Wilson – Sign O The Times (Live On Taratara)
  9. Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe – The Meeting
  10. Djam Karet – Fall Of The Monkeywalk
  11. Colin Tench Project – Welcome To Your World
  12. Philip Glass – A Gentleman’s Honour
  13. Galahad – This Life Could Be My Last
  14. Dream Machine – Losing The Light In Your Eyes
  15. Deluge Grander – A Numbered Rat, A High Ledge, And A Maze Of Horizon
  16. Commodores – Cebu
  17. Gentleland – Fantasy
  18. Man On Fire – Gravity
  19. ELP – From The Beginning

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Stars In Battledress – Hollywood Says So

Thin Lizzy – Waiting For An Alibi

Saxon – Sailing To America

The Flower Kings – The Rainmaker

Marillion – Brave

The Flower Kings – Black & White

7Shades – Bursting The Bristol Scale

Thotch – Land Of The Crab

Space Circus – Heavy Duty Space Dragon

Senri Kawaguchi – Infinite Possibility

The Flower Kings – Deaf, Numb & Blind

Genesis – Vancouver

Tim Bowness – Sounds Of Distant Summers (Richard Barbieri Mix)

The Flower Kings – A King’s Prayer

The Flower Kings – Theme For A Hero

The Flower Kings – In The Eyes Of The World

The Flower Kings – Flora Majora

Overhead – Death By Monkeys

Unitopia – Unitopia

Unitopia – The Dream Complete

Unitopia – More Than A Dream (Sean’s Re-work)

Bible Black – Wuthering Heights

Atraxia – Gabble

ELP – Black Moon (Live)

PFM – We’re Not An island

PFM – Central District

Willrock – 1337 MPH